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by The Federal Republic of Dorne Cheenzer. . 160 reads.

ninth edition of Dorne Cheenzer newspaper: title in the text because it was not possible to put everything in the main title.

Ninth edition of Dorne Cheenzer newspaper: Corruption rises by 40%, experts say it is not enough to ruin the nation, new paintings are put on display at the famous Dorne Cheenzer museum, nation tests military weaponry in south pacific region, war is coming?

New technology developed at Hashari Darussalam worries nations in the 10000 island region. Teen abuse? Take the case of the leader of the nation of Striagro Uspil. And more, see the best military development company in the 10000 islands region.

Welcome to Dorne Cheenzer's national and international newspaper

corruption on the rise, but it already has its first downfall.

In a recent survey carried out by the Dorne newspaper Cheenzer, in collaboration with agents of the World Census, corruption has risen by 40.7% in recent days, this is due to a resolution passed by the government making the population not know what other resolutions were passed in the senate. But we can also see a drop of 18.5% in this last week, currently the corruption index is at 1.19, making corruption happen every 1.19 hours.

This drop is due to the recent police operation to arrest people who practice corruption, 10 people were arrested and 6 are fugitives, 3 people were killed, 2 of which were low-ranking government officials and 1 of the federal deputy. Police say they already have tracks and clues as to where these 6 people may be.

See the chart by clicking here

art exhibition at the Requintilliun museum

this week an art exhibition from the Herya was open to the public, it was open in a special wing in the Dorne Cheenzer museum, "Requintilliun".

The works consist of arts that the nation conquered from its recently discovered history, according to research the artifacts come from the years 1930 to 1978. The exhibition will be open between June 19th and July 1st, after that the works will return to Herya and be displayed in the national museum of Herya.

Entrance costs 3 euros and in addition to the international works you can see national works, such as the famous painting by Marcos Krarft.

international reports

Evinea tests new military equipment, what happens in the region?

After high investigation in the South Pacific region, it was discovered by classified information that the Evinea nation was testing military equipment in an isolated area but with the presence of journalists and anti-war protesters.

The nation's leader gave an interview to us, let's listen:

Reporter: Leader, what do you say about this high-fire military equipment test?

Kwame Mensah, Nation Leader: This training was to protect us from future attacks, we don't have horrible relations with any of the nations that we are friends with, and I can say that we are one of the most peaceful nations in the South Pacific.

After the interview the training site was closed, and only authorized people were allowed to enter, citizens of nearby cities report movements of military personnel to training areas and gunfire coming from the site, is something happening within the government?

How is the region in terms of peace? Neither the country nor the region wanted to speak out.

New biggest military power in the 10000 islands region?

After several complaints made by countries that we will not talk about which region they are, a technology developed by The Lai Dai Corporation was discovered by a data leak that took place in the nation Hashari Darussalam, being named "LiquiDroid".

In the leaked article, a featured excerpt read that:

"potentially being the last invention that will propelled Hashari Darussalam into the galactic stage once again".

We found that the term used "Galactic stage" would be the nation's return to its greatest era, in which it was formerly super militarized, but lost its title after other countries improved their weaponry.

WA is keeping an eye on the moves made by the nation and communicating to the security council so that something is done, will the nation be condemned for improving its armaments and causing world peace to destabilize?

company builds weapon capable of destroying even the planet!

A company whose name we can't translate into an international language is producing a weapon capable of destroying the planet.

The "Colossus", name of the weapon, is almost complete and can be seen from space and the countries that border Vicim, WA is also keeping an eye on that nation's plans and in what sense this weapon will be used.

One of the generals gave an interview to the country's local newspaper, see below.

Vicim wrote:

The Colossus, a planet-destroyer, is nearing completion beneath the surface of Luyten A4. This machine is able to first siphon huge amounts of energy, freezing a planet and its entire atmosphere to almost absolute zero. After that, it shoots an energy ball which cracks all the ice and shoots it into space. Next, the crust is blown into space and another freeze ray freezes the mantle and core solid. All colossus personnel will then evacuate to the nearby escort fleet and the colossus will reassemble into a huge mining megastructure, where corporations can buy sections of the planet and use parts of the megastructure to exploit the countless resources hidden in the planet's inner layers. Two sources have been interviewed on their opinions about the Vicimian Armada's newest weapon.

Interviewed by VDNPN, Great General Vincent Lucorium of the Vicimian Armada stated:
"This machine is a huge breakthrough for the Vicimian Race. The technology inside is literally groundbreaking and there is no doubt this will be of much benefit to the nation in future years. If any others dare invade us, we can easily use this on their homeworld and gain considerable economic leverage. Even if we don't use it, this will also drive away potential threats, a double boon for the Technocracy. Frankly, I see no disbenefits in this project which has taken half a century to complete. The cracking of Luyten A4's surface to reveal this beauty shall be one of the greatest days in our history!"

Pacifist MP Cassandra Lancaster has a different idea.
"Every time I read about this, the first thing I think about is the horrid, primitive act of war. This is undoubtedly a weapon of war, and will cause tensions with our allies in the cosmos immediately. The civilian deaths on any planet if this is used will be unimaginable, and the galaxy will condemn the nation for war crimes. If we don't want to ruin these millennia of peace our people have gone through, this abomination should be dismantled immediately. The materials should instead go to peaceful developments, such as improving our infrastructure and new research."

The cracking of Luyten A4's surface to reveal the ship which has been built in its naturally solid mantle and core is set to begin in a few months. Only time will tell if this project will make it into the stars.

Rumors say that countries are joining to launch an attack against Vicim, the time and day were not released.

Pope Longinus I may have been having an affair with a young nun!?!?

People say the nation's leader, Striagro Uspil, has been dating a 19-year-old nun. Suspects say they saw the two leaving several times in and out of the strangely 1-star motel and even stranger for its name, "The Pope's Window".

After the rumors spread, and several of his faithful wanted explanations of what really happened, the leader gave an interview to the press in which he states that "I did not have sexual relations with that nun".

below is the report made by one of the country's newspapers.

Striagro Uspil wrote:Rumors have circulated that Pope Longinus I may have been having an affair with a young nun. The 40-year-old Bishop of Rome and 19-year-old sister Gabriella Maxwell were spotted on numerous occasions entering and exiting the 1-star Hotel ironically called "The Pope's Window" (which is a real hotel near Vatican City btw).

With the rumors culminating into a massive national scandal, Pope Longinus held a press conference to address the allegations. "I did not have sexual relations with that nun", insists Pope Longinus, "...but even if I did, I pray God will forgive me for falling to lustful temptation...".

Famous broadcast personality Wave "Tony" Tennegan had this to say to the recent events. "Y'know, if the Pope is going to church on Sunday, and then plowing virgin soil on Monday, maybe next time he shouldn't try to do it at a place called 'The Pope's Window'. I mean, hell, a sex dungeon would have been a less conspicuous place than the one he chose!"

P.S. I just seen the post where Dorne Cheenzer says to send ideas to their telegram. Spend 40 minutes crafting this story so I didn't see that, my bad, lol

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Dorne Cheenzer

KauŃ Lucas the President of Dorne Cheenzer

Special thanks: Herya, Hashari Darussalam, Evinea, Vicim, Striagro Uspil

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