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Star Systems Controlled by the Machine Empire [IOC RP]

Name: Cluster Prime
Description: It serves as the capital and largest landmass of the great Machine Empire. It has three artificial moons, and is located 15 lightyears from Planet 9 in the Cluster Star System. The planet was artificially created via the use of nanotechnology and advanced terraforming capabilities by the Cluster Hivemind which originated from the area on Planet 9 previously known as "Japan." The capital city is Robotropolis. It is currently the only planet in the Cluster Star System. The population is currently 500+ million.

Name: Solaris Prime
Description: The main power source of the great Machine Empire and the only star in the Cluster Star System. The Cluster uses Dyson bubbles to tap the star of its energy and harness it to fuel itself and its expansion. It is protected by a powerful ion shield along with numerous robotic satellites which act as barriers to protect the sun from outside harm.