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Special Issue Of Kavonia's Chronicle (Begun The Lemon Wars Have)

Kavonia's Chronicle
Emergency Issue


This is a warning to all people in Kavonia. Multiple wars have broken out over...Lemons. The most catastrophic of these have been Greater Erland vs Pandalanda Yay. Tensions between Jewish Underground State and other nations because of jewish private companies trying to monopolize the production and sell of lemons have increased drastically. Due to these rising tensions many experts have agreed that a world war over lemons is possible in the future. There is a chance this war can be....nuclear

EAS Alarms in many nations are being made and tested. If you hear the alarm, go to your or the nearest bunker and turn on your nations radio to listen to the news and directions on survival. Good luck everyone and god be with you all.
In other news our government has been revamped yet again. The council has been renamed to The National Kavonian Senate. (Or just The Senate for short) Due to the lack of people eligible to be Foreign Affairs Minister, I will be serving as information and foreign affairs ministers until a replacement can be found. Thank you all for having such wonderful support of this region.

Meme of this issue