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by The United Socialist Kingdom of The Greenlandic North. . 40 reads.

Rnesspo World News III

The war in Sanastan has taken a turn for the worst, many civilians were reported dead or missing in Northern Greenlandic bombing raids over Ka and other oil rigs. When we thought it couldn’t get any worse, Holy Spire made Sanastan a puppet, the exact opposite of our goals, causing Sanastan to go into a civil war. These actions are unacceptable. The Northern Greenlandic’s who led the bombing raids will face a trial, they are facing 50 years in prison if they are found guilty of war crimes, and Holy Spire/Northern Greenlandic travel will be cut off.

The Greenlandic North Leave’s Sanastan!
Last Plane of Northern Greenlandic’s Leaving Sanastan.

Yesterday, June 19th, Sanastan fell into civil war after Holy Spire puppeted the country, calling it “a Friend of Spire” however, everyone here knows this isn’t true. We ask the community to get Holy Spire OUT of Sanastan. The Greenlandic North is also paying for the deaths of all the civilians who died in Ka and the rest of Trashkanistan occupied Sanastan. The Greenland North is also asking Holy Spire to pay us back* for all the supply’s we gave to Sanastan. “Many of us here think that Holy Spire should pay us back, we gave those supplies to Sanastan, not their puppet.” Said Menendez.
[center]Safest School in The Greenlandic North Found?

Due to recent events across The Greenland North, many school children don’t feel safe, luckily Ced Truz* helped fund the safest school (see above) and with this, the children of The Greenlandic North can learn without fear. This school has one reinforced door, is buried underground, has no windows, and just to be safe all of the teachers and facility have shotguns which are loaded and ready. “I endorse this school.” Said Ced Truz. Thank you Ced for helping the school children of The Greenlandic North sleep easy!

  • Initially we said Sanastan would be void of all debt, not Holy Spire

  • sorry if this isn’t very tasteful, thought it was funny :/

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