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Foreign Affairs Update - July 2022

Hail, glorious friends and allies! Lone Wolves United has been quiet for the last few months but rest assured we’ve been busy. We owe it to all founderless regions of the NSverse to show them that we care. Join us now as we go over our contributions to interregional stability and goodwill.

Treaty of Lupercalia

Last month LWU sat down and took out the fancy cups to break bread officially with our friends from Thaecia after signing a diplomatic agreement as a product blossoming friendship and numerous joint operations. Thaecia was established in January of 2019 and joined gameplay officially in November of the following year. We look forward to continued endeavors together in the future.

Information graciously supplied by Cinema (Brototh) and Altys (Islonia) of Thaecia.

The Cuckoos Egg Raided

Lone Wolves United has existed since 2005, and we’re very proud of our culture, history, and traditions. From them we gain the inspiration to fuel the collective ambition to overcome our goals. One of the many time honored traditions of LWU is raiding The Cuckoos Egg, and we just so happened to notice that it was founderless yet again. History demanded we act.

Christmas in July in June

Christmas, a long involuntary participant in invader merrymaking, was yet again used as a host for joy and festivities by members of Lone Wolves United. Unfortunately due to defenderdom’s hatred of joy, happiness, merriment, and just fun in general - the invasion was cut short. DEER operatives have it on good authority that due to their rage against holiday cheer, defenders have actually made it a point to ruin Santa for toddlers. And yet, they call us the bad guys. Think of the children!

RIA Redecorated

A common mythos perpetuated by defender sympathizers is that a founder is the ultimate protection from having your region improved by rambunctious go-getters. The men and women of Lone Wolves United don’t understand why anyone would reject the pro-bono services our time-honored organization offers; yet poor choices can lead to a house call with the possibility of improving your region via the sharing of art and culture. Let this be an example to everyone. The Renegade Islands Alliance ignored our text messages and in the spirit of brotherly love, we provided a wellness check, free of charge, as is El-Wu custom. This, along with having a reigning delegate for 527 days, forced our hand in the matter.

Khan Makes Peace Gesture

When LWU saw a new defender alliance called ‘The Aegis’ forming, we knew that it would be criminal to not be involved in such a grand and noble undertaking. Tradition, after all, demanded we would offer our friendship to any newfound defender alliance. There was one small problem, however: our war with XKI. Khan Jo, being the just and noble man he is, extended an olive branch to Grub of XKI. While we have yet to receive a response, anything but acceptance of this offer would lend credit to the claim that XKI are not the crusaders of justice they claim to be. We want to ask the interregional community to call on Grub and valiant inhabitants of XKI to accept our offer of camaraderie in the name of cooperation and interregional peacekeeping.

International Northwestern Union Occupied

After a highly flawless and well done infiltration LWU and its coalition of allies from The West Pacific, Balder, and Thaecia struck, ending a delegacy of 1172 days. The operation was well received by natives of the region, who were humbled by their newfound status as “honorary wolves” and grateful for the boost in number of nations and activity. “Mission Accomplished” banners were ordered, but due to Amazon logistics hiccups, did not arrive on time. Yes, we have initiated the return process.

Other news:

- Our Command has changed slightly since last update. You can find our new officers on the region page. We have also overhauled our list of ambassadors, so if this update gets delivered by someone new, they are probably our new diplomat.

- We have started doing polls again. If you have a particularly strong opinion on Steak, you too can add your vote. Note: we are happy to report that no one has been ejected as of yet. We would like to keep it that way. Remember: your opinion matters, so long as it's the right one.

- As you may have noticed, this update comes in dispatch form. The next few will too, assuming we can keep writing them. A few important months worth of updates may be missing, which we will release in an announcement on our forums shortly. Stay tuned.