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The Osiris Oracle Issue 23: Summer of the Rat

[box][center][size=230][color=#BB9421][font=Consolas][b]Osiris Oracle I23: SUMMER OF THE RAT[/b][/font][/color][/size]
by [nation]Shetef[/nation], Editor

[font=Consolas][size=140][b][color=#BB9421][ IN THIS ISSUE ]
[url=#report]An Update on Governmental Developments[/url], by [nation]Cretanja[/nation]
[url=#recipe]A Deeply Cursed Recipe[/url], by [nation]Luna State[/nation]
[url=#alien]A Guide to Writing Alien Civilizations[/url], by [nation]WinProx[/nation],
and [url=#stars]Cretanja's astrology column[/url] graces our page once again![/color][/b][/size][/font][/center][/box]


[box][center][size=230][color=#BB9421][font=Consolas][b]Osiris Fraternal Order Update Report[/b][/font][/color][/size]
by [nation]Cretanja[/nation][/center]

Osiris is a region teeming with life and vigor, and with the passing of time, changes are to be expected. This article will serve as a crash course to catch you up on the changes and additions that have occurred! Since the last update, Osiris has witnessed the abdication of our beloved Hasal-Pharaoh Skies ( [b][nation]Luna State[/nation][/b] ) and the rise of our highly respected and newly crowned Pharaoh Hazel ( [b][nation]Malphe II[/nation][/b] )! As with any transfer of power there were some appointments made by our new pharaoh! They are: 

 [b][nation]Wascoitan[/nation][/b] has been appointed to [u][i]Moshir[/i][/u] of the Sekhmet Legion! This is the highest obtainable rank of the Legion, second to the Pharaoh. Wasc has been exceptional at advancing the Legion by creating learning guides, personally training the next generation, and maintaining a healthy environment ensuring that raiding remains a fun gameplay experience! 

 [b][nation]Big Boyz[/nation][/b] has been appointed to [u][i]Deputy Moshir[/i][/u] of the Sekhmet Legion! This is an assistant rank under the Moshir. Boyz is well deserving of this appointment due to his prodigy-like achievements in the Legion since joining! In the particular group of young raiders that were recently trained under Hazel, Wasc, and Atha, Boyz quickly showcased an aptitude for raiding that wasn't to be ignored! Boyz has proven on multiple occasions that his appointment to Deputy Moshir was the right one! 

 [b][nation]Dragonian Alliance[/nation][/b] has been appointed and confirmed by the [i]Council of Scribes[/i] as a [u][i]Guardian[/i][/u] of the Osiris Fraternal Order! Guardians are trusted members of our community who help ensure the security of our region. Each guardian is a member of the [i]Council of Guardians[/i], which helps to strives to protect the legitimacy of the Pharaoh and the Osiris Fraternal Order. Draco has served in the Community Affairs Viziership for quite some time now and has been a very consistent member of our community. 

 [b][nation]Cretanja[/nation][/b] has been appointed and confirmed by the [i]Council of Scribes[/i] as a [i][u]Priest[/u][/i] of the Osiris Fraternal Order! Priests are overseers of judicial hearings and have historically served in a council of three. I hope my gameplay, adoration for our region, and loyalty to the Osiris Fraternal Order qualifies me to hold his position. It's my hopes to always bring respect to the office and respect to the OFO! 

With these appointments, the current government roster is as follows:

[b]Pharaoh[/b]: [nation]Malphe II[/nation]
[b]Viziers[/b]: [nation]Arkadia Universalis[/nation] [FA], [nation]Dragonian Alliance[/nation] [CA], [nation]Tethys 13[/nation] [GA]
[b]Sub-Vizier[/b]: [nation]Big Boyz[/nation] [GA]
[b]Moshir[/b]: [nation]Wascoitan[/nation]
[b]Deputy Moshir[/b]: [nation]Big Boyz[/nation]
[b]Chief Scribe[/b]: [nation]Concorde Dawn[/nation]
[b]Deputy Scribe[/b]: [nation]Cretanja[/nation]
[b]Guardians[/b]: [nation]Arkadia Universalis[/nation], [nation]Tethys 13[/nation], [nation]Federation of the Resentine Kingdom[/nation], [nation]Dragonian Alliance[/nation]
[b]Priests[/b]: [nation]Valerievna[/nation], [nation]Nebemakhet[/nation], [nation]Cretanja[/nation]

[center][size=90]Refer to the [url=]Golden Book of Ma'at[/url] for any future changes to the government roster in-between Oracle Issues[/size][/center]


At the backbone of our region is a citizenry bolden by purpose, appreciation, and companionship! I would like to highlight some of our newest citizens and welcome them to our underworld paradise! I extend my warmest of wishes to you each! May you find yourself humbled and proud to call yourselves Osirans! 

