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by The Armored Tundra of Ragnox. . 12 reads.

Presidential Run for the Odryan Presidency. Again

Hello peeps, lads, and ladies; its great to have the floor again, as I am running for President this time around! No more Vice President for me! Anyways, for those who are not acquainted with me, my name is Ragnox, and I am currently running for President, with my party; The Odryan Federalist Party. I was Vice President for two terms, and have filled in for the President on a few occasions. I am also a civil rights supporter with 4 years of experience on Nation States, with multiple elected seats, such as; WA Delegate, Defense Minister, and Foreign Minister, to name a few during my time here on NS.

Now, I present myself to you beautiful people today, as a candiandte for the presidency. I have a few goals that will help this region grow, and some ideas to keep us going strong.

-Revitalization of our military.
-More active staff as to help pass or deny laws and acts.
-Weekly Activities
-Recruitment Wave
-Embassy Check, and more embassies with large and significant regions.
-Inter-Regional Events, such as Olympics that are hosted throughout multiple regions.
-Personal Help with NationStates issues or problems.

Vote Ragnox. Vote for the People.