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OOC Comentary

A note from everyone's favourite pineapple!:
Now i founded Roylaii only in 2019 and it isn't my oldest, that honour goes to Valariai founded all the way back in... 2017 (it cte for quite a while). So i haven't been here an extraordinary amount of time like some folks i have met. Still, its coming up on 3 years now (for Roylaii that is) and i thought (mostly for my own sake) to leave a small commentary on Roylaii.

The Name
Royal, but move the L and add some iis. Knowing takes a bit of the mystique away doesn't it?

The Flag
Cool flag innit? goes with the French theme of Roylaii. I've been through a bunch of flags but this was my first custom and I've settled back with it.

Damn this is going to be a big one...
I can't for the life of me remember which Pacific i was founded in, its just been too long.
I can, however, tell you my first non-feeder region: Ryoku. Lovely little region founded by Raskuissau, i served as its delegate for 300 days (I'm very proud of this fact lol). Rododendeedron for a long time was the only other resident with me and the founder so it wasn't massively successful...
Next up was the Pollonian Union. Founded by the almighty Cordonshur i was there for 196 days and delegate for 193 of those days. Had a regional map and everything. I'm not going to put in the other members (it actually had people!) because i don't want to have to look at all the little grave stones from nations passed.
Actually merged Pollonia with the next region, The Confederation of Nations, founded by the brilliant Gympieland, i served a whopping 5 consecutive terms as President (again, very proud) with my trusty Vice-President Yaamitan. There for 275 days i could never seem to get its membership consistently above 20 but it was fun, lots of elections too.
I joined the RP region Terra Alterna founded by Oksadya where i joined as Union Australasia. Met some great folks there, shout-out to Royalist Deyest (one of the few still around...).
I got recruited out of Terra by New Bradfordsburg, the founder of Declansburg. A large and prosperous region I was recruited in Janurary but didn't get fully involved until about mid February. I wrote vast swathes of legislation on the courts and law for the region and from April 1st i served as the region's Inaugural Attorney-General but resigned at the end of the month and left on reasonable terms following a internal government dispute.
I ended up in Aros Elyium a lovely region founded by Rantarod. I currently reside there and hope to for some time. Formerly one of the three constitutionally mandated Judges, Now the WA Delegate/Senior Official. i hope to continue serving the region for as long as they will have me.

You can find all that in the other factbooks. Happy reading i guess...