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SC resolution Repeal: "Condemn the Black Hawks"

Security Council Vote Recommendation

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Resolution at Vote: Repeal: "Condemn the Black Hawks"
Vote Recommendation: No Recommendation

Resolution Analysis
This proposal seeks to repeal the first Commend of the Black Hawks [SC#52] for a variety of reasons. Specifically, the author cites the "self-condemnation" nature of their target, the vague references to what should be very concrete and measurable efforts (numbers of hits), and the fact that this resolution's repeal would not "erase history", thus refuting a prominent point against the resolution.

While we may understand the point and the argument of this, we cannot support it. The main reason for this is not some paean to the repeal--replace standards of the Security Council or some high-minded notion about historical preservation of Security Council Resolutions. Instead, our lack of support comes from a place of recognizing history itself. We cannot support a Resolution that chips away at our understanding of history until a resolution bettering that understanding is on offer.

On the other hand, we agree that large portions of the target's writing are unsatisfactory, sloppy, and unnecessarily vague. We, being at least in some measure as Security Council critics historians, would prefer not to have the history we remember be so tied up in popular memory and in that way, a repeal of this Resolution would not just be preferable, it would be advisable to service better, more detailed historical memory. This all leads to a quandary with only one satisfactory answer.

For the above reasons, the Ministry of World Assembly issues No Recommendation on the Security Council Resolution at vote, "Repeal: 'Condemn the Black Hawks'" and instead encourages our residents to keep our points in mind when choosing a stance for themselves.

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