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GA Recommendation Archive: Vote YOUR CONSCIENCE on 'Repeal Access to Scientific Knowledge' | OWL


Repeal 'Access to Scientific Knowledge'


The Wallenburgian World Assembly Offices

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OWL recommends voting  YOUR CONSCIENCE  on the at-vote resolution, "Repeal 'Access to Scientific Knowledge'". The Delegate has been asked to cast their vote with the overall regional majority after a while.

Please find below the Office's Analysis for an examination of the resolution and the reasons for the final recommendation.

The Office's Analysis

The at-vote resolution "Repeal 'Access to Scientific Knowledge'" seeks to strike GA#604 from the pages of international law, arguing that its mandates violate fundamental rules of ethical research, thereby harming participants in scientific research, the involved scientists, and the sciences as a whole.
It is undeniable that the concerns raised by the resolution are sound and present serious problems ‒ having the WA not only sanction, but actually require violations of universal ethical research rules is unacceptable and ought to be corrected. The proposal is well-written, arguing those points clearly and convincingly. However, at this point in time, no prospective replacement for the target resolution has been presented on the forums yet despite the almost two-month long preparation of this resolution to repeal, thus leaving a slightly bitter taste in the mouth of South Pacifican voters ‒ which, on account of the severity of the matter, does not justify categorical opposition from the Office, yet makes unconditional support equally unviable.

Thus, OWL recommends an individual vote of conscience on the at-vote resolution, "Repeal 'Access to Scientific Knowledge'".