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Photos from an Alternate World where the December 10 2029 Attacks never happened

Former Prime Minister Ian Smith Pictured in 2037 after losing to Danding Cojuangco the previous year

The Tyne Tees Building in 2031

Ambassador of South Africa to the International Assembly and The Jamesian Republic and Brother of Ian Douglas Smith , Robert Francis Smith pictured here in 2032 (OTL Prime Minister Robert Francis Smith)

Tupac's BMW moments after Joketsuzoku Assailants fired upon him on December 10 2029 , Tupac later died the following day

President of Jamesian Chechnya Rand Paul in 2031

Attorney General Patrick Smith Tendo in 2053

Annette Karadzic aka the Evil Annette Fuincello in 2030 (OTL though she did survive the attacks unscathed due to the fact that she fled the scene after she was misreported as dead )

JFK alongside RFS in the Clone High Reboot produced in 2035