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Acrab news

"Today we announce that two bakeries were open on Acrab. One on the Linkwest coast and one on the south west coast. These bakeries produce what is called a 'donut' it is a snack which is torus shaped. A train connection was build between the Linkwest coast bakery and rest of Acrab settlements. The train used was bought by the goverment ,from foreign company namedPTA.
In other news: A embassy and a Lamiňík clinic was build in a foreign empire named...Aumbura (the broadcaster isn't good at pronuncing foreign names). Sensible humans are difficult to come across, so it is good news that there is a human empire that is willing to let some of humans decide to transform into gootraxians. Now to our opinion section!"
The footage cut to a scene where a violet gootraxian stood wearing a collar. "So you are going to be the ambassador forAumbura, is that correct?" asked the news member "Yes that is correct!" the gootraxian answered "Are you excited for the role? also what is your opinion on these new 'donuts'?" "I am excited for the role indeed! I will make our empire proud! I don't care really about the donut production since i'm more of a salt person then suger person." "Thank you for your impu.t" The footage then cut to random ponies saying that they don't particulary care about donuts but are glad about the Lamiňík expansion...
"Today we are glad to announce that Isworth winery was opened today to the general public. Isworth is a winery next to other settlements on the west coast. This winery unlike the winery on the east islands produces wine from grapes, instead of mushrooms. The winery was founded by pegasi named: Acid Apple, Sunbeam 'Copper' Explorer, Tiberium 'Hay' Copper and Scarab Sheet."
"In other news; It appears that the hostile human tribes are evolving. Instead of neolithic technology they have started to use medieval technology. This has been recorded by the pegasi previously mentioned. This has been confirmed by one other anonymous source. While the human tribes do not pose a serious threat to our settlements. The fact that they have been able to aquire new technology is worrying. That is all for now" the newscaster pony said.
"Today we have alarming news. Several hostile ships have spotted landing next to our settlements on Acrab. The ships contained combat robots of unknown origin. Fortunutly a militia was able to destroy the ships and the robots around them. The ponies who formed the militia were a part of a group tasked with building a nuclear power plant in a crater."
A photo was then shown depicting four kirins and a bat-pony, who were wearing adamantium plated armor. They held Stable rifles and adamantium knifes. They stood next to a sarcophagus. "The names of these brave creatures are: Heart Serenity, Gemstone 'Rhithm' Tiberium, Mighty 'Sandstone' Concert and... Thunder 'Medicine' Woods who was murdered by a lich shortly after their victory. It is uclear if these hostile combat machines return but it's best to hope they don't."
"In related news, the group mentioned weren't just creating a nuclear power plant, they were also building brand new propaganda robots from the parts of destroyed machine ships. These robots along with their recharging stations were send to the regional administration. These small remotly controled robots have a loudspeaker. The administration is intending to use these loudspeaker robots to broadcast propaganda. However they are supposedly only going to be used in the process of reforming foreigners. That is all for today" The newscaster said.
"Today we have gotten a goverment report stating a military operation has taken on Acrab. The operation in question involved fighting 'the ferals' bandits, who have been attacking multiple of our settlements. The central goverment has declared victory, stating that:" "The inhabitants of Acrab need to fear no more of the hooded bandits with homemade weapons. For the valiant imperial army has served justice and captured many of them to be reformed into harmonious denizens." "We are yet to recive the death count of this military operation, fortunutly it looks like many didn't lose their lives on either side.
In other related news: The large housing construction project is being completed, with three railroads being build in between them. Since we can't transport trains from the mainland. The goverment statated that three trains for civilian transport will be imported from...Janpia" (For some reason the pony newscaster hed trouble reading the name)
"Now let's cut to the opinion section!" The footage is switched to news station member with a microphone standing next to a kirin. "You heard about the military operation that has taken place?" "Yes i have. I wanted to say that i am thankful, that our brave soldiers took care of those bandits for good. Our lives are safer this way" "Anything else to add?" "No"
The footage switched "Have you about the military operation against 'the ferals'?" "Yes i have" said the earth pony. "Do you want to express yourself on the topic" the new member put a microphone closer to the earth pony "I wanted to say that i am disapointed in our goverments use of offensive force. Violence should only be used in self defence" "Were we not defending ourselfs?" "The way i see it, We were not." "Anything else to add?" "No, i do not"
The footage then switched few more times, to a new member asking people about their opinion on the topic...
"Today we found out that a goverment facility was build under the south atoll. The central goverment says that the contents of the facility and the atoll is restricted. However we did manage to get a idea what this facility is for. The facility is for creating combat animals, which are suppose to be used instead of soldiers. However we did not managed to get much more information then that. We will inform you when we find more information...