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National information
Official Name: State of Emnia (Madhaoine t-Eamhna)

Shortened Name: Emnia (Eamhna)

Requested Location: (former location of Aimilia between Gaullica, East Miersa and Kirenia)

Requested Population: ~5.4 million

Central/Northern European

  • Ethnicity:
    The primary ethnicity in Emnia are ethnic Emnians, making up about 83% of the population
    Kirenians are the largest minority, at about 8%
    Gaullicans make up about 5%
    The remainder are "other", including a sizeable population of recent Atudite immigrants

  • Religion:
    A plurality of people profess no religion (47%), but historically Solarian Catholicism was the most prevalent religion in the country. Today, about 9% of the population profess to believe in a god or higher power, but a much larger number respond that they regularly attend religious services "for cultural rather than spiritual reasons"

  • Languages:
    The Emnian Language, a distant relative of Rahelian and Atudite, is the sole official language at the national level; despite this, Gaullican is widely spoken and used as a language of business and media

Government Type:
Unitary Parliamentary Republic

Head of State:
Connradh béann Eachtar, President

Head of Government:
Ríobhca bánt Annraoi, Prime Minister

Requested GDP Per Capita (Nominal) and Requested GDP Per Capita (PPP):
$19,056 (nominal)
$40,341 (PPP)

National Overview:
In the later days of the Solarian Empire, parts of modern day Emnia were known as Irmenia Occidentalis (literally "Western Irmenia") to contrast with the province of Irmenia Orientalis (literally "Eastern Irmenia" — most of which forms the modern Gaullican state of Irménie).

Irmenia Occidentalis was in those days rich in nonferrous metals such as copper, tin, lead, and silver. The province was particularly rich in glance, an important source of lead for Solarian water pipes.

Despite the economic advances of controlling the province, it was a difficult task to manage, as the local people, the Irmenii, had little in the way of loyalty to the Solarian empire. There was also little agricultural activity in the heavily forested region, severely limiting its productivity and

In order to combat this, a 3rd-century Solarian Emperor proposed a solution which was intended to simultaneously stimulate the economy of Irmenia Occidentalis while also dealing with another, unrelated issue elsewhere in the empire.

Over the course of a decade in the late 3rd century, a number of towns, villages, and hinterlands were resettled from the province of Transabaria (modern Tsabara) to the frontier of Irmenia Occidentalis. The majority of these resettled people spoke a language similar to Biblical Atudite, which they brought with them to Irmenia Occidentalis, introducing the language to Euclea.

The resettleds were given the majority of the benifits of Solarian citizenship as payment for their (likely involuntary) service to the Empire. This was intended to encourage assimilation and a sense of "Solarian-ness" among the settlers, but it had the opposite of its intended effect: after the "long walk north", distrust in the Imperial authority propagated widely among the resettleds as well as among their bretheren back in Transabaria. Public discontent arose where none existed before as fear spread about the possibility of forced transferral, causing a political and social crisis which may have ended the Empire outright had it not been for the deft political manoeuvring of the Emperor Bardus Gaullicus.

Despite the Empire's survival, the crisis had its consequences for the Imperial administration's hold over Irmenia Occidentalis. Memories of the crisis led future Emperors to neglect the province, passing up opportunities to develop infrastructure and bolster the regional economy. The policy of Solarianisation — by which the Empire encouraged its disparate subject peoples to assimilate into Solarian culture and society — had very little success in Irmenia Occidentalis, especially after the resettlement of the Transabarians, who instead became the dominant culture in the loosely-administered province.

The fall of the Solarian Empire saw the province of Irmenia Occidentalis fall into obscurity, with no records definitively mentioning the region or its people until the 7th century AD, when the "Princesses of Emnia" are mentioned as bringing tributes of the King of Gaullica. In the Liber Tractuum In Dominio Gaullicorum ("Book of Tracts [of land] in the Dominion of the Gaullicans") dated circa 950 AD mentions that

"In diebus Cunimundi regis dabant principissa gentis Emniana ad Verlegem tributa argenti annalia."
(In the days of King Cunemonde, the princesses of the Emnian nation gave annual tributes of silver to Verlois.)

Military Overview: (A brief summary of your nation's military. This includes things such as its domestic, regional, and international roles in addition to aircraft carriers, and WMBs if applicable. Optional information includes size, percentage of GDP spent on defense, etc.)

Social views:

  • LGBT+ rights/LGBT+ people: (What are their legal rights, how are these enforced, how far do they extend? How are they treated socially, what pressures are put upon them, which identities are accepted or tolerated?)

  • Religious tolerance: (What are the legal and social views on the non-dominant religions? What are relationships between religions and sects like?)

  • Irreligion: (How is irreligion viewed legally, and socially?)

  • Birth control: (What is the status of abortion, what access is there to contraception and family planning services? What are the social views around these topics [remember it's likely divisive])

  • Race and ethnic relations: (What is the racial, ethnic, and cultural situation like in your country? Are there legal protections for certain groups or minorities? How do minorities fare politically, economically, in careers? etc.)

  • Major Prejudices: (Are there any other prejudices, legal or social injustices, or other situations in your country?)

  • Immigration and Emigration: (Is your country a net receiver or exporter? What are the causes of said immigration or emigration? What problems or solutions do they bring?)

  • Women's Rights: (Do they have suffrage, career and education opportunities, equal pay, etc.)

  • Soft and hard drugs:

(What is the status of soft drugs such as Tobacco, Alcohol, and hard drugs such as Cannabis and Heroin. If criminalised, are they enforced?)


  • Factbook: (IIWiki preferred. Not required, but helpful if you have one already.)

  • RP Preferences: (What kind of RPs do you prefer? Military? Diplomatic? Character driven?)

  • RP Samples: (If not available, ask for a prompt.)

  • RP Intentions: (What do you plan on doing with this nation? Role-play? World-building? Both? Etc.)

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