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2021 Crossoverian Presidential Election

9 November 2021


Nominee...Hamad bin Ahmad.............Porkchop Funnie
.......................Al Meskin

Running Mate...Tariq Al........................Filya Woofler

Popular Vote...47,520,000....................24,480,000
President before election.........................................................Elected President
Kipper Woofler..............................Hamad bin Ahmad Al Meskin

Presidential Elections in Crossoveria started on July 21, 2021, and ended on November 9 that same year, being the 6th non-emergency election and the 8th presidential election since the creation of the position in 1981. Hamad bin Ahmad Al Meskin, an Islamic scholar and member of the Crossoverian Shia Clergy, was declared the winner, and took the Presidency from outgoing President Kipper Woofler on January 9, 2022.

This Presidential Election was seen by a number of observers to be the first free and fair Presidential Election Crossoveria had for as long as it existed, when Presidential Elections didn't occur until Marie BonAztire became Supreme Leader, and since then, all elections under her were either emergency or rigged. However, her husband Waldemar Rochester allowed Crossoveria to hold a free and fair election in mid-July 2021 as part of his attempt to try to democratize Crossoveria. This would be the case for all future elections in Crossoveria.

The Primary Crossoverian Elections occurred in July-August 2021, with eight candidates from eight different political parties (including Woofler and Al Meskin) running for the Presidency. Secondary Elections took place in September 2021, with Woofler continuing his run only to be the least voted candidate with only 7% of the vote. The Final Elections took place in October-November 2021, with Al Meskin running against Equal Rights Secretary Porkchop Funnie, with the former achieving victory in the final election.

The elections took place after a period of rule by the Anti Child Exposure (ACE), which went to war with Cartoonia and surpressing any type of freedom at home. It was overthrown in a coup led by Waldemar Rochester who took Zeeter Saldivar's place and had her executed. Cartoonia then tried to pressure the new government to sign the Treaty of Elmore, which was severely controversial with many people for a variety of reasons, including threats of imperialism in a country that was ideologically opposed to it.

Besides the goal of instating Islamic law into Crossoveria, Al Meskin wanted to pull Crossoveria out of the treaty before it officially signed. His opposition to the treaty was what allowed him to receive a lot of foreign support, which made up almost all the foreign statements or endorsements the election received. Meanwhile Funnie's support for the treaty was what some considered to be the main reason why he lost.

This Presidential Election, overall, was unusual compared to normal elections Crossoveria would have: it was free and fair, and occurred without it being a sham or emergency election. For the first time, Crossoverians were able to choose their President, and the level of political discourse reached further than what would be typical in a Crossoverian election.


Electoral System and Background

A Crossoverian woman voting, 2007
The President is Crossoveria's highest directly elected official, the head of the executive branch, and the second highest political figure, after only the Supreme Leader. In order to be the President or run in any elections for that position for the matter, candidates must be born in Crossoveria, over the age of 40, a follower of Islam or Hefflism, employed in politics, and fluent in Crossoveriaanz, the official language of the country. Individual political parties out of eight choose their candidate for President, who is in an alliance with the party.

Until this election, the nature of Presidential Elections in Crossoveria have been questionable, as observers claimed that these would often be shams. However, this one is seen as the first actually free and fair election in Crossoverian history. Before that, in January 2021, emergency elections were held with Senator Kipper Woofler winning the elections. Woofler had tried to push for more democratic policies, although most, including the one that would permit freedom of speech, was blocked by the Supreme Leader. However, he had allowed democratic elections to be held in July for a variety of reasons.

For starters, July was the start of election season, which takes place every five years between July to November, when the winner is announced. Secondly, the Supreme Leader understood previous elections have been unfair with little if any actual political participation from the people. There are eight political parties: the Libertarian Casterman, the Conservative Krona, the Centrist Zola, the Communist Babushka, the environmentalist Ecosystem (or Green Party of Crossoveria), the militaristic Military Party, the Islamist Theocratic Party, and the Anthro Party, run by the anthropomorphic animals of Crossoveria.


  • 21 - 29 July: Conventions for each one of the parties take place, which each party making an opening statement on their run. They also pick a Vice President as a running mate.

  • 31 July: Debates for the Primary Elections take place, where each one of the candidates' debate on matters such as foreign affairs, the economy, and domestic issues

  • 1 - 17 August: Polling happens for the Primaries.

