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Canonical NS Policies

Canonical NS Policies
The following are all the NationStates policies considered canon and practised within the extent of the law of the Koninkrijk der Bataven.
This list may be updated later in the future.
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Monarchy - The special status of a royal family is enshrined in law.

Devolution - Government power is substantially delegated to local authorities.

Public Protest - The right to unfettered public protest is enshrined in law.

Pledge of Allegiance - The daily singing of an anthem or reciting of a pledge is compulsory in schools.

Proportional Representation - Votes translate linearly to elected representation, with no seats or electoral college.

Term Limits - Elected representatives must leave office after a legally mandated amount of time.


Marriage Equality - Citizens of the same sex may marry.

Sex Education - School-age children receive mandatory sex education.

Law & Order

Capital Punishment - Citizens may be executed only for the most heinious and utterly despicable crime(s).

Conscription - A brief period of military service is compulsory for all citizens.


Capitalism - Private industry is permitted within a market-based economy.

Maternity Leave - Mothers of newborn children received paid leave from employment.

Universal Health Care - The state provides health care to all citizens.

Nuclear Power - The nation is nuclear powered.

Metricism - The state mandates the use of the metric system.


Weapons of Mass Destruction - The nation claims the legal right to use WMDs.

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