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Vote FOR General Assembly Proposal "End Collective Punishment"

Official Voting Recommendation

Proposal Title: End Collective Punishment
Category: Civil Rights
Strength: Significant
Proposed By: The forest of aeneas
Purpose: A resolution to improve worldwide human and civil rights.

Our Recommendation

The Ministry hereby recommends that all WA nations vote FOR the current General Assembly proposal at-vote.

Rationale & Analysis

This well-written proposal provides protections to people who are targeted as the byproduct of the crimes of others. These cases of Collective Punishment often are dealt with unfair biases towards innocent individuals due to their affiliation with opposing groups. While the initially submitted draft had major loopholes, the author’s revised proposa​​l has corrected these oversights and provides essential protections to the innocent.

As such, Ministry leadership has directed Kethania to vote FOR “End Collective Punishment” and we encourage all WA member nations within the Bloc to do the same.

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