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TGW & ERN: The Birdwars

The Journals of a Birdwatcher- The Birdwars
ERN-TGW Wargames

27th of July 2022:

Today I witnessed something somewhat curious, while I was going on my usual 4 pm stroll in the woods I happened to stumble across a weird formation of birds. It appeared as if they had joined together for a common goal, “games” they screeched, waiving flags in blue and silver and green, red blue and gold. As soon as the gates to these games were opened,  a plethora of birds, which I now recognised to be Ducks and Geese, swarmed the place where the festivities were held. Mind you, these were no ordinary birds, as I usually find them in the wilderness, these were highly trained one-of-a-kind military machines, the geese goosies themselves were radioactive, while the ducks seemingly breathed fire. Until late at night more and more birds joined in. I for one knew I had to come back tomorrow to watch the spectacle with my own eyes.

28th of July 2022:

I came back to the place of the Birdwars today to witness the contest they were about to embark on. I was almost convinced that I had somehow made up what I saw yesterday until I saw them with my own eyes again. The birds gathered into their teams, a team of two geese goosies started zooming off into the woods, while two pairs of duckies calmly started waddling, honking “detags, detags” while they merrily went about their business. In the end, the goosies appeared to have achieved 40, while the duckies scored 31 of these “detags”. They all seemed rather giddy about tomorrow's event so I will surely watch that one too.

29th of July 2022:

When I came back to the place of the Birdwars, I knew this would be the grand finale. Now, I couldn’t quite tell what they were doing at first but it seemed to me as if the were playing a game of tag, with the duckies, who went at steady and safe speed being chased and sometimes caught by the two geese goosies present. Then, within a matter of seconds, the game completely changed, one of the goosies turned around and started screeching and running away as if it had gone mad, skipping over stones, running as fast as it could, the second goose, slightly less mad, followed the other one while cussing at it in untranslatable goose-speak. The duckies got confused for a second but promptly followed the goosies after a moment of shock, however, they were suddenly brought to a halt when the geese abruptly came to a halt at the end of the agreed-upon distance. The final tally summed up to 58 points for the radioactive geese goosies and 43 points for the fire-breathing duckies. All of these birds had fought hard but fair, showing incredible skill and initiative and I am not sure if I will set my eyes on another set of birds this fine any time soon.

[TGW] First Warden Grea Kriopia
[ERN] Grand Admiral Icarus

Radioactive Geese Goosies:
[ERN] Commander in Chief Writinglegend
[ERN] Vice Admiral Vorholla (trigger)
[TGW] Lucabaduka (point)
[TGW] Merni (trigger)
[TGW] Tanuki
[TGW] Ducky

Fire-breathing Duckies:
[TGW] Nakari
[TGW] Hades the God
[TGW] Quebecshire
[TGW] Kai
[ERN] Forillian (trigger)
[ERN] Cove (point)
[EIA] upc