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[IC] Allinea Definition

Allinea | alɪnia |
  1. historic name for Allinburg. The name is synonymous with mainland Allinburg.

  2. the personification of Allinburg, usually depicted as a woman wearing a Phrygian bonnet and holding a caduceus.


    from Allinean Middle English Allinea, from Late Old English Alynea, from Old English Alnēa, from Latin alne. The Soaverians*, as well as early maps of Allinburg labelled the island as Terra Alne, or the "land of alders", from its abundance and widespread use of the tree by its inhabitants. See Alline.

OOC: Allinea is an alt account of Allinburg. NS/World Census statistic data are not valid. Unsolicited telegrams will be ignored.
(Addtl notes: Pardon whatsoever factual inaccuracies may arise from the origin, in my defence it's my world and it doesn't always have to conform 100% with reality.
*The Soaverians are, to all intents and purposes, Roman wannabes that are restricted to Allinburg.)