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Refugi Olympics May 2022

The 1st Refugi Olympics

Come one, come all, to the first Refugi Olympics!

This Olympic event will be hosted in Talmon as the nation who inspired the idea with their regional soccer league which took place in April 2022, and will run during the week beginning Monday 2nd May.


First, second and third place for each sport will be selected via random draw, with first place being worth 3 points, second place being worth 2 points, and third place being worth 1 point.

Those who come first in each category will be entitled to pick a prize from this epic selection, and the nation with the most medal points overall will win the legendary S2 S_diego card. If there is a tie for overall medal points, a tiebreaker event will be held to determine a winner.


Every Refugi nation is invited to put themselves forward for as many of the following events as they would like by telegramming or pinging Tiralta on the RMB before the major update on Tuesday 3rd May 2022.

  • Swimming

  • Gymnastics

  • Soccer

  • Tennis

  • Athletics

  • Volleyball

  • Weightlifting

  • Marathon










Delta Vega IV





Inaros OPA


Loki Lafeyson








Refuge Isle

Remnants of the Pacific

Sylh Alanor


Test Country2

The Star Enpire







The random draw will be streamed in Campfire on the CalRef discord at 9.30pm UTC tonight (Tuesday 3rd May 2022). I'll upload a screen recording to something like vimeo and link it for those who can't make it for timezone reasons!

The draw is taking place through Wheel of Names, which fittingly aligns with Refugia's environmental goals - they advertise that "We are proud to share that 100% of the electricity that powers our servers is renewable, and 93% comes from carbon-free energy sources." (Not a # ad - I just thought it was neat!)

Feedback & RP

One of the things I seriously underestimated when throwing this event together was how hyped Refugi would be to RP even though it was meant to just be a random draw. That's on me, and I've made a note for future Councillors of Culture that if they run the Olympics, that the possibility of RP could be added from the start. Other suggestions I've written down are the possibility for a future Winter Olympics, expanded sports options, and a city bid that can be RP'd for future Olympics. These are all great ideas, and if anyone has any more I'd love to hear them.

On that note...

I'm aware that including it as an afterthought won't make this the great RP event it could have had the potential to be, however I know that some of you have written (or would like to write!) RP for the Olympics. So anything that is written about this event on the RMB or a dispatch will be shared here so we have a record in one place of the First Refugi Olympics. RMB posts will be quoted, and dispatches can be linked, though please let me know if you write any dispatches so I can see them! I hope that this is okay in the interim <3

Submissions to participate in the Olympics

Chatula wrote:We would like to enter all of the competitions on the Olympics. Except tennis. We don't believe in tennis!

Melenavenia wrote:In contrast to Chatula, we would like to participate in all Olympic competitions. I have the highest hopes for our soccer/football team.

The Star Enpire wrote:The Star Enpire would like to take part in swimming, gymnastics, soccer, and tennis.

Floofybit wrote:After our bimonthly meeting, Floofybit has decided to enter into every competition except weight lifting. While a variety of sports have been partaken near the warm beach in Floofybit's National Athletics Program, weightlifting has never been a major sport. FNAP consists of sports that give athletes a smaller, flexible stature for speed so athletes do not spend as much time on strength as they would speed. We would like to wish good luck to the competitors of swimming. Floofybit has been known for their swimming on the world level (you know, the beaches and the ocean) so it should be fun to watch this. The world team trials have always been a fun watch for Floofybit so I'll put the results of the Olympic trials after the trials are over. Thanks so much for the opportunity!

Polushia wrote:We will participate in every sport and we will hope to win!

Porthosia wrote:The Integral Porthosian Board of Intense Sporting Events has decided that we would love to participate in all Refugia Olympic sports! And, to all other nations participating, good luck!

Dyllonia wrote:Dyllonia's athletes are shaking their fists to the sky since it isn't winter yet and they can't play hockey, but teams will be competing for the second best things: soccer and tennis! Dyllonia expects to be victorious in all competitions, even though we only entered for two. Happy sportsballs!

Refuge Isle wrote:Refuge Isle will participate in every Olympic event except for weightlifting.

Tovenia wrote:We would love to participate in the Olympics and have athletes in peak condition and ready to compete in all events please.

Sylh Alanor wrote:The Alanori would be happy to participate in the swimming, soccer, tennis, and marathon events at the upcoming Refugi Olympics!

Hoqeallistan wrote:Hoqeallistan would be happy to participate in all events in the Refugi Olympics too.

Liphia wrote:Liphia would like to participate in all events in the Olympics!

Chacapoya wrote:Chacapoya will send a full delegation of our finest human (and human adjacent) athletes to compete in the swimming, marathon, athletics, weightlifting, and gymnastics categories.

Typica wrote:The athletes of Typica would also like to participate in these inaugural activities!

Minkyiv wrote:Minkyiv will participate in every event.

Delta Vega IV wrote:The Delta Vegan athletes would like to participate in the following sports: Swimming, Gymnastics, Soccer, and Athletics

Daesonsemon wrote:The athletes of Daesonsemon would like to participate in all 8 events in the Refugia Olympics.

