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The Western Post - July 2022


  • Mark your calendars for the Casserole of Humanity! Join us July 24-30 for a celebration of all that the West is—a beautiful, chaotic, delicious blend of us all, and don't forget your propeller hat!

  • Join the discussion in the Hall of Nations on the Linknext Regional Commendation (or Condemnation)! Which resident, past or present, do you think is worthy of The West Pacific's praise or ire?

WAR Update
By Teralyon

Greetings dear reader! It is I, Teralyon! Your usually friendly WAR Minister! How have you been? I missed you.

Endorsements on Giovanniland have seen a slight decline this month and we've fallen under 600 as we expected—fortunately our overall WA population endorsing Gio, our Guardians, and each other has remained very high and I'd like to thank everyone. Keep it up and keep those endos coming!

Speaking of endorsements, some of you may have noticed the WAR ministry has started our "WA Member of the Day" campaign on the RMB, so now along with us politely asking everyone to endorse our lovely Delegate and the Guardians, we're also highlighting members of our great region! The members are chosen at random out of all TWP's WA population, however I am accepting bribes donations to make it less random.

I'd like to take the time now to just give a major shout out to United Adaikes, who does a great deal of behind-the-scenes work for us and who often reminds me I still need to do things which would probably never get done otherwise. If you haven't done so make sure you're endorsing them!

Well that about all I have for you tod... Actually! Wait! Have you ever heard of Overthinkers?! I hear the 400th person that endorses OT may win something.. I wonder who it will be...

I also asked Blue Bubble if they wanted to say anything about why you, dear reader, should send them a endorsement..

Blue Bubble wrote:"Gimme, gimme, gimme an endo after midnight
Won't somebody help me raise the numbers up here?
Gimme, gimme, gimme an endo after midnight
Take me past the three hundreds and break through the fours!"

- Definitely something Blue Bubble said.

I have a sudden urge to hide now, so until next time dear TWP!

Card Club Update
By Giovanniland, Delegate and Card Czar of the West

It is time for another Card Club Update! There are some interesting things to announce, and you can read them right here.

Firstly, in regards to Punday Mondays during June, the winners of the month were Podium, PR Lightspeed Rescue, Haetonia, and Bhang Bhang Duc, who earned the Season 2 legendary cards of Corfad, Psypheria, Lancaster of Wessex, and Wilkshire respectively.

If you want to try your luck and get some cards, the key is to participate in upcoming Punday Mondays! Your pun will be added to our Big Book of Puns and you will win a legendary card if I choose it as the winner. Meanwhile, the other major happening related to cards this month was the TWPride Card Contest!

This great card collection contest happened from the 4th to the 30th of June, with the theme of trans love and respect. Four great collections by Apexiala, Seanat, Super Awesome Fun Times and Con Nihawitan were submitted, with Apexiala and Seanat eventually being chosen by the Card Club as the winner and runner-up respectively. As for the prizes, Apexiala won the Season 1 Helaw and Seanat won Season 2 Caelapes, both valuable legendary cards.

Anyways, these are all the major card-related news in TWP for now, and stay tuned for another update in the next edition of the Western Post!

Study Reveals Guitar Solo From Lynyrd Skynyrd's "Free Bird" Main Cause Of Highway Pursuits, Pub Brawls
By Duke Hazzard of Podium

A recent report published by the Fayweather Institute for Gutting Homicides and Tussles (FIGHT) has laid the blame for the West Pacific's ever-rising rates of general lawlessness and hooliganism squarely at the feet of rock band Lynyrd Skynyrd's 1973 smash hit "Free Bird", in particular the lengthy guitar solo which features 4 minutes and 42 seconds into the track. Drawing from a combination of thousands of local police reports, countless witness testimonies, and a careful monitoring of historical online streams, FIGHT insinuates that the song's lasting popularity nearly half a century on has meant that otherwise calm and easily managed incidents (such as routine traffic stops and minor barside arguments) have increasingly escalated to the point of uncontrollable chaos as a direct result of the song's presence nearby. Nowhere is this more apparent, the report claims, than in the infamous Mankings Megachurch Maul several years prior; what began as an innocent teenage prank to replace the soothing ambient melody, which constantly played through the complex's many speakers, with the rock ballad in question quickly devolved into the largest documented fistfight in West Pacific history, the bloody frenzy claiming a grand total of 2,014 lives before a man directly thrown into an exposed breaker box shorted the entire building's circuitry and ended the murderous melody for good.

