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Orbital Bombardment Weapon

We have started development on the Orbital Bombardment Weapon (OBiWan). It will drop a massive, dense, and heavy metal bullets towards its target, causing an enormous explosion. The bullets will be sourced by rockets.

The OBiWan Satellites are each equipped with two launchers, capable of holding, spreading, and launching 10 bullets each.

The Lunar Testing
We secretly launched a miniature OBiWan Satellite towards the moon. Its purpose is to test out the explosive capabilities of the OBiWan.
Results: Successful

The Venus Testing
An OBiWan Satellite was deployed on the orbit of Venus. Its purpose is to test the capability of the bullet piercing through thick atmospheres.
Results: Nominal, bullet traversed 10-20km below the top of the atmosphere.

The Martian Mission
Multiple OBiWan Satellite units are deployed on the Martian orbit. The mission is to test mass bombardment on a relatively similar soil to Earth's. The mission is led by the Head of Space-Time Sciences Iplier* Kyouma.
Results: [[REDACTED]]

*pronounced ee-plea-err