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Eco-Report May 2022

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New Councillor of Culture, new eco-report!

For those new to our region and wondering what this is, Refugia Eco-Reports are a requirement put on the Councillor of Culture by RRS 6(c)(i) to update the region on our progress on reaching the environmental goals outlined in the RRS, these being:

12. The Region defines the goals for both its Members and the Region collectively in the following ways:

a. Reach an average Environmental Beauty score of 1,100 on or before December 31, 2021, and maintained thereafter.

b. Reach an average Eco-Friendliness score of 3,200 on or before December 31, 2021, and maintained thereafter.

Here's the report covering February 2022-April 2022.




There are two main pieces of data for our eco-report: eco-friendliness, and environmental beauty.


We had a dip in our overall eco-friendliness in March, dropping to a low of 1794.04 on the 4th, and maintaining around that level for most of the month. This is probably due to a surge in new members, however we have since recovered over April and dropping slightly towards the end of the month. At the end of April we were sitting at 2034.83, which is very close to our position just before the big drop in February.

Environmental Beauty


Environmental Beauty

Environmental beauty is much along the same lines as Eco-Friendliness, with a drop to a low of 783.87 on 4th March, before recovering again. As of 30th April we are now sitting at 835.22, which is only a little lower than the levels recorded just before the previous eco report in February.

We're doing well to recover quickly from drops in our eco stats despite our growth as a region which is fantastic news. It's really heartening to see nations of all ages contributing to Refugia's goals. We do look like we're heading into another dip, so let's all work together to improve our current stats throughout May!

Shout outs

Refugia is a region that attracts many environmentally friendly folks. While there are many of you deserving of praise, here are just a couple of people I'd like to give a shout out to in this report.

Allokyus has raised their eco-friendliness by 315.61 points from 2512.37 to 2827.98 since the previous Eco-Report in February 2022.

Degenerac has raised their eco-friendliness by an impressive 836.4 points since joining us earlier this year - from 486 to 1322.4.

Dyllonia has raised their environmental beauty from 1773.84 to 2027.72, an improvement of an impressive 253.88 points since the last Eco-Report.

Carinesal has raised their environmental beauty by 166.7 points, from 564.48 to 731.18.

Raising stats takes time, but every small percentage increase in eco-friendliness and environmental beauty helps us to become a more environmentally friendly region overall. To those interested, Linkhereís a resource to help make answering issues easier. It uses effects from previous answers to the issues to give you an idea of whether certain answers will raise or lower your stats.

Have you been working on improving your Environmental Beauty or Eco-Friendliness stats lately? Tell Tiralta all about it for a chance to be featured in the next Eco-Report!

Green Week

Green Week Throwback Dispatch


Another year (and about a month, I know) has passed since our last Green Week, and with our recent surge of new friends joining our region Iíd say now is about the perfect time to have the spectacular return of the Amazing Annual Refugia Green Week!


Raw Points


1. Dilwyn 996.54
2. Monaka Chi 987.28
3. Perpetual Light 971.24
4. Einoch Plains 866.66
5. Haibaria 857.14
6. Goeppingen 744.23
7. Irelis 636.58
8. Inaros OPA 629.83
9. Vylixan Gaea 590.68
10. Celebrur 568.67
11. The Great Union of Russia 517.95
12. Bombay state 501.45
13. Huitzilan 501.44
14. First Kaumara 473.36
15. Gansolandia 420.27
16. Badeng 416.95
17. Parcria 406.79
18. Coarse 392.39
19. The Land Named Bob 389.41
20. Metrax 377.28

1. Violent fist 274.7%
2. First Kaumara 254.39%
3. Bombay state 165.76%
4. Rilethvulk 155.44%
5. Irelis 120.29%
6. Parcria 119.64%
7. Saostenia 96.82%
8. Elythion 89.37%
9. Goeppingen 68.8%
10. Vykara 62.99%
11. Grand amoros 60.64%
12. The Great Union of Russia 60.62%
13. Tiralta 58.08%
14. The Land Named Bob 55.51%
15. Moulk2 55.24%
16. Einoch Plains 52.56%
17. Haibaria 50.76%
18. Perpetual Light 50.75%
19. Esclain 50.23%
20. Basedilonia 47.34%

Most recent data collected December 22.

