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So you want to be a Lily raider?

So you want to be a wiwy waider?

Why is Lily raiding for you?

When people think Lily, they think about an organization of highly scripted, mechanically gifted, sleepless raiders with only the tolerance for the elite. This guide is here to tell you otherwise! The way Lily tags can be daunting - it seems foreign, fast, and friggin' mysterious. In reality, it's one of the most accomodating forms of raiding; it only goes as fast as you want it to go, whether you're old and rusty like Valtarre or thirsty for speed like Thorn1000. Interested in having the most laid back, low stress tagging experience of your life? Or are you interested in unlocking your true mechanical potential as a raider? Read on! Not interested in corporate prosaic drivel? Skip to the end for a quick to-do list. Keep in mind this guide is made for more experienced raiders. For an introduction to R/D, King Nephmir's guide serves well for a relatively modern summary, and my very own update guide is a great way to learn how to update with Lily in an optimized fashion.

Buzzy Basics

Say hello to the heart and soul of Lily's day-to-day operations, our adorable little Buzzy Bee! The successor to Miso, this custom Discord bot powers the vast majority of Lily's escapades, providing state-of-the-art triggering and world-class cuddleability! Whenever Lily command gives a whistle, Buzzy springs to action. One of three major Lily scripts, Buzzy manages update logistics and gives us that cutting-edge Lily update flexibility and stamina. Its first functionality is sorting you, the raiders, into teams. When your raid leader gives you the order, send "reg t#" in a Lily server channel to be sorted into the place you belong. Buzzy can handle up to nine teams (or more) if it needs to! With almost zero preparation! What a good little bee. Before doing anything else, send "g1," "c8," and "toggle detags" (if you're not interested in retagging). The first two commands will not give any feedback. More on this later. Endorse the point, and now you're ready to send your first...


It's showtime.

When the update starts, and you've endorsed the point, send "t" in the Discord channel and Buzzy will send a message like the one depicted to the right. There are several things to take note of here:

  • Target: self explanatory. The region you're looking to take over.

  • Countdown: the approximate time (in seconds) until the region updates. Modified by the "c#" command.

  • Go Delay: the approximate time (in seconds) before the region's update that Buzzy will send a "go" order. Modified by the "g#" command.

  • Update Order: the relative location where the region updates. Useful for keeping track of how much of the update has passed in a more precise manner than time, and detecting whether Sweeze messed up.

  • Link: a mass of zeroes that links to the target in template-overall=none form. Large to facilitate ease of clicking. Be sure to have Feather or some other Breeze variant, as navigating template-overall=none pages without one can be difficult.

This set of information imparts incredible mid-update user agency to Lily tagging. To understand why, we have to first look at why countdown is important.

Navigating Update

So what exactly does the countdown do? To understand this, we first have to understand where Buzzy gets its targets from. Buzzy constantly tracks which regions are updating at any given time, so it always knows where you are during the update. It cross-references this to its archive of every region and their approximate update times, and when you call a "t", it finds a target to hit. This is where the countdown comes in. Countdown determines the minimum time between you and the target that Buzzy will allow when grabbing regions. For example, if you send "c3," Buzzy will only grab targets that are estimated to be 3 or more seconds away from your current position in update. What does this mean? If you are endorsed before you call t, Buzzy providing the region can be considered the go order. Hence, move into the region as fast as possible as soon as Buzzy provides you a target. Due to this, you generally want to set the countdown as fast as you can jump dynamically during update to compensate for variance. This is, largely, how Lily has been so dominant in the tagging field for so long. While using Buzzy, you are able to adjust trigger lengths mid-update as well as set intervals to be as low as you can switch and endorse. Don't stress your speed, though! Buzzy will only go as fast as you want it to, and nobody but the bot put any work into triggering the update.

With the emphasis on countdown one may be left wondering what the "go" function is used for. Generally, it is left at 1s, since countdown functions as the go order for most use cases. However, when the countdown is consistently too high due to long times between taggable targets, it may be advantageous to jump on the go order, adjusting its delay according to your jump speed.

In Summary

Before update...
  1. Click on a NationStates link through Discord, and instead of opening it as you normally do, instead click "Trust this domain", right below where you would normally confirm the link opening.

  2. Make sure you have LinkFeather installed.

During update...

  1. Sort yourself into a team by using the "t#" command.

  2. Send "g1," "c8," and "toggle detags" if nobody else in your team has done so. The countdown may be lowered if you think you can handle it.

  3. Endorse the point (or post your nation as a point) and send (or wait for) a "t" in the chat. Buzzy should then spit out your target

  4. Adjust the countdown during update to be as low as you can manage, and to account for variance.

  5. Sit back, relax, have fun, and repeat! You set the pace!

Now all that's left is for you to read my update guide (optional) and get out there and raid with us (mandatory)! What are you waiting for? LinkHop in our Discord and let's get started!