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The Saint Philippian Trade Company's factbook

The Saint Philippian Trade Company

The Saint Philippian Trade Company (SPTC or PTC) is one of the oldest trade-oriented organizations on the planet of Strangereal. Formed by Grand-Master Sergius Aemilius Secundus of the Ordus Sanctus Philippus in the year 945 A.D. of the Trinist calendar to grow the influence of the order outside of the city which was already saturated with the order's power.

In pre-imperial times the company operated as coordinator between merchant families and the state of the doge. It improved the infrastructure in the greater Saint Philippe area, building roads that are used to this day such as the A2 St. Philippe-New Venice. The company furthermore financed projects of exploration and trade expeditions to the furthest of regions, reaching the tip of East Osea in 1130 among acts of charity in the entire region.

The order was deeply entangled with philippian politics since its inception. The head role of grand-master was often assigned to the Doge of the city, making the company a sort of ministry for trade. At it's greatest "extent", the order had trade posts all long the European coast, down to what today is known as Sallent to the south and as far as Verdonne where the settlement grew into the nation of today.

Under Imperial rule the company was disbanded after the surrender of Dante XVII to Felipe de Moniz “The Unifier” of Greater Saint-Paul and all the land was ceded to the empire's new growing power in Sao Paulo. The order was briefly abolished too when the Grand-Master refused to swear fielty to the emperor and was executed. It was later reformed by Doge Dante XX of Saint Philippe, becoming the first Grand-master in 300 years.

Even though the order and its powers where made null and void, Saint Philippe retained the love for trade, sometimes reaching levels of insanity, creating the proverb "trading like a philippian", permited the order to flourish as a branch of the Imeprial government.

Today, the SPTC opperates indipentaly from the order but often collaborates with it as it is still a state organization. Nowadays it maintained its role as coordinator and as mediant between the state and the economy. It also opperates for protection of Philippian interests in trade all around the world. It facilitates selling of European and Philippian products abroad as can be read in the following factbook:

Imperial Legislature of the state of Saint Philippe And Europe

In this factbook there shall be regrouped every peace of formal Legislation submitted by Philip-European parliament or directly from the imperial parliament and the Great emperor himself

Trade, the art of buying and selling products, has always been an essential part of the traditional Philippian mindset. From the independent city-states of antiquity to the Great Saint Philippian Republic goods from all around the world would enter the gulf brimful of spices and sought for goods. This tradition of lasting love for bartering survived during imperial rule; opening even routes to the European inland; died out during the communist era in which our free market was briefly suppressed. Saint Philippe used to be the center of the N. Osean trade routes. It is time, my brethren, it is time for our once great and prosperous land to rise again and reclaim our ancient birthright.
Acknowledging the historical relevance, I, Prime minister of the Euro-Paulistian Union, Serene Doge of the Republic of Saint Philippe, President of the National Congress of Europeans and King of All People South of the Mountains, Francesco-Frederico The Second set forward in front of thou, most honorable parliament a series of official executive decrees, in accordance with the Emperor and the lex terrae bring forward to you the following resolution:

“ The prime minister,

Recalling the power of the nations of the south in history regarding trade; be it regional or international in ancient times,

Acknowledging, the current socio-economic situation of the North Osean archipelago, whom is divided in multiple alliances occasionally opposed to each other,

Reaffirming the nation’s will to strive for prosperity independently from the nation’s allegiance,

1)In accordance with the highest charges of the state, the Lex Terrae, the Prime Minister issued the foundation of a semi-national trade organization under the name and standard of the Philippian Trade Company.

2)The chief executive officer (CEO) shall be appointed by the Prime Minister with an unlimited contract until the Prime Minister judges the CEO as not adequate for the management of the company’s finances.

3) In limits set by the law, the company is to be treated as a branch of the state, therefore following governmental regulations, and with the aim of maintaining the free market, the private sector will be allowed to buy shares of the company’s stocks and subsequently invest it in the company’s and nation’s name (restrictions apply).

4)a)The state recognizes the Co.’s assets and liabilities as an extension of the nation. Consequently, the company falls under the protection of the state and employees are to be recognized as workers for the state.
b) The state is allowed to trade with the company and supply it armaments for
the aforementioned protection.

a) No restrictions are set upon the Co. regarding its foreign policy indepently from current events in the nation. Everything regarding: logistics of goods, logistics of manpower and finances are to be directed directly by the private sector of the company.
b)In case of war, the Co. is to stop all trade with the antagonist nation
c)The Embassies of the nation are to harbor the Co.’s office if an adequate office isn't available.
d) Any land owned by the Co. is administered by the Co. in collaboration with the state and the harboring state.

6)a)The company’s standard and jack, which shall be flowing to the right of the Imperial Union’s flag if the flag of Saint Philippe is absent,if not always to the left.
b) The company’s flag is a horizontal tricolor with the seal of the company at its center”

Following the developments in the border nation of Maximus tyrant; together with the great Parliament of Europe, His Excellency Prime Minister of The Union of Europeans,Philippians and Paulistians, Francesco-Frederico forwards to the great Emperor and his honorable Parliament the following resolution;

Reaffirming the Union’s desire for peace,

Conscious of the increasingly dramatic situation in the bordering, fellow O.S.E.A.N. member of Maximus Tyrant,

Concerned of the protection of Euro-Philippian citizens in Maximus tyrant along with the local maximusian populaces’ protection in these times,

Concerned with the protection of Euro-Paulistian interests, be it economic or not, in the region,

Fully aware of the socio-economic climate in the North Osean region with the increasing foreign influence,

Commending Paulistian initiative actions of mobilization to the border,

Considering the rather limited military budget in this age of turbulence,

Further Noting, the need for modernization of the Armed Forces,

The Supreme Parliament forwards the following:

Appeals to the treasuries of both the state of Greater Saint-Paul and the Imperial Government for a raise in sponsoring of military spending in the State of Saint Philippe and Europe

Approves the raise of military spending to match the one of Saint Paul.

Authorizes the mobilization of the branches of the armed forces to join their paulistian counterparts on the southernmost border.
Authorizes aerial operations in the conflict zone starting 800 hours of the following day.

Authorizes exceptional wartime measures to prepare for a likely military intervention in M.T..

Directs the attention of the Public to the situation in M.T..

Authorizes the increase of the army spending to 60 billion €/OSU

It appoints finally General Roman Tarchivio as official general in charge of these operations

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