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Olympics Currently being held in Handel City

The Refugi Regional Olympics is being held in Handel City, Kurtz.

"Handel City has always been where my family goes to watch sports," says Talmonian Phelps Frank, resident of nearby city Kinseyburg. "I never thought it would reach the international stage, a city in my very own state, but I was pleasantly suprised."

"I love Handel City," says tourist Asher Vegas, from Sylh Alanor. "The food is really good and there's lots for us to do," adds her wife, Magnolia Vegas.

Sports include swimming, gymnastics, soccer, tennis, athletics, volleyball, weightlifting, and a marathon.

Participating states include Aephony, Araine, Azelandia, Bodhisat, Ceasthasi, Chacapoya, Chatula, Daesonsemon, Delta Vega IV, Dyllonia, Floofybit, Honeydewistania, Hoqeallistan, Inaros OPA, Liphia, Loki Lafeyson, Melenavenia, Minkyiv, Nydelig, Pangeodrea, Polushia, Porthosia, Portmanteau, Refuge Isle, Remnants of the Pacific, Sylh Alanor, Test Country2, The Star Enpire, Tovenia, Typica, Vananatu, Vikoland, and Yondoria