Predictably, the study's conclusions have proven incredibly divisive, with prominent politicians, celebrities, and average Joes alike all rushing to make their thoughts on the matter known - from holding so-called 'immunisation concerts' in order to weaken the song's effects through repeated exposure, to outright banning the band from even entering the region alongside every single one of their tracks, no solution to the present crisis appears to be off the table. Most notably, Lynyrd Skynyrd itself issued a full public rebuttal of the report shortly after its release, promising its authors in no uncertain terms that they would, "(...)F****** FLAY THE SKIN FROM THOSE G****** A******* FOR DARING TO SAY OUR F****** SONGS F****** MAKE PEOPLE F****** VIOLENT AND UNHINGED". The authors in question were unavailable for comment at the time of publishing.

Delegate's Fourth Speech
By Giovanniland, Delegate of the West

We're now in July, a month to look back at the first half of the year and look forward for the second one. Given that my Delegacy started on January 8th, it has now completed half a year in a similar fashion, and this time of the year serves to acknowledge my term's achievements while also noticing shortcomings that can be rectified. Therefore, following the First Speech in January, the Second Speech in March, and the Third Speech in May, I hope to address the region in a fair way and encourage our plans for the future.

Firstly, I would like to thank everyone that has participated on TWPride, the first topic of my speech. We had good participation from residents and visitors alike, and certainly a diverse amount of events hosted both onsite and offsite, with a wonderfully detailed description by our Santos-Dominius available in this edition. Of course, praise also needs to be given to the multiple people that worked to make the event possible, including but certainly not limited to Blue Bubble, Bran Astor, Fujai, Wymondham, Zoran, and United Adaikes!

Moving on, I talk about one of the strong aspects of the West, namely the region's many Foreign Affairs developments recently. New staff have been recruited and have already excelled in their assigned regions, as a new method of providing updates every other week was implemented and has seen updates and discussions regularly on the channel. Furthermore, one can see meritocracy in full swing within FA, with Zoran, Teralyon, Blue Bubble, and Pelicanists all earning promotions recently due to their good work. Meanwhile, on the interregional relations front, TWP collaborated with The North Pacific and The Pacific to publish the Statement On Continued Interregional Peace in June and the subsequent Pax Polaris Occidens Treaty in July. Both the statement and the treaty are intended to reinforce the bond between these three unaligned regions and protect all treaty allies, therefore maintaining unity amid turbulent times.

The Ministry of World Assembly Recruitment has also seen fair advances recently. Endorsements have fluctuated around 600, at times higher and at times lower, but our endos/WA member ratio continues strong near 87 percent. We have also seen new innovations like the Guardian and WA Member of the Week posts, in order to increase endos for Guardians and selected active members. Most importantly, thanks to the work of TWPers Varanius and Dilber, and with the help of TNP's Hulldom and the NPO's Xoriet, the resolution Commend Bran Astor has passed! It was the result of great work as you can see in another article in this edition, so I congratulate Bran and also look forward to the next project, to commend Dilber, that has already started.

Furthermore, our military TWPAF has also performed well recently, given the fact that multiple new members have been trained or are in the process of training, thanks in no small part due to Nrevyw's mass telegram recruiting work. A revival of mission reports has been accomplished and other innovations are taking place, all of that while ensuring that our military is able to diversify operations, participating in home and foreign operations alike.

And in the Hall of Nations, under the re-elected leadership of Wymondham, the Hall has successfully passed the LinkRegional Commendation of Fujai and continued other practices like the LinkGovernment AMA with the newly-elected Hall of Nations Guardian Santos-Dominius (iOctagon). Talking about iOctagon and his plans in the position, we will soon implement the HoN New Member Challenge event, a feature intended to drive activity for new players by giving them fun tasks to do. Last but not least, recently Wym had to resign due to real life, so the Hall is now overseen by Hertfordshire and Jammbo, who's overseen a discussion on the next TWPer to be regionally commended.

