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Codex • The Unified Earth Governments

Codex • The Unified Earth Governments
Written By David Beckham, Library of National History, University of Vale

The Unified Earth Governments


Motto: “Through Knowledge, Victory. Through Unity, Peace.”

National Anthem: LinkStand Strong, Stand Together

Location: Orion Spur, Attican Traverse

Population: 170,000,000,000

Capital: Sydney, Earth
Largest City: Cydonia, Mars

Official Language: English

Demonym: Varies Amongst Planets

• President: Ruth Charet
• Vice President: Denis Furrow
• Speaker Of The Parliament: Aurél Pesti
• Chief Senator: Cinta Györgyi Tót
• Chief Justice: Kaoru Yamasaki
• Secretary of Defense: Paul Huphy Russel
• Minister of Information: Elsa Peura
• Minister for the Colonies: Akeyo Oduya
• Minister of Galactic Affairs: Jason Hudd

Legislature: Earth National Governance
• Upper House: United System Senate
• Lower House: Colonial Administration Authority

Executive: The President

Judicial: Supreme Judiciary

Date Of Establishment: 2170
Current Year: 2558
Founding Article: Articles Of Unification

Currency: Credit

Internet TLD: Depends on System

Internet System: Waypoint

Government Structure: Federal System Structured Alliance

Civilization Type: Type 2

Citadel Member-State? Council Member

The Unified Earth Governments • An Overview

The Unified Earth Governments is a Democratic Federation which exerts recognized power within the local interstellar fluff, as well as regions within the Attican Traverse. Based within the Sol System, colonies are free to establish their own laws, local currency and culture, within the limitations of the UEG's Constitution. The UEG originates on the planet Earth, located within the Local Fluff of the Orion-Cygnus Arm. The Sol System has a diameter of 79 AU, and contains 8 planets, and 167 natural satellites examples of Planets include The Human homeworld Earth, and its natural satellite being Luna. The UEG contains a population of around 500,000,000,000 with over 35 official colonies, and 10 installations within its stellar domain.

The Unified Earth Governments was founded in 2170 during the vanishing point of the Interplanetary War, this action was a result a dire need to bring unification across space controlled by the United Nations (The UEG's predecessor) and to end the possibilities of future internal conflict; Upon formation, the UN ceased to exist, although their creation, the United Nations Space Command stayed in service due to the political problems that would occur in its end of service for Earth, and the work needed to establish a new service in its place. After the war ended, all colonies of the era were officially brought back into Earths fold, but given greater individual power, and representation on the homeworld. In the year 2248 the Unified Earth Governments made hostile first contact with the race known as the Turians, in what would be known as the First Contact War, it was Humanities first true test a an interstellar species.

The war would end thanks to peaceful contact with the Citadel Council, which intervened before the war could escalate any further and weaken the galaxy. The UEG, representing the Human race, joined the Citadel in 2268, signing the Economic Consolidation Agreement, and after years of pressure, signing the political equality act, which bolstered Humanities influence in the galaxy by centuries. Humanity's different technology base, military capability, and potential is what garnered them this influence.

The UEG would soon rise through the ranks of galactic society, quicker than most other races, this was in due part due to the value their alternative development had on galactic society, and it allowed the UEG to broker for power and influence. In 2276, the colony of Elysium was attacked by Batarian pirates and naval assets in what would become known as the Skyllian Blitz, an action which would result in the Human-Batarian war. The end result was a cease of hostilities and the Batarians leaving Citadel space after numerous humiliating defeats.

This would be a prelude however to the Reaper war much later, in which the UNSC and Turians were noted as resisting the might of the reaper forces in space and on ground for months on end, until the two powers could use a powerful super weapon to destroy the reapers, and their constructs. Thanks to Humanities investment in slip-space, they prevented a galactic dark age, and the galaxy would soon return to normalcy after a century of heavy depression. Soon however, in 2525, the UNSC would make first contact with the alien hegemony known as the Covenant over the planet Harvest, starting the Human-Covenant Great War, a massive war which lasted for 30 years, and resulted in the destruction of numerous Human and Citadel colonies, if it was not for the great Schism, we would not be here today. Ever since the war has ended, the UNSC has begun making great strides in technological advancement, and is now a galactic leader in offensive and defensive technology, since the war has ended, the UEG economy became a juggernaut, able to stand toe to toe with the economy of the Turian hierarchy.


The name Unified Earth Governments is made of three words, joined into a specific pattern that makes its meaning easy to understand by any culture. The world Unified is traced back to the 16th century, taking its origins from the Latin word Unificare, which means to make whole. Earth is the official name of the Human homeworld, deriving its name from the old English word Eorthe and the German word Erde, Earth can be used to describe the planet, or the general ground and soil of any terrestrial object. Government originates from the French word of Governor, which originates from Gubernare, in its purest form, Government is the representation of the civilization, the people and leaders within a sufficiently large group, which works as a single entity, though not on the scale of a hive mind, or closer nit organism.

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