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Vote Against SC resolution Condemn Lily

Security Council Vote Recommendation

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Resolution at Vote: Condemn Lily
Vote Recommendation: Against

Resolution Analysis

This proposal seeks to Condemn Lily for the region's military activities. Reasons for Lily's condemnations include the raid of The Embassy, in which Lily shut down thousands of embassies. The raid of NationStates was also noted in the resolution, which notably ended delegate Mikeswill's 15-year reign. It is also noted that Lily's military could raid multiple regions at a frightening speed, which leads the proposal to cite many of the region's raiding records. The proposal concludes by stating that over 10 thousand regions have fallen victim to Lily's raiders.


Lily makes for an attractive nominee for condemnation because of the sheer scale of their activity compared to others who engage in raiding and defending. They are proficient at high-target operations and faster than other organizations, but for all the regions that they hit, they have never left the kind of mark that the other organizations condemned by this body have. Their usurping of native delegates is impactful to the regions which suffer their presence, but the mark left on them is shallow. We have condemned far more notorious organizations for much more destructive acts. Even the most significant act specified in this condemnation, the raid of NationStates, is of a kind that pales in comparison. Breaking delegate streaks is good for statistics and keeping score among raiders, but it is not a condemnable act, particularly when the target is a well-known enemy of this body.

For the above reasons, the Ministry of World Assembly Affairs recommends a vote Against the Security Council Resolution at vote, "Condemn Lily".

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