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Drongonia's Index of Indexes

Drongonia's Index of Indexes
On this page, you can find links to all of the current indexes, as well information such as the amount of nations who've submitted entries, and when the latest entry was processed.

You may view the privacy policy for the indexes here.


International Index of Corruption

Date Launched: April 20, 2020
Latest processed entry: Excidium Planetis (processed November 19, 2022)
Number of Entries: 295
Highest Scoring Nation(s): 100/100 - -Astoria, Newark aristocracy, Allinburg, Nomayuki


International Safety Index

Date Launched: May 16, 2020
Latest processed entry: Durekistan (processed November 19, 2022)
Number of Entries: 222
Highest Scoring Nation(s): 100/100 - Valentine Z, Mobius and the Biscay, Destyntine, Furballland


International Development Index

Date Launched: November 10, 2020
Latest processed entry: Civia Welephilostopia (processed December 3, 2022)
Number of Entries: 233
Highest Scoring Nation: 94.9/100 - Greater vvarden


International Freedom Index

Date Launched: March 10, 2021
Latest processed entry: Comicsland (processed November 27, 2022)
Number of Entries: 330
Highest Scoring Nation: 99.6/100 - Amaurita


International LGBT+ Rights Index

Date Launched: June 25, 2022
Latest processed entry: Masi Tering (processed December 1, 2022)
Number of Entries: 211
Highest Scoring Nation(s): 100/100 - Valentine Z, Equai, -Terrapacis-, Yume Park