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by The United Revolutionary States of Janpia. . 26 reads.

KTO Passed Legislations

Janpian Union of Revolutionary States
Representative, Helmin Akino
Raespulyke Hyramalunde
Representative, Bill Mulpartos

KTO Joint Companies Act
[Resolution Number: 3]

- Company: A private or state owned business establishment, entity, or organization.
- Subsidiary: A company under the parent company.
- Venture: A joint establishment made up of subsidiaries.

This Council,

Acknowledging the possible profits of the growing market,
noting the economic benefits provided by joint ventures,
encouraged by Article III of the KTO Charter,

1. Hereby establishes a joint KTO venture, creating a single unified storefront from each member state allowing for registered companies to be under a single "parent" branch
1a. The said executive group will be composed of all representatives of the subsidiaries under the control of the "parent branch"
1b. All subsidiaries are subject to a joint standards or regulations provided by this act
1c. Removing a subsidiary requires a legitimate reason, and removal of said subsidiary will be voted upon by the joint executive group.
1d. Companies under this venture agree to provide all necessary funding for operations and other expenses under a fair market value.

2. Hereby prevents worker exploitation by establishing labor guidelines, an adequate minimum wage, and a proper time of rest.
2a. Enables the workers to establish labor unions, and the right to gather or declare a strike.
2b. Companies must set the minimum wage to be 30 NSD an hour. This will be subject to changes hitherto.
2c. Companies can also pay their workers depending on their labor output and value.
2d. Labor time must not exceed 9 hours a day.
2e. Companies must provide a paid maternity leave for a maximum of 105 days.

3. Hereby subject companies to health regulations, enabling their products and workplace safe from any accidents, or bad conditions.
3a. Establishes the KTO Department of Health Regulations, that will thoroughly inspect companies joining the KTO venture.
3b. This KTO DHR will be run by a council that shall be outside of the joint venture executives. The DHR shall also consist of medical representatives from national
health ministries and boards to provide proper advice.
3c. The KTO DHR shall provide permits in order for the company to enter the joint venture.

4. Companies under this venture must provide tariffs or discounts onto their products making said company more competitive.

5. Companies going along with labor exploitation, corruption, aiding KTO enemies, or anything thereof under the joint venture, are subject to being ejected from the said venture.
5a. Establishes the KTO Economic Investigation Board, whose mission is to apprehend and keep the companies in check, following KTO laws and regulations.
5b. The KTO EID will be managed by a group of individuals coming from different KTO member states.


Representative Helmin Akino, Janpian Union of Revolutionary States

Representative Bill Mulpartos, Raespulyke Hyramalunde