[center][nation]Old Bendicion[/nation], [nation]Gormhuth[/nation], [nation]Comfed II[/nation], [nation]Shadoke II[/nation][/center] [/box]

[box][center][size=230][color=#BB9421][font=Consolas][b]An interpretation on French toast with dipping sauce[/b][/font][/color][/size]
by [nation]Luna State[/nation][/center]

Prep (In a small bowl):
Whisk 1 large egg
1 tsp Pink Lemonade powder drink mix
1/4 tsp Italian Seasoning
2 shakes of Garlic powder
1/4 tsp Ground Cinnamon
2 shakes of Oregano
2 shakes of Black Pepper
1/4 cup Oat Milk
1 tbsp Fruit Punch
3 drops green food coloring
MIX THOROUGHLY (be warned, pink lemonade powder may try to solidify)

Rip sourdough slice into smaller pieces
Soak each segment in mixture for 30 seconds on each side then place on aluminum foil sheet until all pieces are coated
Let sit in fridge 2 days
On stove, coat pan with butter
Cook each piece of bread on medium-low until it appears browned
Coat pan with butter again between pieces 
Leave cooked pieces to cool 

Spoonful of peanut butter
1 tsp of Hot Chocolate mix
1/4 tsp Ground Nutmeg
1/4 tsp lemon juice
1 tsp Rainbow Sprinkles

Plate, and enjoy! :)

[spoiler=finished product][img][/img][/spoiler][/box]

[box][center][size=230][color=#BB9421][font=Consolas][b]WinProx's guides: Alien Civilizations[/b][/font][/color][/size]
by [nation]WinProx[/nation][/center]

Many people do not see the reason as to why changing their people to aliens would be needed, but when I see a nation that could use an alien species instead of humans, I start to wonder if they actually don't know how to do it. This is why I made this guide on how to easily make an alien civilisation. You can use it to make your own, or just stay as humans if you want to. I'm not forcing anyone to have an alien species. Let's start with the basics.
[b][color=#BB9421] Step 1 - The Type. [/b][/color] - The type of the species can vary and it's really up to your imagination on what you can make, but there are a couple of  species types that I want to show you.
[b] Standard[/b] - Normal Species, with no magical abilities, cybernetic enhancements or other.
[b] Magic[/b] - Species that evolved or learned how to control energy and make magic of sorts.
[b] Cybernetic[/b] - Species, which have been created mechanically by being created as robots.
[b] Symbiotic/Parasitic [/b] - A Species, that is using another species as its host. Both species can be friendly towards each other or hate themselves, but most of the time, one can't survive without the other.
[b] Hybrid [/b] - A hybrid of two other species, different or close to each other. These species can be Duobipedal (2 different bipedal species) or Subbipedal (bipedal and non bipedal species). This can only work in worlds with more than one species.

[b][color=#BB9421] Step 2 - Appearance and specialties.[/b][/color] - The appearance and specialties are also able to be changed to however you like them, but at least have a reason for their appearance. My Eridians, despite not yet being completed, are tall, evolved Insectoids. The reason for them being tall is because of them being evolved by giant insects (moths, bees, ants) and the reason for them being evolved is because they look very different from their ancestors (think back to human evolution). Most of the specialties can also be related to the other parts of their biology: cold and warm blooded, 3 chambered or 4 chambered hearts and others. Add some strange specialties too, since even humans are strange. Now, let's get to the final part...

[b][color=#BB9421] Step 3 - Morals, Ideology and Technology.[/b][/color] - I left the easiest part for last. The things listed above can already be seen in NS through the rankings menu, but if you want to change your morals, you can do some by answering issues or by waiting for the world average percentage of the thing you want to be higher to lower down (which is slower). Ideology is tricky though, since NS does not have them, but it does have classifications. You can find out where the classifications are in the political compass just by reading their names.

I hope this helped anyone who wanted to make their own alien civilization! There are some examples of good alien species and civilizations here in Osiris, such as Tethys 13, The Dragonian Alliance and Malphe II (which some people say they might not be, but I believe them to be). There is only one thing I forgot to mention, and that is borders and worldbuilding, but I will write about that one in the next Oracle. Until then, goodbye![/box]

[box][center][img view="standout border shadow"][/img][/center]
[center]by [nation]Cretanja[/nation][/center]

In the last issue of [i]The Osiris Oracle's Awesome Astrology[/i], we started on the path to learning more about the popular pseudoscience known as 'astrology'. We learned about identifying your 'big three' in your natal chart, the symbols that represent them and what they mean. In this issue, I think it would be super fun for us to learn about your 'big six' signs that function in building a more [i]fleshed out blueprint of who you are[/i]! While we're at it let's also explore a little more about our night's sky with another feature constellation; Hydra!  
[i][center]Astrology Sun, Ascendant, Mars,[/center]
[center]Venus, Mercury, Moon Symbols[/center][/i][/sidebar]
If you haven't generated your natal chart, you'll need to, to apply what you'll learn here to your own chart. Your natal chart is a graph showing the positions, aspects, and angles of celestial objects such as the sun, planets, and comets at the time of your birth. Each chart is highly specialized for each individual person, which is why it can be so fun to learn about. As mentioned in the previous [i]Osiris Oracle's Awesome Astrology[/i], you can generate your chart [b][url=]here[/url][/b]. You'll need to know the location and time of your birth to get the most accurate rendering of your chart. Previously we focused our attention on your [b]sun[/b], [b]moon[/b], and [b]ascendant[/b] signs. While these do make up your big three and are regarded as 'the most important', when included with your Mars, Venus, and Mercury signs they're referred to as your [i]big six[/i]. A super common mistake beginners of astrology make is assuming that your sun sign or big three suffices in all there really is to learn. However, all the different combinations of planet/zodiac pairings is a testament to how personalized each person's natal chart can be, showcasing the importance that each play when interpreting your chart. 

