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Vote FOR Security Council Proposal "Condemn Elysium Station II"

Official Voting Recommendation

Proposal Title: Condemn Elysium Station II
Category: Condemnation
Nominee: Elysium Station II
Proposed By: Kingdom of Napels

Our Recommendation

The Ministry hereby recommends that all WA nations vote FOR the current Security Council proposal at-vote.

Rationale & Analysis

The proposal is well written and formatted according to the Security Council's high standards. This proposal seeks to condemn once and forever in front of the Security Council the malevolent actions of the nominee nation Elysium Station II, that implemented for a very long period of time documented evil predatory raiding politics that us as TCB heavily condemn.

As such, Ministry leadership has directed Kethania to vote FOR Condemn Elysium Station II and we encourage all WA member nations within the Bloc to do the same.

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