Of course, we've also had some shortcomings that need to be addressed, and I am already pushing for change so these aspects of the region can improve. For example, dwindling participation in our University saw the departure of students before finishing their courses. Therefore, with Chancellor Bran Astor at the helm, we will be looking to revamp the way the University works, focusing on apprenticeship and incorporating practices from more successful cohorts; and for those interested in attending it will be open soon!

Another setback was in the Guides, where real life has sadly affected a few of them and reduced the diversity of people posting Today in the West. Fortunately, I have already been talking with Head Guide Blue Bubble and we've discussed future changes to the Guides. For now, the existing ones are going through a process of pruning inactive people and seeking feedback of active ones about what they would like to do. The Guides can also rely on our new Deputy Head Guide, Zoran, which will help in these efforts.

And the other major area of the region where activity needs to be improved is our culture overall. Within the Cultural Trust some communities have been thriving, while others are overseeing efforts to renew participation; an example is the West Pacific Gaming's regular multiplayer game schedules that anyone interested will soon be able to join in our Discord Server. However, the key point here is getting to know what new things TWPers want, or perhaps what old activities could be revived. In this second part of my reign I am hoping to work on culture more directly and on what makes TWP an unique regions, with all kinds of ideas for that of course welcome.

On a closing note, I would like to thank everyone that has contributed to the region in any way during the first half of my Delegacy, I appreciate everyone's work so far! Also, for those starting in the game, I invite you to apply for LinkHall of Nations Citizenship and to check How to Get Involved in TWP. I look forward to the next months of my reign, and reiterate that my inbox is open for any ideas and suggestions people may have. See you in two months for another address!

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Passing a Commendation:
A Look Behind the Curtain

By Varanius

How Did TWP Get Here?

The West Pacific has recently been on an extensive streak of victories in the Security Council. Beginning with the passage of “Commend the Holy Principality of Saint Mark” (Halo) in August 2021, and continuing with projects such as “Condemn Dalimbar”, "Condemn Wickedly Evil People", and “Commend Elegarth”, the West Pacific has developed a powerful presence in the SC. Thanks in no small part to the skillful story-telling abilities of now delegate Giovanniland, TWP, a region with historically minor presence in the SC (once even being compared to “WA terrorists” by Bormiar during the repeal of the original Commend Halo) has been able to produce a variety of proposals recognizing historic community members.

However, it is worth asking, how did this shift occur? How did a feeder go from having virtually no SC presence, to having three Commended or Condemned delegates in a row (Neenee, Halo, and Bran), with a fourth on the way (Commend Dilber), and at least three active SC authors (Gio, myself, and Fhaengshia)? Although an increase in focus paid to the quality of writing is undoubtedly an important aspect, it’s impossible to ignore the effect of TWP’s foreign affairs moves stretching several years back. This work culminates clearly and obviously in the passage of my proposal, "Commend Bran Astor". Therefore, this resolution is the perfect way to truly examine the fruits of this FA labor, and in this article I’ll be examining a few of the regions that voted for Commend Bran Astor and our relationship with them. Of course, due to the nature of foreign affairs, we can’t simply openly state certain things. As such we have opted, in the spirit of honesty, to not disclose the names of any regions we plan to discuss. All region names will be redacted, but this will allow us to more openly state the work we’ve put in.

Working With GCRs: Hot and Cold

To begin, we will talk about [REDACTED]. The relationship between TWP and [REDACTED] has historically been icy, given our radically different positions on issues like democracy, the General Assembly, quorum raiding, and various other hot button issues. Their vote for the repeal of Commend Halo, for example, paints a very different picture of these relations in comparison to now. Luckily, these relations are a more intricate tapestry currently. The watershed, in my opinion, was the appearance of former Delegate [REDACTED] in a TWP Cabinet voice chat under Dilber's delegacy. His appearance here did an immense amount to improve relations between the two, allowing for TWPers to think about the idea of a closer relationship with [REDACTED]. Nowadays cooperation between the two in the WA is fairly frequent, such as my own personal co-authorship of Commend [REDACTED], and the Minister of Foreign Affairs [REDACTED]’s assistance with Commend Bran Astor are significant signs of progress, and steps which likely would’ve been seen as impossible years earlier. More recently, the release of the Pax Polaris Occidens treaty statement has expedited these improvements in relations as a matter of necessity.

