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Delegate Opening Address

Opening Address
From the office of the Delegacy
May 4, 2022

Greetings Europeians!

It is with great pleasure that I stand before you today as the official delegate of Europeia. Two nights ago at the major update, I ascended into the gameside role following Primorye Oblast's resignation from the World Assembly. Right now, I am at 269 endorsements, which is just a couple shy of Primís total before the transition. Iíd like to give a couple of special shout-outs. Firstly, to Prim, whose support, advice, and guidance were key to my ascendancy. He's had a wonderful term as delegate, and I thank him for his service. Iíd also like to thank the Europeian Republican Navy for their assistance in aiding in this rapid transition and in bringing me to endorsement levels roughly matching Primís before this transition. Lastly, I would once again like to also thank President Writinglegend for my nomination. I am truly grateful for this opportunity to serve the region, and I canít give enough thanks to everyone who supported me on this journey here.

I am still working with others on updating our World Assembly resources to reflect the transition. We have started communication with admins to make this happen, and a lot of the work has been done. I would also like to announce my new deputy delegate: Mancheseva City. It seems natural that heíd be the best choice for the position, given his extensive experience in the World Assembly and his current status as the nation with the second-highest amount of endorsements. I have no doubts that he will be a reliable partner in ensuring the fulfillment of the delegacyís responsibilities, should I need any assistance.

There are two big objectives essential to maintaining a successful delegacy: maintaining high endorsement levels and coordinating to lodge WA votes/approvals in a timely manner. I plan on continuing my practice of daily endorsement, telegramming with new WA members, and maintaining consistent communication with the WA Ministry and President to ensure that these objectives are fulfilled. But beyond these core priorities, I want to have a visible presence on the gameside. I firmly believe that thereís a unique value to having members of our forum community interacting with our gameside residents. Fortunately, our players on the forums have already been doing a remarkable job at being present on the RMB.

Here's to a successful term!

Best wishes,

Le Libertia