For those of you who donít know, Refugia is a region with environmentalism at the cornerstone of its values. Its nationsí improvement of their environments tend to add up and work together to improve the regionís environment and by extension benefits the world as a whole. Even the smallest strides from individuals can help benefit the region as a whole, (which is, keep in mind, astonishingly applicable to the real world as well.) Refugia, therefore, has a yearly event to encourage environmental growth within its resident nations to improve as a whole and get closer to our goals.

Therefore, your challenge is to focus your efforts on improving your eco-friendliness stat when answering issues for the next two weeks. Yíall will have until the major update December 21 to raise your eco-friendliness as much as you can. There will be a winner for whoever can rack up the most eco-friendly points and whoever can raise their stat by percentage so whether youíre new to the region or have been around for a while, anyone has a chance. Progress will be tracked in the table youíll see on the left, and winners will be announced December 22 assuming I donít procrastinate terribly much.

Winners will have the option of having #general or #ground-floor in the discord server named after their nation for the next two months, or having the region page changed to a theme of their choosing for a week.

Iíd love to see anyone and everyone new or old giving this a shot, and if any of you have any questions, feel free to shoot me a telegram!
Good luck!

Of Green Week at least. It ended a few days ago at least and I've finally compiled the results! For the raw points section, Dilwyn came in first after raising their eco-friendliness by an impressive 996.54 points. First place for the percentage was Violent fist who raised their eco-friendliness by 274.7%! Congrats to both of you, and great job to everyone who participated in Green Week this year.

Feel free to telegram me with your preference of prize, and if y'all both want to theme the region, then the theme will be changed to the theme of the other's choosing after the conclusion of the first's week.

Congrats, and I'll hope to see y'all next year!

Read dispatch

This month will see the return of the eco challenge in which we try to collectively and individually raise our eco-friendliness stat, with prizes for the winners! We've had a 27.3% rise in population since the last annual Green Week in December 2021, so this will be a great way for nations new and old to work together to reach our goals.

Keep an eye on the RMB for more information about that later on!


Before we get into the new advice, hereís a reminder from the last Eco-Report.

Lethodus wrote:

Spring is coming up though and there are even more ways to make a positive impact on the environment during the season change. As the temperature starts to warm back up, consider walking more if youíre able as an alternative to driving (and maybe even pick up litter if you come across it.) You might also plant some flowers or other plants to improve the biodiversity in your area or help out pollinators like bees. And while doing your spring cleaning, consider recycling what you can and donating items youíre looking to get rid of to a resale store.

And on to the new advice!

One way we can try to reduce our impact on the environment is by reducing our food waste.

If you have some foods that are close to expiring or leftovers which don't quite make a full meal, why not get creative in the kitchen to help avoid food waste? If you're stuck for ideas, Linkthis recipe site can help you discover new ways to use what you've got.

You can also Linkregrow many vegetables from scraps, and for some you don't even need outdoor space or soil - just a cup of water on a windowsill.


Lastly, some positive environmental news from the real world!

In LinkZurich, Switzerland, natural gas supply networks are being turned off and residents encouraged to install alternatives.

Meanwhile, in LinkTokyo, Japan, a major rail network is now powered by 100% renewable energy.

In LinkAustin, Texas, USA, scientists have created an enzyme that breaks down plastic quicker - this could potentially reduce the time it takes for plastic to break down from centuries to mere days or even hours!

And finally, Linkoff the coast of Tahiti, oceanographers have discovered one of the largest coral reefs ever found, in pristine condition.

With the good news in mind however, I think it's important to echo the words of our previous Eco-Report:

Lethodus wrote:

There has been a lot of progress, but I think its still very important to stay mindful [that we're far from where we want to be environmentally]. It's not solely on just anyone to save the environment, but every little bit helps and ultimately adds up.

Weíve only got one Earth so let's do our best to take care of it!

That's all for now! I hope you enjoyed this Eco-Report. ^.^


The Holy Republic of Tiralta