Then there is [REDACTED], an incredibly close treaty ally of TWP. The treaty, which was signed under Bran’s delegacy and is included in his commendation, solidified an already existing bond between the two. We share various values like delegate supremacy, similar cultures, and a variety of cross members. Ultimately, there isn’t a particularly large amount of context that must be provided here. [REDACTED] is a solid, strong ally, and their support of this proposal was no surprise due to this powerful alliance. In addition, the assistance of [REDACTED] with the proposal was of course yet another showing of good faith from [REDACTED].

Moving on to another region, we come to [REDACTED], whose relations with TWP have been historically cold. Their strict dedication to democracy and defenderdom is in high contrast with our fiercely independent and meritocratic nature. This has led to a series of disagreements between the both of us in the World Assembly, with their opposition to both Condemn Dalimbar and Condemn Wickedly Evil People being received quite poorly by TWP. However, due to the differing circumstances between those proposals and Commend Bran Astor, there was significantly less issue when it came to the topic of their vote, despite no guarantee they’d vote for it. [REDACTED]'s vote would be invaluable, so even though we were confident Commend Bran Astor would pass regardless, discussions would have to happen to earn their support. When we approached them to guarantee their support, they offered a deal—they would fully support this in exchange for supporting a future proposal of theirs—which was accepted. Despite our historic disagreements, two regions with similar interests and a willingness to discuss things can often come to be mutually beneficial.

After talking about [REDACTED], the [REDACTED] are also important, as TWP is a treaty ally to 2 out of the 3. TWP enjoys a positive relationship with both [REDACTED] and [REDACTED], with long-lasting treaties signed in 2017 and 2019 respectively. Despite the fact that these regions may have some rather intense disagreements with various other regions TWP is friendly with, TWP has carefully been able to maintain close relationships with both of them. In fact, when our treaty was signed with the [REDACTED], [REDACTED] was at war with them, creating a point where we were treaty allies to two different sides of a war. We were the only region to manage such, and for several years were the only GCR with an MDP with all 3 [REDACTED] regions ([REDACTED], [REDACTED], and [REDACTED]). Though recently the treaty with [REDACTED] was dissolved due to certain unfortunate decisions by the [REDACTED] government, the point stands. Foreign Affairs can be an interesting juggling act, and TWP especially maintains an intricate treaty network of people who quite often have little in common other than their treaties with TWP.

Working With UCRs: New Friends

TWP also has alliances with regions which have a hefty distaste for gameplay as a whole, for example [REDACTED] and [REDACTED], though the former has recently become much more involved in the wider gameplay world. These regions I can speak more about, as I personally spearheaded the formation of these relations—they are significantly newer than most of the others discussed, the treaty having been signed in late 2021. Despite our foreign affairs outlooks being radically different, TWP, [REDACTED], and [REDACTED] are quite close, as demonstrated by their support for Commend Bran Astor even with their rather isolationist foreign policy. Another significant example was our support for Commend [REDACTED], a valued community member of [REDACTED] that is quite deserving of commendation. Although the proposal failed, I did my personal best in the attempt to make it pass, having reached out to [REDACTED] and [REDACTED] about it. Relations in FA should be mutually beneficial after all—we need to work to help our allies, just like they’re supposed to work to help us.

The final partner I’ll be reviewing is [REDACTED], another newer TWP treaty ally with which relations became official under Dilber’s delegacy. TWP and [REDACTED] have both gone above and beyond in support of the other, and will likely continue to do so for quite some time. For example, when [REDACTED] knowingly attacked [REDACTED], the West Pacific was sure to step in and support them, despite not being obligated to at that time. Similarly, [REDACTED] has repeatedly supported TWP proposals, including Commend Bran Astor, so [REDACTED] and TWP are not only friends but also business partners in many ways. I’d argue that this is how FA should work—to have particularly close relations, the regions should both be friends and partners. One without the other leads either to a treaty with ultimately harms one or both region’s FA, or a business transaction doomed to failure. Our relationship with [REDACTED], which encompasses both friendship and tactical advantages, is a perfect example of what this looks like done right.

