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2022 Great Council of the South Pacific

2022 Great Council of the South Pacific
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Greetings South Pacificans!

I am pleased to extend you an invitation to participate in the 2022 Great Council of the South Pacific. In our region a great council is the equivalent of a constitutional convention, a meeting of all members with the goal of systematically rewriting regional law. The last great council was held in 2016 and resulted in the constitutional structure that we have to this day, but recently the Assembly voted to convene a meeting where the current generation of players may have an opportunity to decide what kind of government they want for the region.

Please read this dispatch to know more about the schedule of the Great Council and how you can participate in it.


The schedule of the Great Council is set by the LinkGreat Council Convening Resolution of 2022 and can be divided into three stages. The length of each stage is flexible and depends on the the number of proposals that are presented and the degree of debate that they generate, but the preparatory debate stage will commence on the date listed below.

Preparatory Debate (1 week)

In this stage members can register for participation and discuss the main regional issues that need to be addressed and legislated on.

General Debate and Preliminary Voting (minimum 4 weeks)

In this stage members can submit and debate specific proposals to address the issues that have been identified. Each proposal can be brought to an preliminary vote and, if it passes, it will be added to the omnibus package that will be subject to a final vote.

Reconciliation and Final Voting (minimum 5 days)

In this stage any conflicting proposals that passed preliminary voting will be reconciled and the final legislative package will be brought to a final 5-day vote open to all participating members.


09 JULY 2022 15:00 UTC
(09 JUL 2022 11:00 EDT | 10 JUL 2022 01:00 AEST)



Participation in the Great Council is open to all members of the region with some restrictions. .LinkCHECK YOUR ELIGIBILITY.

  • Members who were legislators or on before 31 May 2022 automatically qualify to participate.

  • Members without automatic qualification must post in the designated registration thread. .LinkREGISTER FOR THE GREAT COUNCIL.

There is designated section of our regional forum where members will be able to register and where all other discussions will be held.

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