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Consulate Order Regarding Concord

Consulate Order Regarding Concord
Office of the Consulate of the Republic of The League[/b][/size][/center][/box]
[box][b][size=150]Preamble and Introduction[/size][/b]

The powers that be in NationStates have made clear their intent to move forward with a game update titled [url=]“Frontiers and Strongholds”[/url], which many believe will heavily shift dynamics in recruiting and gameplay power. While we opposed the change and released a [url=]statement[/url] alongside our partners in 10000 Islands to that end this past summer, we recognize the presumed reality of its implementation.

With this in mind, noting the Consulate’s constitutional obligations to ensure the stability, longevity, and general prosperity of the region, and keeping in mind our authority to establish any subordinate institutions as we see fit, we have moved to establish the region of [region]Concord[/region] as a territory of [region]The League[/region]. 

Concord will be built and developed as feasible in anticipation of the Frontiers and Strongholds update being introduced to NationStates, with the intent of providing a new region-building project for The League which will eventually transition to Frontier status. While the update is unlikely to occur in the near future, the development and preparation of Concord can serve to benefit the broader community in the meantime, and be at an appropriate stage of security for transition by the time of the release.

It is our hope that through this project we can continue to grow The League’s community, as well as our population and military to new heights.[/box]

[box][b][size=150]The Office of the Consulate Hereby,[/size][/b]

[i]Directs[/i] [url=]The League’s Defense Forces[/url] to, under the direction of Consul and Founder [nation]Quebecshire[/nation], secure Concord through a refound operation,

[i]Declares[/i] Concord to be a territory of The League in all forms, supremely governed by the Constitution of the Republic and further administered by the Office of the Consulate and any subordinate institutions,

[i]Clarifies[/i] that Concord is to be considered sovereign territory of The League and governed exclusively by the government thereof for the purposes of all applicable diplomatic agreements,

[i]Appoints[/i] Executive Advisor [nation]Spode Humbled Minions[/nation], through the nation [nation]Mechanocracy[/nation], to serve as World Assembly Delegate of Concord, tasked with accumulating endorsements and aiding in the development of the region,

[i]Intends[/i] to develop Concord through recruitment and development of native and gameside culture to be a flourishing region to integrate new nations to its combined community with The League,

[i]Reiterates[/i] that The League and Concord are one in the same, with one community, one military, one set of platforms and ideals, and a commonly shared apparatus of higher government, and in no circumstances will this be deviated from.[/box]


[box][b]Office of the Consulate:[/b]

Chief Consul [nation]Creeperopolis[/nation]
Consul [nation]Quebecshire[/nation]
Consul [nation]Paleocacher[/nation]