Moving Forward

Commend Bran Astor is not only a perfect lesson in FA, but also a symbol of how far we’ve come. With friends old and new, TWP set our sights on being a true WA power, and that is what we have become. It’s furthermore a community effort, one that would’ve been impossible without the years of incentive that multiple recent delegates have poured into it. A strong treaty network, and an even stronger ability to achieve what we want done, means the era of being nothing in the WA is over. Ultimately, the people who have so much for TWP and who have brought our community to where it is can get the recognition they deserve.

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TWPride 2022: A Rainbow Retrospective
By iOctagon (Santos-Dominius)

In celebration of Pride Month, the LGBTQ+ community and all related causes, the West Pacific hosted the annual month-long TWPride throughout the month of June this year. TWP residents from around the world, of multifarious orientations and identities, all gathered to remember the important victories and progress the LGBTQ+ movement has achieved, to revel and be proud of their own identities and who they are, and to take part in events to commemorate this important occasion in the year. There were a whole host of events planned by organisers, quite a few of which saw enthusiastic participation from TWPers old and new—so, without further ado, here is a retrospective of TWPride 2022.

Paint the World: A Celebration of Pride Creativity

With TWPride 2022 (and Pride Month on the whole) being such an important occasion, many TWPers diligently spared no effort in repping LGBTQ+ colours to show their solidarity with and support for the LGBTQ+ community. The #paint-the-world channel in the TWP Discord server was made for exactly this purpose—budding artists and excellent designers in TWP were called upon to fulfil requests submitted by TWPers for Pride-themed national flags, symbolism, banners and all sorts of other visual graphics. This event saw a great deal of participation from both eager TWPers and artists themselves, with many beautiful submissions shared with the region—the following great submissions are only a selection of all the artwork created!

"Trans Rights Are Human Rights" banner (top) by Bran Astor, Pride-themed TWP flag (bottom left) by Elegarth, rainbow-gradient fox art (bottom right) by Miravana (base template) and Fhaengshia (rainbow gradient)

Pride on the Pitch: A Pride Football Roleplay Tournament

With LGBTQ+ participation in sports being a controversial, hot-button issue currently, TWP reaffirmed its support and allyship for the community by hosting the "Pride on the Pitch" football roleplay tournament on the TWP forums. A roleplay event considered not to be canon to the TWP RP continuum, it was nevertheless open to all NationStates players. Coordinated by United Adaikes, the sports roleplay saw the participation of 16 nations in total—a very good turnout for an unofficial non-canon roleplay tournament. The participating nations went all out with their branding, coming up with unique Pride-related team names and visuals and cleverly finding all sorts of ways to honour different LGBTQ+ orientations and identities through such artistic media.

The tournament ultimately ended with the victory of my (iOctagon) Pride team, S-D Prismatic F.C. from my NS nation Santos-Dominius, with Haetonia's team coming in a very respectable 2nd place and our Delegate Giovanniland in 3rd place. Particular praise and commendation was directed to Haetonia for their superb effort and participation in the roleplay, with high-quality RP posts throughout the entire tournament that showcased their dedication. The following are a few snapshots of their roleplay, as well as some graphics produced by other teams for their Pride-related branding.

FK Armada Orient banner with Oriented AroAce colours (top) by Hertfordshire and Jammbo, Pan-Haetonian Football Team jersey design (bottom left) by Haetonia, S-D Prismatic F.C. logomark (bottom right) by myself (Santos-Dominius)

The Great TWPride Bake-off!

No celebration is complete without some hearty food—and TWPride was no exception! Hosted and judged by then-Speaker Wymondham, the Great TWPride Bake-off invited all participants in the TWP Discord server to show off their Pride-themed baked dishes, pastries and cakes, all for a chance at winning one of two categories: the Public Winner, the most popular submission chosen by TWPers; and the Wym's Winner, which is Wym's favorite submission as the name suggests. Exciting rewards were up for grabs—the Public Winner submission would receive the comedic (dis)honour of being replicated by Varanius, while the Wym's Winner recipient would receive their Discord colour of choice for a month as well as a Wym Dare™ valid for a year.

