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-CLOSED- Countyball drawing - Ice cream

Uh hi Iím bored
I doing a Countryball drawing now Ig yay just ask to join in the board or via telegram
Ex -
Note - I donít have access to imugur so itíll be posted on ĎPixilartí :D

Opened for 1 HOUR after announced

- The Solus - mint chocolate ice cream - innocent happy face
- ETopiAna - chocolate ice cream - normal face
-Harjanika - chocolate ice cream that looks like a microphone - happy face
- Raskana - vanilla ice cream - smug smile
- Macrasetia -triple scoop of vanilla, strawberry and chocolate with a spoon stuck in a bowl + a spoon - happy face
- The Socialist Dictatorship of Potatostan - potato ice cream - regular expression

The Empire of The Solus