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Froggy Daily News: Princess Reissechi Yuri Condemns Facebook, Twitter, Tiktok as "Fascist", Bans Them

Princess Reissechi Yuri Condemns Facebook, Twitter, Tiktok as "Fascist", Bans Them
Misha Rei Yurihowr
May 13, 2022

SHYUBI DASCHIME - High Princess Reissechi Yuri has condemned Facebook, Twitter, Tiktok, Instagram and other social media networks as "fascist" in a speech yesterday.

In a press conference on May 12, 2022, Princess Reissechi Yuri unveils her latest writing "The People's Struggle Against Fascist Disinformation and Fake News" in which she exposes disinformation and fake news as part of the newest tools of fascists in their quest to destroy socialism.

Princess Reissechi Yuri commands the Feyris proletariat to struggle against fascist disinformation, fake news and the social media sphere as part of the struggle of the people of Feyrisshire against bourgouis hegemony, and cites this as reason to uphold and reaffirm the ban against foreign social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Tiktok.

She tells that Facebook, Twitter, Tiktok and Instagram are the newest weapons in the fascist and imperialist arsenal, and that the aforementioned social media networks are owned by fascists and imperialists adding "The fascist bourgouisie and the imperialists have long owned Facebook, Twitter, Tiktok and other social media networks, and are using this to spread fascism and imperialism!".

She cites the recent attempts of Elon Musk to purchase Twitter as proof "Elon Musk, a parasitic fascist bourgouisie and an imperialist will use Twitter to spread fascist and imperialist execrable thought on the proletariat!".

Princess Reissechi Yuri then cites all of this as proof of the correctness of the previous policy of the Great Firewall of Feyrisshire, in which foreign social media networks and websites are blocked by this humongous firewall, and reiterates that there would be no further attempts to open up more to the foreign Internet.

However, Princess Reissechi Yuri also warns of dogmatic isolationism, and orders that the Feyris Intranet IT infrastructure should be further improved and be built up with a more vibrant Intranet culture and ecosystem "However, the revolutionary proletarian Intranet should be built up to be more cheerful and colorful, as to blind the filth of fascist thought with the Bright Light of Communism!".

Observers however note that there is no mention of VPNs in Princess Reissechi Yuri's speech, which is strange as she had not squirmed from talking about the topic before.

In recent years, VPNs have grown to be an important part of the Feyris network ecosystem, due to the fact that they occupy a gray space in Feyris internet laws.

Feyris Internet laws does not ban VPNs outright and explicitly deems them to be legal, but VPN users are often harassed according to reports, and VPNs are often confiscated or fined despite their so-called legality.

Some Internet users worry that Princess Reissechi Yuri's speech will mark a turn-around in which VPNs would be further restricted, or be banned outright.

Rika Yurika, a 14-year old Internet user in Puraggawsen City and an avid fan of social media said "I hope they do not ban VPNs outright, as without them we will not be able to access foreign media websites."

People are still waiting from the Hall of Internet for clarification if there would be a change in regards to the policy to VPNs.