The Public Winner, as decided by TWPers through popular vote, was the Heartstopper Cake made by Westime! This delicious-looking cake impressed TWP rightfully with its beautiful rainbow decorations and layers, and—most importantly of all—looked like an incredibly tasty cake made with great care. Our Delegate Giovanniland also submitted some scrumptious Lavender Ice Cream that won Wym's approval and therefore a Wym Dare! But those weren't the only two recipes submitted, of course—the following were all good submissions from the Bake-off.

Southern Tomato Pie (top left) by Cretanja, Lavender Ice Cream (top right) by Giovanniland, Heartstopper Cake (bottom) by Westime

Pride Alley Comics: Bashing the Fash, TWPride-style

Despite the overwhelming positivity seen throughout the TWPride celebrations last month, unfortunately there were still an extreme minority of undesirable people who attempted to thwart the fun. Luckily, TWP was well-prepared to "bash the fash", TWPride-style! This was achieved with #pride-alley-comics in the Discord server, where resident comic artist Zoran took requests from participants to illustrate short comics of various different TWPers expelling the undesirables in their own stylish ways! Naturally, Zoran's fun artstyle and imagination combined to produce some hilarious comic strips that proved quite amusing, and he has chosen his favorite one in another article this edition.

Other TWPride Events: Prom, Cards, Radio Shows and More

Of course, the aforementioned events weren't all the ones that went on during TWPride. Other concurrent events included the West Osi High School Prom 2022, Pride-themed Linkcolouring activities on the TWP forums with Bran Astor, video game Discord livestreams with Zoran, and the Making A Change writing competition hosted by Blue Bubble.

Particular mention must be given to TWPride Card Contest hosted by Giovanniland, which saw participants assembling a collection of NS cards around the theme of "Trans Love and Respect", in accordance with this year's TWPride focus on supporting the transgender community. 4 nations in total submitted collections, with the final results as follows: "Trans Pride" by Apexiala in 1st place, "Pink, White and Blue" by Seanat in 2nd, "Saft says trans rights" by the eponymous Super Awesome Fun Times (SAFT) in 3rd, and "Pride" by Con Nihawitan in 4th. For their commendable card-collecting efforts, Apexiala and Seanat received a Season 1 legendary card and a Season 2 legendary card respectively.

TWPride this year also featured radio events in Discord, which included the two TWPride Sunday Brunch Radio Show held in the eponymous Discord radio channel. Varanius hosted the first one on June 12th, called "The Trans Agenda" and featured honouring guests Emiline and Dakota (Salem)—while Dalimbar was the host of the second one on June 26th, with the great company of Rotasu and Guslantis (Bootsie). Great conversations on transgender issues, gender norms and other relevant topics were present in both Sunday Brunches, with great turnout as well!

A Final Retrospective of TWPride 2022

TWPride 2022 saw enthusiastic turnout and participation in many events throughout the month, with TWPers' excitement and energy translating into beautiful creativity, thoughtful discussions, an authentic celebration of Pride and LGBTQ+ causes, as well as genuine solidarity and support with all LGBTQ+ members of TWP and surrounding communities, presented in various forms and media. The month was a great success that saw the region come together to champion a community fighting for fairness and progress. Whether you actively participated in TWPride this year or watched from the sidelines, we hope you enjoyed every moment of it!

And for those wondering: can I check out all the aforementioned creations? Or perhaps you want to see Varanius' attempt to replicate the Heartstopper Cake, one of the TWPride card collections, some of the #paint-the-world artwork, or graphics from the Pride on the Pitch RP tournament? Well, if you haven't already, join the TWP Discord server today and you'll be able to take a look at some of the wonderful things TWPers have created for TWPride. We hope you've had a great time, and remember: in the words of Lady Gaga, "don't be a drag, just be a queen"!

