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The Lore of The Slide Countries [IN UNIVERSE]

This is an extremely first-level account of how the Sliding planet operates. (OOC: Please feel free to clarify or expand this dispatch into more detailed accounts)

The Slide Countries is a global-nation (a full planet under one nation). It is a loose confederation of sorts, with the consituent states being able to pass their own laws and be incredibly different, while still having to obey the laws of the Assembly.

The Assembly is a regional body which passes laws binding to all member states. It is currently disfunctional, due to the passage of an act that suspends it. It is elected by the people

The Slide Court is the ultimate court. Decisions made by it are final, and have major impacts on the law, especially at the federal level.

The President and his Cabinet are the executive branch of government. They are elected directly by the people. (The Cabinet is a party system, where the party, not a candidate, runs.)

The Slide planet has one major continent, as well as some huge islands. Other than that, the planet is an ocean. The continent is named Lakamia, and the great ocean Lakamika.

The gravity is around 0.93 G's, and a day is 28 hours, while a year is 321 days, with a leap day being added every 7 years.

There are other planets, and some of them have human life as well. However, we are currently unable to reach them because we haven't figured out a way to pass the speed of light.

For some reason, our nukes are able to pass this barrier. Also, when starships occasionally do come along, beware zombies.