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RedBrickLand's Got Issues? Drafts

My Drafts on Got Issues?
(Chronological Order, top drafts were first and lower drafts were later)

You're Oil I Need
Draft Link
Time Spent On: June 1st 2022 to June 3rd 2022
Reason For Abandonment: Too similar to an existing issue

Enemy Stirring Up Protests?
Draft Link
Time Spent On: June 6th 2022 to June 9th 2022
Reason For Abandonment: The draft was to put it simply, horrible

Killing in the Name of Beer
Draft Link
Time Spent On: June 11th 2022 to June 29th 2022
Yes, I won the Issues Contest: Lucky Seven.
Thanks to everyone who helped me in the drafting process and thanks to the editors for picking me.
I'll link the issue here once it gets added into the game

I Am The Worker's Insurrection
Draft Link
Time Spent On: July 1st 2022 to August 10th 2022
This draft is the same as "Enemy Stirring Up Protests?" .
I did a massive rework since I decided that the issue idea was too good for abandonment.

Protesters Protest Protesters Protesting Protesters
Draft Link
Time Spent On: Semptember 11th 2022 to October 11 2022

A Tyrannosaurus Wreck
Draft Link
Time Spent On: October 2nd 2022 to Present

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