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The Official Just Relax Iceberg


Welcome to the official Just Relax Iceberg! My name is Cokoland and today I am going to be showing you a couple of things from the region of Just relax, a relatively small region with lots of interesting history behind it. These things range from memes to events and other stuff that happened in Just Relax and are going to be ranked from most known to most obscure on an iceberg chart. More stuff will be added to the iceberg as time goes on, so be sure to check often for more changes.

What is an Iceberg Chart?

I'll try to make this as short as possible, for most of you who don't know what an Iceberg Chart is, it's basically a list where the most well known things about something lay on the top of the iceberg while the most obscure stuff stays at the bottom, sort of like a tier list.

Credits and subcategories

Before I begin, firstly I'd like to thank The Dream of Kirby for making the Callista + Friends Iceberg which was an inspiration for this iceberg and I'd suggest everyone who doesn't know about the Callista Iceberg that after they're done reading this factbook to go check out Kirby's Iceberg as well since it's really good. The iceberg will be linked at the end of the factbook. I would also like to thank The Gold Mines for giving me suggestions to add on the iceberg. Secondly, I thought it would be a really good idea to add to four subcategories to the iceberg for two reasons, the first reason is to make the iceberg a bit more interesting and the second reason is to make sure that anyone who reads this that isn't familiar to Just Relax will be able to navigate through the iceberg more easily without feeling lost. These four categories are:

RMB posts, Events/Occurrences, Nations/Regions and Other.

All four of them will be explained down below.

RMB posts, Events/Occurences and Nations/Regions: Self-explanatory

Other (Black & white): stuff that doesn't fit in any of the three categories above.

Now that we're done, let's begin shall we?

The deep dive




- 2nd year anniversary, Old recruitment telegrams, Yuri Padochi, Gaccu, The Shiny Gold Mines and Gold have been added.

- There is snow in Just Relax has been removed. (due to it being filler)

- Uhay's chevy has been changed to Pere's chevy.

Additional Links

Callista + Friends Iceberg (inspiration for this iceberg): here