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Other Countries

T O D a e L y e o

Other Countries

United Nations

The 195 countries on Earth seem to be united under the name of the UN, but the reality is that each country is acting independently according to its interests.

Since humans entered space, Earth's nations have never had a common goal until Arachnis appeared, and in most cases, countries have acted with different goals. However, as far as the Arachnis problem is concerned, the nations of the earth act together with a common goal.

As the war between Dae Lyeo and Arachnis began, Earth's nations began to worry that Arachnis would destroy Dae Lyeo and invade Earth. Earth's nations temporarily consolidated their fleets under the command of UN peacekeepers and began to provide supplies and funding to Dae Lyeo.

Republic of Procyia

The Republic of Procyia is a successful country with brokerage trade. They avoided conflict with neighboring countries as much as possible, maintained smooth diplomatic relations, and traded with each other.

The advent of Arachnis was a negative variable for Procyia. Procyia was not happy with the shrinking trade of galaxies due to fears of war and invasion, so she began to fully support Dae Lyo in the hope that the war would end soon. However, Procyia does not lend resources to Dae Lyo free of charge. Procyia supports Dae Lyeo by calculating the economic benefits of the war.

Republic of Wolna

The Republic of Wolna is a famous military power in the galaxy. They have built up their military capabilities by fighting nearby pirates and rogue states. They have provided Dae Lyeo with supplies for the war but recently decided to join the war directly on his side.


Arachnis is an interstellar civilization with space navigation technology, a race similar to reptiles.

Arachnis race lives with mechanical legs attached to the body and uses weapons attached to the machine legs in combat. Arachnis race uses mechanical legs for almost everything they do, from machine operation to spacecraft control.

It is not known in detail why Arachnis attacks humans. Although Arachnis eats human flesh, it is not clear why Arachnis attacks humans because Arachnis has other nutritional means, and Arachnis refuses to negotiate with humans. We can only assume that Arachnis hates mammalian species and treats them like pests.

Arachnis maintains an overwhelming population over humans and overcomes technological inferiority in combat by numerical advantage. As a result of anatomy and observation, they seem to have their own social and discipline, as they are creatures with their own egos and have their own chain of command. It is also assumed that they have their own culture.

Despite the last 20 years of war, not much is known about the Arachnis race. Therefore, scientists are using Arachnis prisoners to conduct various studies, but so far, research has been slow.

For humans, Arachnis is a scary thing. But humans will either defeat Arachnis, win the war, or find a way to stop him from attacking humans, and they will win the battle against Arachnis, just as they have won the battle against cancer, disease, and viruses over the past few hundred years.