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The Democratic BLOC's Situation, Join and Endorse The Hurricane

Democratic BLOC is on its knees, begging for us; The raiders of the region, to not be killed.

"Once upon a time, not too long ago, this region was a haven for a nation controlled by a user who committed awful, disgusting acts, and used the region to lure others into his trap. Now, it has been turned to ashes and rubble, burned to the ground. Let it be a message to all others that if you mess with one of us, you face the wrath of all of us:"


A few weeks ago, or maybe one; The Founder was confirmed to be a groomer, I will not reveal the identity of the victim for his privacy.
This led to various cases and ended up in a situation where TDB Department of Administration ended up CTE'd, leaving the region in an even probability of being raided or be spared, it depended on luck.

The region ended up occupied between the raiders; whose are below.

I was called into the mission, ordered to endorse Avalon, things changed when Hurricane became the Delegate instead, most were agaisnt him, but a fair hand from an experienced player will help, as they say.

Then came Idinist Imauggland, which was supported by the raiders, gosh, and here comes this propaganda.


The raiders;

The Galactic Union of Nations

The Great Universe

The Great Storm

The Free Bloc

The Commonwealth of Militant Realms

White Hawks

The Official United Nations

South African Union

The Limerick soviet


The North Eastern Pacific

They must be thanked, and credited for this heroic action agaisnt TDB, whose fate has to be sealed, permanently, and absolutely.
The United States of The Democratic Republic of Avalon
The Democratic States of The Great Universe
The Republic of The Hurricane
The Republic of Agent of GUN
The Republic of White Hawks Invader 2
The Republic of King Islesian Battalion 1
The Ultimate Empire of Idinist Imauggland
The United Kingdom of Dominisiace
The Supreme Commander of Lily of Sweeze