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Thaecia Press Release | July 2022


Press Release | July 2022

Produced by the Ministry of Communications

The 10th Thaecian General Election
Written By: Brototh

Thaecia has now held the region's tenth general election! This is an important milestone for us and to start we would like to thank everyone who has helped make this region possible over the past three and a half years. The elected positions of Prime Minister (the Head of Government and State), MP (x11) and Senator (x7) were open. This is the first general election to not feature the position of President since its abolition and reformation into World Assembly Delegate, elections for which will be held in two months. 46 ballots were cast for the Senate, and 45 for the House and Prime Minister.

The Prime Ministerial race saw only two candidates run, the Brototh/Islonia ticket on their re-election campaign after serving the previous four months, and Saltmore, a relative newcomer who has not before held office. There was little to no campaigning from either side for this election, although Brototh did conduct an interview with Rayekka detailing their ambitions for a more domestically focused Thaecian government in the coming four months.

The results came as follows, the winning candidate reaching a majority in the first round:

Brototh (Cinema) / Islonia (Altys) - 28 Votes (62.2%) [Winner] [Re-elected]
Saltmore - 17 Votes (37.8%)

Alongside the Prime Ministerial election were the elections for Congress. Congress in Thaecia is a bicameral elected legislature comprising 11 seats in the House of Commons and 7 seats in the Senate. The House serves a 2 month term and the Senate serves a 4 month term.

The campaign trail was focused again on the issue of whether or not the elected legislature should be abolished in favour of a direct democracy, with the region's second largest party, the Thaecia Globalist Party [TGP] recently turning around to support a middle ground where one chamber is made of all citizens and the other is made of elected representatives. The largest party in the region, the Freedom Party of Thaecia [FREE], continues to oppose all forms of a direct democracy, whilst the region's smallest issue-based party, the Party for Thaecian Democracy [PTD], continues to support the total abolition of a representative democracy in favour of a direct one.

Other issues of the election were on the wider activity of Thaecia and the rate of recruitment in the region, as well as the status of political parties in Thaecian politics. Despite this, parties were still extremely important in the election, with all but two candidates winning candidates belonging to some form of political party in the region. This election saw a lot of members of the House of Commons switch chambers and stand for the Senate instead.

In the House election, 16 candidates contested 11 seats. The results were as follows:

The Ambis (FREE) [Incumbent]
Santa Marana (FREE) [Incumbent]
Shrekistani(FREE) [Incumbent]
Colonix (FREE)
Mardis (FREE)
Sunipi (TGP) [Incumbent]
New Central Iowa (TGP) [Incumbent]
Haha Grape(TGP)
Lukaymmunki (TGP)
Snalland (PTD) [Incumbent]
Toerana V (IND) [Incumbent]

In the Senate election, 9 candidates contested 7 seats. The results were as follows:

Marvinville (FREE)
Sevae (TGP) [Incumbent]
Gifty (FREE) [Incumbent]
Snowflame (FREE)
Solittus (TGP)
Angypt (CTC) [Incumbent]
Saltmore (IND)

Chamber Leader Elections
Written By: Solittus

Each chamber has now elected a leader to lead them for the next term. In the House, three candidates put themselves forward for the position of Speaker of the House of Commons. These three candidates were: Santa Marana, Lukaymmunki and Snalland. The vote seemed fairly balanced and the result unclear, until both Santa Marana and Lukaymmunki withdrew from the contest to support Snalland for the Speaker. Therefore, Snalland is now Speaker of the House of Commons. In the Senate, a single candidate, Snowflame, stood unopposed for election and was duly elected as Chairman of the Senate.

A New Cabinet
Written By: Solittus

The new Prime Minister, Brototh, has made new Cabinet nominations over the last few weeks. She stated that "I have chosen the people with the most vision and best plans for their respective Ministry and who I believe will be able to carry out the role in the best manner." These nominations have now been voted on by the Senate. The following ministers have been confirmed by the Senate:

  • Marvinville as Minister of Domestic Affairs, with 6 ayes and 1 abstention.

  • Altys (Islonia) as Minister of Foreign Affairs, with the Senate voting unanimously in favour.

  • Toerana V as Minister of Cultural Affairs, with 5 ayes and 2 nays.

  • Solittus as Minister of Communications, with 5 ayes, 1 nay and 1 abstention.

  • Cerdenia as Minister of Legal Affairs, with 6 ayes and 1 abstention.

Only one nomination failed to be approved by the Senate: the nomination of The Ambis as Minister of Legal Affairs. The Senate rejected this nomination with 2 members voting aye, 3 voting nay, and 2 abstaining. The Senate believed that the candidate was inexperienced and that his vision of maintaining the "status quo" was not the best way forward. Shortly after, Brototh nominated Cerdenia for this role, stating that "he is extremely experienced and has done very well in the post in the past and I am confident in his abilities." The Senate approved this nomination in the last few days, and Cerdenia has now become Minister of Legal Affairs.

The post of Minister of Defence is still vacant, with no one yet nominated for the position.

Recruitment Update
Written By: Marvinville

As of July 29, Thaecia’s population has increased by 54 nations since the beginning of the month. Not only that, but Thaecia’s population has increased by 79 nations since July 7, which is when Thaecia has recorded its lowest population at 328 nations for the previous 310 days. Thaecia’s population has increased in 17 out of the 22 days since July 7 due to our recruitment efforts. And there's not just our population increasing by 54 nations this month; Thaecia has also passed the 400 nation mark for the first time in 75 days.

Ministry of Culture Update
Written By: Toerana V

All throughout July the Ministry of Culture under Angypt, and later Toerana V, has begun running games and events in Thaecia's discord, and occasionally on Thaecia's Regional Message Board. Towards the beginning of July, this saw games of Kahoot, Cards Against Humanity and Gartic Phone run throughout the week, as well as seeing a return of a Thacian favourite in a Hunger Games.

As the month progressed, Snalland hosted a Thaecian Debate Night on the Regional Message Board, and Altys hosted a very successful game of Stellaris, that lasted for over 6 and a half hours and saw a surprisingly large amount of time paused in debate.

Continuing this trend, and as we head into August, games will continue, as per our Calendar for the first two weeks. All events are hosted in our discord, for the time being, and we hope to see you there! Keep an eye out on the discord events channel for news, information (and more likely than not a healthy dose of nonsense from Prime Minister Brototh).

Legislation Passed in July

The following pieces of legislation have passed both Houses of Congress and have been signed into law by the Prime Minister:

Provided by the Ministry of Communications
Created: 03/08/2022
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