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Defender Olympics 2022 Results + Wrap Up

Defender Olympics Closing Ceremony 2022

2022 Pile Off Info | Last Year's Awards

For the 2022 Defender Olympics, regional militaries far and wide gathered in Libcord for another year of friendly rivalry and thrilling competition in events challenging the core skills that comprise defending.

Events ranged from off-update raid spotting to a delegacy pile off and theme design contest which brought challenge and entertainment across a span of areas for everyone new and old to defending. There were also, of course, 24 medals––8 gold, 8 silver, and 8 bronze––on the line for victory in all the events of this year's Olympics.


Spotting Events

Spotting is often described as one of the most difficult defender skills to master taking patience and instinct to follow suspicious behavior to its end. The first spotting event, awakening a leeper, took place Friday evening where I awoke a fake raider sleeper within a founderless region. In first place, Sulenia of The Order of the Grey Wardens managed to lock down the gold medal literal seconds ahead of Thedairos from 10000 Islands (TITO) while Flying Eagles secured third a few minutes later.

The second event, the off update raid occurred the next day as two non-descript nations slid into a viable founderless raid target outside of regular update times, suspiciously endorsing one another and awaiting to seize the region's empty delegacy. Once again, Sulenia lept for first within minutes and Thedairos again for second with Astrobolt of 10000 Islands (TITO) in third.

Finally, the staged stealth raid posed the most difficult task to the spotters to identify an unknown amount of stealthy disguised WA nations poised to raid when the time was right. Not deterred, though, Sulenia once again secured first while Thedairos claimed second again as well - our sneaky fake raiders were almost too good though, as no one else successfully identified the nations for the third place medal.

Chasing Events

Chasing refers to the practice where defenders follow raiders into a region they are attempting to raid at a moments notice. Often, raiders operate using "triggers" to ensure they move into a region mere seconds before it "updates" in order to maximize their chances of launching a successful invasion and minimize defender chases of responding.

Chasing is by far many defender's favorite activity for its speed and skill, so competitors were eager to follow their target nation and squeeze out the shortest chasing times against their fellow participants. In first place, Sweeze of Lily secured the gold with the fastest times but was closely followed Haku in second from The Order of the Grey Wardens with Thedairos tidying up third with little trouble.


If an initial defense or spotting of a raid is unsuccessful, defenders are able to engage in what is known as a liberation to retake the region from invader control. Due to the way update mechanics work, defenders have to jump in an incredibly small timeframe to attempt to re-secure the region or risk being banned by occupying forces. The Liberations event tested the ability of defenders to quickly move to a target region and endorse the native Delegate. Liberators participated in 10 rounds of competition, with times averaged across those instances, to determine the champions.

Competition here was steep with liberations being considered the bread and butter of defending, the things defenders train for the most and the most significant operations defenders engage in. Landing in first place was again Sweeze trailed in second by Evil Mother of the Europeian Republican Navy and Kuramia also of the ERN sweeping third.

Trigger Calling

While "Triggers" are considered a defender officer skill, many defenders are highly familiar with them and know their way around a trigger calling competition. Triggers are how defenders know when to jump in liberations to avoid all being banned by the existing occupying forces. "Calling" a trigger, meaning giving an order to other defenders to "GO" move into the liberation target is itself an activity of quick reflexes and skill. This event tested the skill of the participants in calling triggers.

For trigger calling, competition was thick was hands hovered over send buttons and some humorous false moves triggering mis-calls in fierce competition. Through all 5 calls, it would be Sweeze who emerged in first place followed by Europeia's own Writinglegend in second and Thedairos once again taking third.

Pile off and Theme Contest

A "pile off" is a contest to compare the organizational capacity of different organizations, specifically how many WA nations (i.e. members) they can deploy to "pile" in a specific region in a short amount of time. "Piling" is useful in defending because it helps us gain influence in order to ban raider nations from the native regions they occupy. In total, over 100 nations shoved into our yearly piling region battling for control of the delegacy.

In first place, with 31 endorsements came the Europeian Republican Navy that came in early and quickly took uncontested control of the region. In second with 20 pilers, sneaking in at the last moment past TITO, came The Order of the Grey Wardens leaving TITO to finish third with 18 pilers.

We also asked militaries participating in the Pile Off to host a Theme Design contest that they would bear as they piled into the region. Taking first for this was TITO with an endearing Tank theme that honored Field Commander Kanta Hame's love and memery of all things tanks. In second came the ERN's well executed and wide Star Wars theme with colorful flags and punny Star Wars nation names. In third came the Grey Wardens with a simple yet cuddly Cat theme where many Wardens featured their fluffy pets and cute cat nicknames.

Final Medal Counts

All medalists have earned a fancy medal icon they can put in their forum signatures or just show off at random at their choosing. See pretty medals here...

Congratulations to TITO on the lead in overall medals with 9, same as 2021, and congratulations to the Order of the Grey Wardens and Lily for a tied lead on 3 Gold medals each.
Thedairos gets a special mention having earned the most medals of any individual with a total of 5, three silver and two bronze, across the spotting, chasing, and trigger calling events.





Total Medals

TITO 10000 Islands





The Order of the Grey Wardens





The Europeia Republican Army










Thank yous!

A massive thank you to the following Defenders who helped put on this event:

A Leaf on the Wind
Grea Kriopia