  • 18 August: The top four candidates move on to the Secondaries

  • 1 - 4 September: The candidates are interviewed with questions

  • 5 - 25 September: Political ads commence, where candidates use slogans and attack each other for problems with their policies

  • 25 September: The two winners of the Secondary Elections are announced, and they move onto the Final Election

  • 30 September: The Final Presidential Election begins

  • 30 September - 16 October: The candidates answer questions asked by the press as they make their ambitions for the Presidency clearer.

  • 20 October: The Final Presidential Debate occurs.

  • 21 October - 8 November: Polls become available and voting happens.

  • 9 November: The winning President and Party are declared.

  • 9 January: The winner takes office as President of Crossoveria.

Original Candidates


President and Political Party


Kipper Woofler
Casterman Party

Modern Liberalism
Left-Wing Populism

Daroghah "Drake" Osila
Krona Party

Right-Wing Nationalism
Business Subsidization

Boris Anderson
Zola Party


Mustafa Aydem
Babushka Party


Ulysses Bulsara
Ecosystem Party

Green Politics
Conservation Movement

Phillip Woofnbark
Military Party


Hamad bin Ahmad Al Meskin
Theocratic Party

Islamic Theocracy
Right-wing Populism

Porkchop Funnie
Anthro Party

Left-Wing Populism
Modern Liberalism

Primary Presidential Election

The National Convention Center, Crossoveripolis
On July 6, 2021, Crossoveria's newspapers announced the beginning of Presidential Elections in the country. It stated that these elections are held every five years, and that Crossoveria is about to reach election season again after fourteen years. Presidential Elections were previously suspended under Travis Mavis due to the outbreak of the Arab Spring. However, in 2019, after a series of protests which almost led Crossoveria into a political crisis, then Supreme Leader Marie BonAztire announced the country had to give in and emergency elections happened, putting Mavis out of power. Another emergency election happened with the victory of Kipper Woofler in January 2021. Woofler attempted to democratize Crossoveria, but most of his attempted reforms were blocked by the new Supreme Leader, Waldemar Rochester. Despite his autocratic tendencies, Rochester, from early on, expressed an affection for holding democratic elections in Crossoveria, for this was what his wife had willed when she gave a speech announcing her total retirement from politics. After Rochester announced the beginning of elections in July 21, President Woofler spread the news on social media on July 10, which met with concern from other users, as he had already been President for only 6 months. However, Woofler assured them that his run was going to end in victory, something that Supreme Leader Rochester had also expected, and on 21 July 2021, the Primary Presidential Elections began.

Immediately after the elections were announced, the Cartoonian government expressed concern of the outcome due to the fact an emergency election was held, but Supreme Leader Rochester assured them via telegram that things were going to be okay, and that Woofler's victory was going to be expected.

National Conventions lasted eight days following the announcement of the elections. In the Casterman Party Convention, Woofler chose his incumbent Vice President Charles Carpenter to be his running mate, with Casterman Party Raul Hutchens announcing his run for the Presidency. Woofler promised to turn Crossoveria into a democracy if elected. The Krona Party Convention occurred the following day, with party leader Gustav Sagdiyev choosing incumbent Secretary of Labor Drake Osila as their nominee for President, with Bashar Schuyler nominated as his running mate. Osila campaigned on economic and scientific advancement while pledging to defend his country from enemies like Communists. The Zola Party Convention followed afterwards, with Boris Anderson and Baydownz governor Abdulla Tabedtah appointed by party leader Woodrow Hinzarty to run for President and Vice President in their party. Boris stated his ambitions for bringing a centrist government into power, free of imperialists, and threatened to ground those who opposed it. Soon after, the Babushka Party Convention happened, and Mustafa Aydem, a Communist, being elected for President, before being convinced to choose party member Andreas Saumili to be his running mate by leader Babushka Artyomova. Aydem promised to make Crossoveria democratic while still maintaining a Communist government. The convention for the Ecosystem, led by Mikhial Akabar, chose to nominate Ulysses Bulsara and Enzokuhle Sanchez as President and Vice President, both of whom advocated for natural preservation and environmentalism. The following day, the Military Party, led by Lukas Sorbani, chose to elect Air Force General Philip Woofnbark, who advocated for militarism and imperialism, alongside his appointed Vice President Rufus Vermeer. The Theocratic Party Convention followed soon after, with Shia Clergyman and Islamic Theocracy advocate Hamad bin Ahmad Al Meskin as the nominee for President, and Tariq Al Akhtar as his Vice President, by party leader Mohammad Al Abbas. Lastly, the Anthro Party Convention saw Equal Rights Secretary Porkchop Funnie and Air Force Lieutenant Filya Woofler, cousin of Kipper, nominated with the help of leader Douglass Lamar.

