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Caer Sidi Broadcasting Service (Volume 19)

May '22
Volume Nineteen

The Caer Sidi Broadcasting Service
The Official Newsletter of Caer Sidi

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Caer Sidi turns five - A milestone anniversary
by Queen AyniaAynia Moreaux

Caer Sidi is turning FIVE! Kicking off May 21st (Ayu's birthday!) through the 24th, Caer's discord will feature a special 'Happy Birthday Caer Sidi' category towards the top of the server. The theme of our birthday celebration this year is 'Masquerade'. There will be a masquerade ball lite role play channel with a place to show off your outfits, an arts and crafts booth where you can design your very own masquerade mask, a movie night with Phantom of the Opera, and a masquerade themed music night!

Everyone is invited to join us by following this link to our Linkdiscord. We're very excited to celebrate our fifth year and look forward to many more awesome years to come!

Full House - New Appointments complete Government
by Kresh Nagar

With appointments of both a Master of Whispers and a Lord of Autumn, Caer Sidi has fully filled all position within the regional government for the first time since the regional restructuring in late March.

The position of Lord of Autumn, the leader of The Autumnal Court, the independent military of Caer Sidi, was granted to Sadako Yamamura on the 22nd of March, leading to operations being resumed. TAC has already participated in several joint undertakings since.

The last of the Masters, the Master of Whisper, responsible for Caer Sidis foreign policy, was added to the executive on the 21st of April. The position was granted to long-time citizen Kry (Fabulas Oblivione Delebitur) who has previously served in Ministerial positions under the Taoiseach system.

With all government positions filled, Caer Sidi should finally return to regular operation.

A Roleplay Expose
by Aynia Moreaux

Role play is picking up again in Caer Sidi! With the appointment of our new Oracle, Granger, plans have begun on how to revitalize the canon role play as well as expand on the lore of CS. In his capacity as Oracle, Granger says about his time so far:

"[s]Ayu, the appointment happened months ago[/s] :P

Anyways, she's quite right! I'm the new Oracle of Caer Sidi, a very respectable role if I do say so myself, and as you may already know, my position is to basically handle all things Roleplay. Granger's my alias, but there might be a chance that you know me better through some of my NationStates... The Hyrulean Princessdom might be one of them, Tsarstvo Alyaski might be another.

So me, the Seasonal Queen and of course, my oh so helpful Clerics are working pretty hard in adding a bit of new life to the Canon Roleplay. I'm sure Ayu will tell you more, but the main focus is to basically make things more laid out and easy to access. For instance, I'm working to make a lore dump thread which will act as a beginner's guide of sorts. Also, we're working on making the Chaosium more of a thing with multiple different things, such as "Warlords" and two other locations where there are going to be portals to the Chaos Warren that can be opened across the Warren, not just Aimsir.
So yes, we have a few plans here and there, and I can't wait to work with Aynia and the Clerics to try and implement them!

Along with the canon role play, we have two non canon role plays,
'Forced "Rebirth" on Pokhapel Archipelago' and 'Architects of Creation'.

Pokhapel's description reads:

'The "Cursed" Archipelago has struck again! Many a traveler has once more strayed too close to the lands of Pokhapel and has been subsequently trapped and transformed into Pocket Monsters with little hope of returning home and reverting to their usual self... Explore the mysterious Archipelago, discover it's secrets, meet friendly and not-so-friendly faces and perhaps discover a way to return to Human form and return home eventually. But most importantly, enjoy your forced holiday in the Pokhapel Archipelago!', while Architects of Creation's description reads: 'Play as one of the gods of a new world, an architect of creation itself!'

Granger is the moderator for Pokhapel and when asked to describe what the role play was about and how it was going replied:

"Ah yes, the one of two NCRP's!
So, if you don't know, on the CS Forums themselves some people; if interested in doing so and gain the approval of the almighty Seasonal Queen or rather myself, can create full on roleplays for people to join, and enjoy. NCRP stands for "Non Canonical Roleplay" by the way, which means that whatever's created there has absolutely no link to the Canon RP! The holdfasts, the Queensland, the Chaosium etc. etc.

The one run by your's truly is called "Forced "Rebirth" on Pokhapel Archipelago" and, to put it simply is a amateur game of Pokémon Mystery Dungeon, with a twist... You're not the only player! There's more to it than that, but if you know what the Mystery Dungeon games are, you're already seven eights' of the way to understanding it. If you don't know what they are, then the premise is that you're a random person who lands on an unknown landmass transformed into a Pokémon.
Anyways, we're always open to new blood joining [s]especially since only around four other people are there currently and more would help a lot[/s] * ahem *, so if you are interested, feel free to check it out! That is, if you are a CS Courtier themselves."

Architects of Creation is a role play created and moderated by Lil la Luna. It allows players to become a god in a new world, shaping things and gaining influence. One of the prominent players in the role play, Jazzy, decided to give a statement on their involvement in the role play:

"Architects of Creation is as much a practice in worldbuilding as it is a roleplay (RP). For anyone familiar with the canon RP of Caer Sidi it has a very similar feel about it in that you create something, a holdfast in the case of the canon RP but a world in the case of Architects, and fill it with more details as you go. Now, as an enthusiastic worldbuilder and roleplayer, this of course was right up my alley from the very beginning and I joined the thing as quickly as I could.

It's so far lived up to expectation and I'm having a great time dishing out all kinds of weird creations into the world we've created together as players. As you're playing an “Architect”, a kind of deific being, you get all the usual trappings of odd pantheons and their creations. We've got some nature-focused peeps, magic gods of various kinds, eldritch beings and more. Seeing all the things people create is really inspiring and it's fun watching the themes emerge. People have so many fun ideas and at least I have been able to expand my own creative horizons thanks to seeing what everyone else is doing.

With all that said, I will admit the roleplaying aspects of the RP are so far still just on the runway. In a similar way to many other worldbuilding-focused RPs the creating part has taken precedent, but I'm hoping we'll be able to have more interactions as time goes on and people get more ideas on what they want to do. I know in many similar RPs I've taken part it's been largely thanks to player-to-player initiatives that the RP part has really taken off, so hopefully we'll see more of that in the future!

In conclusion I think Architects is a really fun time, and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to get their creative juices flowing a bit. If you have that need to create things and just don't know where or how to start, pop on by and have a look at what everyone else has been doing. There's a whole world out there waiting and we would love to see you take part in shaping it!"

We look forward to even more active non canon role plays, and are excited to see what the future holds for our canon storyline!

Citizen of the month:
by CSBS Staff

Despite being a fairly recent addition to the region, Pan has quickly established himself as a positive and active presence in the regional discord, frequently contributing to friendly conversation and a welcoming atmosphere. Further, he has already joined the clerics, the volunteers introducing interested newcomers to Caer Sidis RP. We hope that he will continue to bring his company and effort to Caer!

Our Team

Tenurium (Kresh Nagar)

Aynia Moreaux (Aynia Moreaux)

Want to become a journalist for Caer Sidi Broadcasting Service? That's wonderful and we would love to have you as a part of our team! Telegram Kresh Nagar or DM Tenurium#5264 on LinkDiscord for more details!