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May Featured Warden: Cynder


News from TGW:
  • Preparations for the 2022 Defender Olympics and other events have hit full swing as the annual hosting time for Libcord-wide competition grows near.

  • Merni was promoted to Warden-Lieutenant with a hungry attitude for detags after over a year of excellent service in TGW–be sure to stop by and say congrats!

Featured Warden: Cynder

Warden Cynder, previously known as Melody, is one of our oldest and longest-standing Wardens. Having joined the Order in late 2016 after switching out of raiderdom due to disillusionment with their faction, they've been one of several remaining people from our earliest era. In this featured Warden publication, Lieutenant Moon talks with them about their history, switch to defending, and some operations they played a role in during their early months.

May's Featured Warden
The Unknown Army

General Information


Melody (formerly), Cynder

Joined NS

January 6, 2012

Joined TGW

December 15, 2016

Senior Warden

December 15 2016 - Present

Rank Attained

Early 2017

Cynder: Hi everyone, I am Cynder, I am a Senior Warden in TGW!

Moon: Thanks for giving me your time of the day, Cynder! When and how did you first find out about NationStates?

Cynder: I encountered the site out of sheer accident while browsing WWII history on Google. I made my first nation on January 6th 2012, it was a snow day from school and I spent the entire day exploring NS, haha.

Moon: What made you join TGW?

Cynder: I genuinely wanted a different change in pace from the years of role playing and raiding I have done prior. That and I like the culture and atmosphere of TGW more than I do most places.

Moon: Oooh, I didn't know that you were a raider first. How was it like?

Cynder: Honestly, it was fun, I been doing it since nearly the beginning of my time on NS. I done a little bit of everything in raiding from grunt work to triggering, some mercenary work thrown in there too. I started out in Whitereach back in late 2012, later rode with some major factions, led my own, then finished the last bit of my raiding days as a commander in TWPAF near the final quarter of 2016. I do miss raiding, but I never liked the politics and general attitude of many raider orgs.

Moon: That's fair, some raider rhetorics do feel kind of too caustic for my liking >_>

Moon: What's the best memory you had during the time you've spent here? Your biggest regret?

Cynder: My first couple of months with the Wardens were some amazing memories, when I was actively in voice calls and had a bigger role in chasing taggers, I actually felt belonged and I don't feel that often. The siege on Femdom Empire was an unforgettable and fun experience for me for sure, despite the circumstances behind that fiasco. My biggest regret is definitely not being as active as I could have been throughout the years, but you know how life is.

Moon: As someone who's new to this game, what exactly happened in Femdom Empire? I've heard it get mentioned by old peeps a couple of times, but I'm not actually aware of the details or anything.

Cynder: It was a very loooong and brutal battleground between CAIN and various fash forces over a radical misandrist region whose founder (Empress Jadny) was DoS'd for repulsive inappropriate behavior in public, it sadly did not end in our favor but it didn't end in theirs neither as Jadny was backstabbed by a rogue raider supposedly playing both sides of the fence.

I could be here all day explaining the events leading up to the final showdown and the showdown itself, there was an endless of amount of controversy surrounding the whole ordeal. Hell I was an envoy from the Empire of Friendship and I had a bird's eye view in FEMDOM Nation's Discord during its war with KAISERREICH and that is a story of itself. In all my years being on NationStates, with everything that I seen and believe me I nearly seen it all, nothing was quite interesting and downright surreal as the Femdom Empire fiasco... Regardless of the outcome, I enjoyed it, not just because it was the show that never ended, but because I was very active in TGW and I met many amazing people including legends from The MT Army.

Cynder: That whole thing happened in the end of 2016 and early 2017, by the way. A long time ago now.

Moon: Ooh, that does sound really interesting! It's kinda horrifying to imagine fascists being that powerful/competent nowadays, so good riddance for that.

Moon: Moving on, is there any particular thing that you've experienced in NS that impacted how you play this game greatly, or made you think really hard about something?

Cynder: Not really, the switch to the Wardens was a massive change for me, as I was used to raiding for years, but it wasn't motivated by any thought provoking experience other than the Wardens were good people and I wanted to do something differently.

Moon: That's fair. Thanks for giving me your time of the day! Is there anything you'd like to say to bring this interview to an end?

Cynder: Well, I just wanna say to the Wardens reading this that I am sorry for not being as active as I could be.

Moon: D: it's really not your fault for life getting in your way.

Cynder: Eh, yeah true that...

Moon: Anyway, we’re all done here. Once again, thanks for giving me your time of the day and really sorry to bother you about this!

Cynder: It's alright, honestly it makes me nervous to do those things.

Moon: Fair, that's a mood XD