Following the conclusion of the National Conventions, debates occurred on July 31. The footage was broadcast live on Al Korosofiya, Crossoveria's 1st state broadcaster. Tomas Remi reported the beginning of the debates the day prior, and Rostam Parasi and Johannes Rasmisan reported the events of the debates. Haadhir Rochester, the brother of Supreme Leader Waldemar Rochester. It was reported that the Supreme Leader was present at the debates alongside his wife Marie BonAztire. Throughout the debates, the eight candidates were asked these questions:

Haadhir Rochester, 2021

  • What makes the nation of Crossoveria great in your opinion, and what shall you change?

  • How will you deal with terrorist attacks in Crossoveria?

  • What shall you do about Crossoveria's involvement in the conflicts of other countries?

  • Should we keep the military strong as it is now?

  • Should our country become allied with the United States?

  • How shall we use animal transformation in the future?

  • How can we improve the economic state of Crossoveria?

  • Should Crossoveria continue to align itself with more countries or should it isolate itself?

  • Should we give anthropomorphic animals equal rights in Crossoveria?

  • Do you think our country should uphold the Treaty of Elmore with Cartoonia?

The overall statements from all of the candidates were quite different from each other, especially in regards to the extremely controversial Treaty of Elmore. In February, a month after the Anti Child Exposure regime was toppled, the Cartoonian government had the Crossoverian government abide this treaty, which would greatly reduce their military and have the government pay reparations to the toon government, among several other things. Although this was widely supported by President Woofler, the majority of people and the Supreme Leader contested it for fear of imperial influence from the Cartoon government. Theocratic Candidate Al Meskin's statement against the treaty, plus his previous denunciation of America, was what swayed Crossoverian voters into voting for him. Meanwhile, Kipper Woofler and Porkchop Funnie were popular for their liberal political outreach and democratic promises, and Mustafa Aydem was at close contention with Philip Woofnbark. On 18 August 2021, the results were posted for winners of the Primary Elections. The following candidates made onto the Secondaries:

  • Porkchop Funnie & Filya Woofler - the Anthro Party - 30%

  • Hamad bin Ahmad Al Meskin & Tariq Al Akhtar - the Theocratic Party - 28%

  • Kipper Woofler & Charles Carpenter - the Casterman Party - 19%

  • Mustafa Aydem & Andreas Saumili - the Babushka Party - 10%

Secondary Presidential Election

Hamad Al Meskin being greeted by supporters of the Theocratic Party
The Secondary Presidential Election started on 31 August 2021, almost two weeks after the conclusion of the Primary Election. Conventions were held for each party, of which the number has been halved. The Casterman Party campaign came first, with Kipper Woofler making specific promises to the press, including his reduction of the military, re-amending of the constitution, and the use of the military for primarily for peacekeeping purposes. The Babushka Party came next, with candidate Mustafa Aydem calling for the bourgeois in Crossoveria to be eliminated, for Crossoveria to be democratic despite its Communism, and to maintain relations with only other socialist countries. Hamad bin Ahmad Al Meskin and his Theocratic Party came after, with Al Meskin advocating for the implementation of Sharia Law in Crossoveria, as well as for it to end its agreement to the terms of the Treaty of Elmore. Finally, The Anthro Party Candidate Porkchop Funnie stated his ambitions for upholding anthro rights, adding that humans should not be discriminated against. Funnie also called for freedom of speech in the country.

In Crossoveria, the secondary elections are reserved for advertisements and commercials, which are broadcast on state television. The purpose of these ads would be to try to sway in as many voters as possible to vote for them, and try to criticize an opposing party in a persuasive manner. Each ended in promises of the candidate themselves telling voters why they are the best, and sign off with an official message. The following are the sign off message each candidate gave in their ads:

  • Kipper Woofler: Vote Kipper Woofler for President. He is a REAL representative of the people.

  • Mustafa Aydem: #VoteAydem2021

  • Hamad bin Ahmad Al Meskin: Vote Hamad for President!

  • Porkchop Funnie: Give us a WOOF for Funnie

Kipper Woofler at the Convention Center talking with the press in the Secondary Election live on television, September 1, 2021

It's also important to note that in the advertisements, the text that the Anthro Party used to advertise Funnie's run in the Presidency included an error in it, with the word "man" being crossed out and being followed by the word "dog" in order to avoid confusion with voters and to signify that the anthro party candidate is an anthro dog. As a result of this, many Crossoverians felt quite reluctant about the competence of the anthro party.

In the midst of the ads, the Cartoonian government officially stated their support for the Anthro and Casterman Party, while showing concern for the Theocratic Party's ideology. They also stated that there's a chance of ties being severed between the two countries.