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Zoran's Top 3 TWPride Comic Picks
By Zoran

Hello everyone! TWPride was a blast this year with many events to participate in and one of the events that came about this year was my "Pride Alley Comics" event where participants could submit a request for a short comic to be made of them bashing a fascist bigot. While I was pleased with all the comics that I made (I wouldn't have released them otherwise) and the positive response to them, there were three comics that were my personal favorites along with being the favorites among participants.

#3: Marina's Experiment/Laser Shark DooDooDooDoo

Coming in for third place is a comic request made by Marinas Island where they said they didn't have any special requests but they trust my judgement. While Marina doesn't have one set character that portrays them as they change their theme often throughout the year, one of their more iconic themes is that of Maleficent. I tried some new techniques when drawing Maleficent in this comic and was fairly pleased with myself. The reason behind the laser shark in the comic comes from a joke in the NPO server of Marina experimenting in creating laser sharks which not only stems from Austin Powers but also from the fact that Marina works with lasers in their job. While the topic the comic alludes is one that is often confusing and touchy at times the conversation it generated and the questions asked by members allowed for further clarity on the topic and educated others, including myself, on what it means to be transgender, which is part of what the TWPride event strives to do!

#2: Haters Gonna Hate

In second place is the comic requested by our fabulous Minister of World Assembly Recruitment, Teralyon. Now Tera had a similar response to Marina's as he says I perfectly depicted his pecs look in my main comic series for The Western Post, Snark Quest (where Tera is a main character), and because of this I didn't have to draw too many new poses or characters for this one. However, I experimented with some dramatic shading on panel three where we have a dramatically drawn Tera in all his muscular glory! Tera is known in the West for being someone who works out quite often and spends time lifting weights so that is why I designed him to be a bit muscular in my comics and decided to take it to a more dramatic level in this one. The comic's name is inspired by Tera's love for Taylor Swift's music and is in reference to her song, 'Shake it off.' The depiction of Tera on panel three took a while but I learned how shading can impact how things look in a drawing, even when it is digital! It was popular among participants as well with many commenting on Tera's pecs.

Honorable Mentions

Dali Plotter and the Sorcerous Bigot

While Dali Plotter is up on my tier list of comics from the Pride Alley Comics event, it didn't make it into the number one slot. Thanks to a previous event I did in May I had some otter drawings I could reuse for this comic and adapt it to be more Harry Potter-ish. But why an otter? Well Dalimbar has recently adopted the otter to represent them in NS, as Dali says they are an otter in gay slang in real life. They requested that I depicted them as an otter in this and taking inspiration from a planned comic series for the The Pacific (I do comic series for them on their discord which is how I got into drawing comics in the first place), which is a Harry Potter parody comic series with Dali Plotter as the main character. But back to the topic of this comic, Dali Plotter was one I enjoyed for many reasons: rainbow banhammers, a Beatles song reference, the nerdy appearance of the otter, etc. but it ultimately did not make it into the #1 spot.

Super Bran Stomps Again!

Super Bran was a comic idea I came up with after seeing the profile picture of the Harry Hendertron bot we have on the TWP Discord which shows a sasquatch wearing a pride flag cape. The only request Bran Astor made was that he was a sasquatch stomping on a fash. I also threw Dali in the comic because Dali makes a perfect damsel in distress and the relationship Bran and Dali have makes the dynamic perfect too. Obviously this comic was inspired by classic superman comics and cartoons. The only reason why this comic didn't make it into number one was the brilliant superhero name Bran suggested to me post-release, Brandad.

#1: So Uncivilized

Lastly, at number one we have the "So Uncivilized" comic made at the request of Wymondham who simply requested that I included "posh/British jokes" in the comic. For those that don't know, Wym's voice is very stereotypically British, meaning that it sounds very posh. So I chose to depict Wym as such and made his character talk in the poshest and most pretentious way possible while arming him with a posh cane. I was very pleased with the result of this one and wouldn't stop laughing at it every time I saw it. The overwhelmingly positive response from participants on this particular comic further made me choose this comic as the #1 comic from the Pride Alley Comics event.

Will I do it again?

Maybe! It was fun to do and I enjoyed reading people's feedback, responses to the comics, and kind messages. It all comes down to whether I will be available to do this next Pride Month. But in the meantime, consider taking a look at the Snark Quest comic or take a look at the Link2022 Pride Alley Comics collection here!