Honeydewistania wrote:Honeydewistania would like to enter in the categories of Tennis and Football.

Pangeodrea wrote:The Kingdom of Pangeodrea would like to participate in all 8 events.

Remnants of the Pacific wrote:The Republic of the Remnants of the Pacific would like to enter its glorious champions in all 8 events to show who has the best champions! Vive la Pacifica!

Aephony wrote:I'd love to participate in every event please!

Araine wrote:Assuming that non-humanoids are allowed to participate, Araine would love to compete in all 8 sports during the 1st Refugi Olympics!

Azelandia wrote:Azelandia would like to take part in the olympics! We have athletes for all events!

Vikoland wrote:Greeting from Vikoland, We would very much like to take part in all the events of the Refugi Olympics. We look forward to our participation!

Nydelig wrote:Nydelig would like to compete in swimming, gymnastics, soccer and marathon.

Rosters to rouse your interest, and backstories to break your heart

Honeydewistania wrote:Honeydewistania's Tennis Pair: Nicole Szalai and Amy Mathers-Warren.

Honeydewistania is sending these two to the May 2022 Refugi Olympics. They are #1 and #3 on the national tennis rankings respectively. Szalai, the daughter of a Hungarian father and a Honeydewistanian mother, shot up the ranks in the last few years, winning the Honeydewopolis Tennis Open and the Cantalopia Lawn Open. She is the success story in the eyes of the many not-so-well-off Honeydewistanians, by rising from a humble background to the top of Honeydewistanian tennis. Mathers-Warren, on the other hand, is a completely different story. The daughter of former Honeydewistanian dictator Louisa Mathers, she was raised in a sheltered home in the Saint Tomas and Northern Ice Islands, receiving training from very distinguished coaches. In spite of this, she has been frequently criticised for her numerous fumbles during matches and is considered an unreliable partner. There have been allegations that her high status is due to match fixing and bribery, mostly due to her mother, but she has maintained that she has earned her spot and has shown brief flashes of immense potential.

The Honeydewistanian #2 and former #1, Jessica Politano, dropped out of the competition due to a broken ankle a few days before official selections began. Rumours have it that this is yet another action conducted by Louisa Mathers to get her daughter to the Olympics, but Ms Politano has refused to confirm or deny this.

Talmon wrote:Swimming
Maurice Beckett

Zale Gerlinde

Izzi Marek
Noor Barlow
Ahmed Czeslaw
Lacie Adamcik
Fatejma Prochazka
Leland Schwartz

Juniper Blaha-Balusek

Portmanteau wrote:Two athletes depart from Port Manteau to take part in the Refugi Games: Jacobine Tupa and Kai Baptiste.

Observers are surprised that these are, in fact, the only two athletes which Portmanteau sends to the Olympics, despite having announced intentions to participate in every event. When reached out to for comment by one of the reporters covering the games, a top Manteauan official responded: "These are the two best athletes throughout the entire archipelago. If they cannot win, what chance others?"

It is unclear whether, in fact, the extent of the Refugi Games was entirely clear to government officials in Portmanteau. Commentators familiar with the small, archipelagic state, point to the rather lackadaisical communication structure present there, highlighting the tottering pneumatic tube system as being especially precarious in the maintenance of communication lines among the islands.

Both Jacobine and Kai are daughters of fishing families, having grown up on the water and spending their formative years hauling lines and retrieving traps from the seabed. They are therefore expected to perform well in the swimming competitions, at the very least. Beach volleyball is a popular pastime upon the islands of Portmanteau, and so they are assumed to be familiar with the sport. However, besides these, they appear to have no formal experience with any of the remaining sports they are to be competing in, and will thus be relying on their natural athleticism. Observers are especially keen to see how the two will handle the football matches.

Thoughts before the Games, which took place in Handel City, in the state of Kurtz in Talmon

Polushia wrote:I just chose my leader, "Robert"! ALL HAIL ROBERT!!! He will be watching the Refugi Olympics in the first seat!

Porthosia wrote:The (yet to be named) Leader of Porthosia sends his greatest greetings to Robert!

Ceasthasi wrote:Good luck to everyone in the next games!

Aephony wrote:A group of exhausted janitors (And all types of struggling workers) come to chill, eat snacks and cheer Aephony up. With their seats paid by the government.

Tiralta wrote:The Tiraltan athletes rush up to the Olympic Organising Committee. "I hope we're not too late, we decided to knit ourselves some nice Olympic cardigans and rather lost track of time!"

The Tiraltan official looks unimpressed at their lateness. Several minutes later, the athletes are spotted walking to the nearest Talmonian ice cream shop, although they don't seem too upset. "Think of all the time we'll save on the next Olympic cardigans!" one was heard to have said brightly.

This space saved for commentary from national television stations across Refugia

Commentary from after the Games

Tiralta wrote:You know what would make this event better next time? I'll give you a hint: we should get in touch with the Councillor of Culture's envoys. I heard they've set up another nation in their embassy region though, so they're hard to get in touch with. Maybe if we send the envoys a telegram they can tell us what to do next!