Kipper Woofler, although campaigning to be a "real representative of the people", got no more than 7% of the vote in contrast to other candidates. Many believe his admiration for the Treaty of Elmore, plus his not-so progressive views on crime and foreign relations led to him losing the popular vote. Mustafa Aydem was quite unpopular with Crossoverians, yet he won over Philip Woofnbark, who was projected to beat Aydem in the Primaries. Nonetheless, he also lost the Secondary Elections with 9% of the vote. The remaining 84% was to the two remaining candidates, which were revealed on September 25:

  • Hamad bin Ahmad Al Meskin - The Theocratic Party - 52%

  • Porkchop Funnie - The Anthro Party - 32%

Despite Al Meskin having a 52% popular vote, in Crossoveria, regardless how high one's popularity is in the Secondary polls, they still must go into the Finals. Many believed Al Meskin's anti-imperialist views, especially regarding the Treaty of Elmore, and Porkchop Funnie's advocacy for democracy, despite his support for the treaty, was what led them both to victory in the Secondaries.

Final Presidential Election

The Final Presidential Election officially started on September 30. The Theocratic and Anthro Presidential candidates gave out speeches detailing their ambitions. Hamad bin Ahmad Al Meskin stated his on pulling Crossoveria out from the Treaty of Elmore and freeing Crossoveria from imperialist control, which speaking little about his ambition for a theocracy. While Al Meskin used his platform to advocate for an Islamic state in Crossoveria, by this point he had become notable for his advocacy against the Treaty of Elmore, which voters considered a form of anti-imperialism. Meanwhile, Porkchop Funnie, calling himself the "animal of the people", once again openly advocated for equal rights for both humans and anthros.

Official advertisement for the televised Presidential Debates

On October 3, Porkchop Funnie went to Elmore City in the province of Elmore to deliver a speech calling for anthros to get the same rights as humans, even considering the recent hardship anthros went through in recent history. The next day, he sat down with the press in what is called the Campaign Train, which is where candidates are asked questions by specifically high-profile journalists. In it, Funnie stated his ambition to violently decrease the power of the Supreme Leader and a complete abolition of the Crossoverian military, arguing that Cartoonia's government will be there to support Crossoveria. He gave another speech spreading a similar message as well. Hamad bin Ahmad Al Meskin followed soon afterwards, delivering a speech about imperial influences in Crossoveria, and made it his focus in discussion for his Campaign Train. His argument towards imperialism was negative, as he had already been critical of the treaty proposed to Crossoveria earlier that year.

Former candidates of the Presidential election came out in support for either Al Meskin or Funnie. Kipper Woofler and Ulysses Bulsara endorsed Funnie, with Woofler arguing for democracy and Bulsara for the nature. Al Meskin was supported by both Drake Osila and Philip Woofnbark, the latter of which gave his endorsement in the hopes of expanding Crossoverian imperialism, which Al Meskin was against.

The debate happened on October 20. Haadhir Rochester made his comeback since the Primaries to oversee and moderate the debate between Al Meskin and Funnie. Rochester had allowed both candidates to make opening statements, with Al Meskin talking about preserving Crossoveria's identity while advocating for an Islamic theocracy and Funnie talking about the right to political freedoms and democracy. Unlike the Primary Debates, these debates featured other well-known people to give the questions to the candidates, which are Rostam Erdogan Turure (the President from 1997-2002) and Zak Sabre and Wheezi Ahr (the founders of Sabre-Ahr University).

The first question was directed at Al Meskin who was asked about his stance on the Treaty of Elmore and the general concern that Crossoveria and Cartoonia may return to conflict. Al Meskin denied wanting war, even stating that going to war would make Crossoveria look like "a fool". Funnie made a rebuttal against Al Meskin, stating that the treaty was meant to create a democratic government in the country. The second question was for Funnie, which claimed that he was "engaging in fraudulent activities" and a general concern for the rise of imperialism. Funnie denied any electoral fraud, saying "activities like these are never our doing", and even stating that fraud is not how democracies operate. Al Meskin rebutted against that, with the claim that the treaty would turn Crossoveria into a protectorate. The last question was about economics as a whole. Funnie stated his support for capitalism, despite accusations of being communist, while Al Meskin's plans for the economy was viewed by some as veering towards socialism. Closing statements would follow soon afterwards.