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Hall of Nations Update
By Giovanniland, Delegate of the West

It's not often that you will see someone other than the Speaker of the Hall write an update on happenings within the Hall of Nations. This time, however, as we transition from Wymondham's term to Hertfordshire and Jammbo's one—after Wym stepped down due to real life and I chose Herts to take his place—I'll be writing about some of the recent highlights.

Regional Commendations & TWP Inquisition

After the drafting period finished, Commend Fujai was successfully voted on and accepted by the Hall! Many TWPers gave their own suggestions during the drafting, namely United Adaikes, Sensorland, Zoran, Dilber, Nagaraningrad, Santos-Dominius, Mediobogdum, Aluminum Oxynitride, and Fujai themself, resulting in a total of three drafts before the proposal was motioned to vote and seconded in late June. After that it was voted on from June 27th to 30th, and passed unanimously with 25 votes—you can see the Linktext of the regional commendation here!

Following the vote, as one of his last acts, then-Speaker Wymondham announced a discussion thread to decide a Linknominee for the 14th regional commendation, which is still open—so if you are a Hall of Nations members and are reading this, be sure to comment! Meanwhile, the other major happening has been the Government AMA featuring Hall of Nations Guardian Santos-Dominius, of which a few questions are highlighted here:

Q: How did you find out about NS, and what has been your best moment in the game so far? How are you looking forward to implementing your plans as HoN Guardian?Giovanniland

1. It's been a while since I first joined NS, so I don't actually remember that much from back then anymore. But, I'm pretty sure that I was searching for an alternative to Politics & War, which I had tried and found boring. I thought NS was a much better, more rounded experience on first look so I joined - haven't looked back since! As for my best moment in the game so far, it's probably when I first started running TITW posts for the Regional Guides. Interacting with people on the RMB was a real blast.

2. Well, I've been quite sedentary so far, but I assure everyone that stuff is in the works. I'll have everyone notified as soon as I'm ready to launch my plans for TWP and for my friends in the Hall!

Q: What is your ultimate aim on NS?Wymondham

My ultimate aim on NS is to establish crab supremacy in TWP make people happy with creative work of all kinds!

Q: What is a typical vacation that you want? What was (is, but talk about that you have already experienced) your favorite vacation?Blue Bubble

1. A typical vacation for me is going to museums and sightseeing, of course. I particularly like to going to history museums and big parks wherever I go. Things like castles, temples, monuments and slow strolls by a lake are my type of vacation activity. Basically I prefer a calm and quiet vacation.

2. That's quite the difficult question for me. I'd say it's a tie between my vacation to Thailand, and then one to the UK, and then one to Japan. But probably the trip to Japan if I have to pick. It was sakura blooming season and I got to snap a cool selfie like the ones in the movies where the petals flutter in the wind.

Q: What is your favorite book?Aluminum Oxynitride

It's difficult for me to choose a favourite book per se - I've always loved all my books equally (same goes for movies and television shows). But, if I had to choose, it would probably be one of these three: Nineteen Eighty-Four by George Orwell, Brave New World by Aldous Huxley, or Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury. It's pretty clear that I like dystopian novels, and all three of these are so exciting and intriguing and thought-provoking in their own unique ways. Making me choose one of them over the other two would be torture (jk).

Hall Member of the Month

Many congratulations to Haetonia on becoming March’s Hall Member of the Month for their excellent contributions to the Pride on the Pitch sports roleplay, in which their Pan-Haetonian Football Team reached the final before being defeated to S-D Prismatic F.C. In the announcement, Wymondham described that it was "excellent to see a returning member really get involved in the RP, and Haetonia has inspired [him] to get involved in the RP when [he returns] from my trip".

Last but not least, this final part of the article is for those wondering how to participate in all that has been discussed in this update. Whether you want to be able to participate in TWP government, become the next Hall Member of the Month, or contribute to the next regional commendation, consider applying for the Hall of Nations on the offsite forums Linkhere. Make sure to read the instructions on the application, join our Discord server, maintain your HoN citizenship by making at least one forum post a month, and get involved in the region!

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