Each planet in your natal chart will be accompanied by a zodiac. Remember to treat the twelve zodiacs like personality archetypes. Each zodiac has a unique way of navigating throughout life, while each planet is a base aspect of our life and journey. When paired together, it maps out key specifics of your inner self. Which is why learning to read your natal chart can be a fun experience in coming to terms with [i]who you are and what makes you a beautifully unique being[/i]! How do you get these pairs though? What makes you a Mars Libra? Or a Venus Capricorn? Our night sky is sectioned into twelve zones, each being ruled over by one of the zodiacs. Your natal chart is a recording of where the planets where in our night's sky at the time of your birth! Its a map of where everything in our solar system was when you took your first breath! And that's super cool, huh? 

Beginning with your [b]Mars[/b] sign, you'll be able to locate it on your natal chart by identifying it's symbol: [b]♂[/b]. Mars represents our instincts for aggression, anger, and survival. In Roman Mythology Mars is the God of War, and is the ruler of the constellation Aries. In astrology, Mars is the planet of energy, action, and desire. As our [i]'survival instinct'[/i], it can be thought of as the [i]'leftover animal nature'[/i] of man. In your natal chart, the position of Mars or rather which zodiac zone Mars was in at the time of your birth, signifies your basic sexual nature, how you express our anger (temper), what makes you particularly angry, and your first instinct to act on in a situation. 

Together with your big three, you can now identify your Sun, Moon, Rising, and Mars signs including what they mean! These four help us to discover our inner core, our inner mental selves, our outward expression and first time impressions, and now, our drive for action and our anger responses. What about your drive for love and your overall love language though? Let's next explore a little bit into what planet [b]Venus[/b] means on your natal chart. You'll be able to locate it on your chart by identifying it's symbol: [b]♀[/b]. Venus represents your values, including your relationship with finances and material possessions. This planet is all about pleasure, how you love and how you expect to be loved. Some folks put a great deal of effort into interpreting their Venus sign as a means to find a [i]perfect match[/i]. Spoiler alert for anyone curious... love doesn't work like that. Each sign is compatible with every other sign; every relationship comes with obstacles, hardships, etc. The real key to interpreting your Venus sign correctly, is coming to terms with your desire to be loved a certain way, how you effectively project your love, and the terms in which you love the strongest in your natural state. 

After generating your chart, you're going to find that you are so much more than just your [i]sun sign[/i]! Each celestial body in our solar system can be applied to your natal chart in helping determine your [i]blue print[/i]. We now know what all the major inner-most celestial bodies mean, apart from one; [b]Mercury[/b]! You'll be able to locate it on your chart by identifying it's symbol: [b]☿[/b]. Mercury represents communication, intellect, memory, how we learn, what conjures our curiosity, the kind of information we exchange and how we relate and respond to the world at large. Mercury is the planet of the mind. It rules how we make sense of the world and our place in it. Understanding your Mercury placement is a step in the right direction to achieve lasting effects in these fields!

[center][i]Hydra Constellation[/i][/center][/sidebar][/float]
After successfully learning about how to identify and interpret your [i]big six[/i], let's take a moment to conclude this article with a little constellation love! In the previous [i]Osiris Oracle's Awesome Astrology[/i] we took a look into the awesome constellation of [i]Centaurus[/i]! For this issue let's touch base on another favourite of mine: [b]Hydra[/b]! It's one of the biggest and longest constellations in our universe! It has nineteen main stars that make up the Hryda design, with it's brightest star being Alphard. This star is estimated to be 177 light-years away from Earth! Alphard, including the entire constellation is visible to the naked eye in the Southern Hemisphere during the month of April. Hydra has been admired by mankind for centuries from the Babylonians, to the Ancient Greeks, to us in modern times! A super fun fact about Hydra is that for a time the constellation [i]Noctua[/i], an owl, sat perched at the tip of Hydra's tail. Sadly, Noctua is no longer a recognized constellation. The debate over surrounding stars, the mythologies surrounding it, and the constellation's sheer size is why Hyrda happens to be one of my favourites! As last time, I challenge you to spot Hydra the next time you're viewing our night's sky! While looking up, you might find a constellation to add to your favourites list!

Thanks for reading the second edition of [b]Awesome Astrology[/b]! If you have any questions concerning this article, feel free to telegram me personally! Your question might be featured in the next Oracle Issue to raise awareness for others' astrology knowledge! If you missed the last issue be sure to check it out [b][url=]here[/url][/b] to learn about identifying your [i]big three[/i]![/box]