Foreign Stances

The Presidential Election was considered by many to be the most famous in Crossoverian history, particularly due to the amount of support the candidates got. While the level of public foreign support was small in the Primaries, when the Secondaries occurred, more endorsements and foreign stances came, which also included an open letter from one nation. The Final Election, however, oversaw the most foreign public support for these elections. Almost all of the foreign endorsements were directed towards Hamad bin Ahmad Al Meskin and his Theocratic Party. Meanwhile, Porkchop Funnie and the Anthro Party have been criticized fiercely for their views. Throughout all three levels of the elections, questions have been asked by other governments, with official responses given by Supreme Leader Rochester.

The Cartoonian government was seen by many as an observer of the elections. In the Primary Election, the Cartoonian government announced concern for the elections, but nonetheless still gave support for sitting President Woofler. In the Secondaries, they officially endorsed the Anthro and Casterman Parties, while being wary of the Theocratic Party and its agenda for the Treaty of Elmore. In the Final Presidential Election, they announced they were cutting ties due to Al Meskin's popularity. Aside from the Cartoonian government, the Primary Elections received only a handful of foreign support. One country gave support for the Casterman Party, and the Head Ambassador of another was inquiring about the elections, especially in regard to the stage presence of anthros, the advocacy for "true" equality, and alliances.

The Secondaries saw more foreign involvement. There were some countries who were in support of the Casterman Party, and some countries supported the Anthro Party. However, that party was the subject of criticism by many countries' governments. Another country criticized Kipper Woofler for alleged "hypocrisy" for trying to look like "a real representative of the people" while obtaining the least votes. However, out of all of these, the Theocratic Party was more popular because it was pushing more anti-imperialist views.

When the Final Election was announced, a wave of endorsements or reiterations of it were immediately given, all of it was directed to the Theocratic Party. However, the Theocratic Party was also beginning to receive criticism for its ultra-conservative Islamist agenda. But despite it's advocacy for an Islamic State, the Theocratic Party mostly received support for its anti-imperialist ideology. Support for Funnie remained very minimal, and Al Meskin continued to receive foreign support.

Countries which endorsed Al Meskin included: Mashreq, Wormfodder Delivery, Polish Prussian Commonwealth, Leidenschaftliche, Polska Rzeczpospolita Robotnicza, Bagong Luzon, Nationalist England, and Surrealist patagonia. Bagong Luzon's king, Ferdinand II, promised to give Al Meskin an honor should he win the election, making him the first Muslim Crossoverian President to win a foreign honor.


According to official statistics for the final result, out of 80 million eligible voters, the turnout was 90%.

On the morning of November 9, the Crossoverian Election Committee announced the results after the polls closed the day before. The polls revealed that Hamad bin Ahmad Al Meskin has won the election with 66% of the vote, totaling an estimated 47,520,000 votes for him. Porkchop Funnie had just 34% of the vote, with an estimated 24,480,000 votes for him.

Domestic Reactions

  • Crossoveria's Supreme Leader, Waldemar Rochester, welcomed the results, saying "Al Meskin's victory in the election will bring our country to a brighter future."

  • Sitting President Kipper Woofler, publicly stated that while he did not agree with Al Meskin's agenda, he was going to accept the loss anyway. He left office on January 9, being replaced by Al Meskin.

  • Former Presidents Rostam Ergodan Turure and Hefas Altkahar publicly gave their congratulations to Al Meskin, with Altkahar saying "Al Meskin's determination not to be under the hand of imperialism is what makes him a good leader. I hope his Presidency will lead his nation to greatness!"

  • DCSP band leader Dashi criticized the results, and denounced Al Meskin for his Islamist ideology and expressing concern for worse human rights.

  • Popular poet ThatPoetGuyAbbas congratulated Al Meskin in an interview in December 2021.

International Reactions

  • Bagong Luzon: The government of Bagong Luzon congratulated Al Meskin, who was awarded with the Order of San Lorenzo Ruiz de Manila award, which was upgraded to Grand Cross

  • Surrealist patagonia: Leader Le Patron Konrad Svoboda congratulated Al Meskin, in the hopes that the elections can build better relations between Crossoveria and Patagonia, as well as the movement for anti-imperialism.

  • Wormfodder Delivery: The WDS congratulated Al Meskin in the hopes of better business opportunities under Al Meskin's presidency.

  • Mashreq: The Minister of Foreign Affairs Abaas el-Farrah congratulated Al Meskin in the hopes of building better relations between the two countries.

  • Polska Rzeczpospolita Robotnicza: Minister of Foreign Affairs Władysław Stankowski congratulated Al Meskin, and advised the party to keep its anti-imperialist stance in tact.

Al Meskin has also received congratulations on social media.

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