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Basic Facts (aka RP info)

Full name: The Unified Tracts of Elejamie (as "Tracts" are essentially the Elejamian version of states, provinces, cantons or whatever you call it)
Foreign Names: Elejamia (Spanish), Elejam ("ah-lah-YEHM") (Iyilim)
Motto: "Inimicum quamvis humilem metuendum est" ("An enemy, however small, is to be feared")
Currency: Sofanc (plural sofanc) - Ꞅ (goes before the number, so it's Ꞅ000). Comes in notes of 1, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100. Ꞅ2 notes stopped being made in 2004 and ceased being legal tender in 2017.
Denomination: Pense (plural pensin) - ᶈ (goes after number, i.e. 00ᶈ). Comes as coins of 5, 10, 20, 50. 1ᶈ coins stopped being made in 1992 and ceased being legal tender in 1999.
Leader: The Select Council of Elejamie (aka The Select Council, TSC). Will be replaced by a proper president in 2018.
National Anthem: A Hymn for Elejamie / Himno del Elejamia / Elejam Him -
Languages: English, Spanish (primarily spoken in the southeast of the country) and Iyilim (primarily spoken in the Elephant Isles and Rosetta). Due to the Brazilian diaspora in Elejamie (which totals to about 215,000), Portuguese is unofficially considered to be the fourth language.
Population:: ~11.5 million (Elejamie mainland; estimate), ~650,000 (Rosetta), ~145,000 (Bruirn), 0 (Kruhl), 0 (New Sark) - 2019 Census (numbers increased due to retcon)
Size: 10,452km^2 (Elejamie mainland), 643km^2 (Rosetta), 46.8km^2 (Bruirn), 15.9km^2 (Kruhl), 13km^2 (New Sark)
Capital City: Coventry
Military: N/A (active); 419,500 (Reserve)*
Coast Guard: 3,300 (active); 9,450 (Reserve)
Map: I'll make a new one at some point, I never really liked that old one anyway.
Technology: Modern, although a bit of FanT might slip in every now and then.
Do I Use NS Stats/Economy/etc.?: Yes and no. Although most of my IC info is what I say it is (i.e. the population, the exchange rate and military size), there are a few moments where I will use NS stats; for example, tourism being the biggest industry here.

* The EDPC (Elejamie Defence and Protection Corps) are only active in the event of war or humanitarian missions. Due to Elejamie's neutrality, the former is quite rare, although members do have to take a week-long training course every three months to refresh their skills. The Elejamian Armed Response Unit (EARU) is practically a combination of a gendarmarie and SWAT, but they're more a police wing than an official part of the army (although some EARU members have served as part of the EDPC). The Elejamie Coast Guard (ECG) are the only military-like organisation to remain active throughout the year.

(Please let me know if the symbols I use don't show up on your computer, mobile phone or tablet. Also, feel free to TG me if there's anything I should add here)