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Elections and political parties in Berusturg


The government uses a mix of the party block voting (PBV) and proportional representation as its voting system. The PBV system is only used to elect the Minister of the Federative Council while the PR system is only used for the Islandic Council* and Provincial Councils and Councils for specific Federatives.

Elections take place every 2 years, usually in November, The Minister of the Islandic Council gets elected every 3 years.

The Minister of the Federative Council gets elected, along with their list of lower level Ministers, these Ministers are assigned to specific Ministries and their assignment cannot be changed during or after the election. any Ministers that operate under a specific Federative and/or Province are not part of this election. A separate election is done for Ministers in the Federative Council that are part of a specific Federative and/or Province, as well as the Islandic Council.

Everyone will have to vote for the Minister of the Federative Council. Only people that are in a specific Federative and/or Province can vote for the Minister of said Federative/Province. Only people with Nova Astrovan citizenship can vote for The Islandic Council.

Anyone who gets Accepted by not just the king but the whole dynasty will be able to run for the election. They're organized by parties.

The election is operated by the Ministry of Elections, which operates all aspects of the elections.

Candidates have a limited budget of 10,000 Beruses. 3rd party support is allowed as long as it does not pass the budget. Broadcasts from radio and TV and posters around Cities are mandatory for advertising; other forms of advertising are optional.

For the Minister of the Federative Council, their team will operate in a "test period" for a month. if they are able to control the country at an acceptable level, they're officially declared the head of government by the king. the same system does not apply to the Islandic Council or the Ministers of any Federatives/Provinces, as they're immediately given their respective title.

The Minister of the Federative Council can be dismissed by the king if they fail during the test period; after that another election will take place. they can also be dismissed by the people during their period of operation, though they cannot be dismissed by the king any more during their operation.

*:The Islandic Council is the Council for the Autonomous Federative of Nova Astrova. This council has a higher status than the council of other Federatives; as they're able to enact their own laws without the involvement of the Federative Council or the king. They also have their own Parties, and Parties operating in any other Berusturgian Council cannot operate in the Islandic council.

Parties In Main and Arctic Fed.

Most parties were created after Berusturg's full separation from the Turgen Empire. They are as follows:

Socialist Party of Berusturg (SPB)
This is the current ruling party of Berusturg, and has been the dominant party in the last 10 years, their leader, Kilm Noil, is the current Minister of the Federative Council. The party Controversially changed the economic system to a socialist system in 2021. They also have the most members In the Main Federative Council, as well as having the most members in most of the Main Fed.'s Provinces. Under their rule, berusturg has become more liberal than before.

Cap-Conservative Party (CCP)
Historically the biggest and longest ruling party. with Berusturg being under their rule for around 30 years. their leader is Ilkin Monaj. They're currently the ruling party in The Arctic Federative, as well as in most of its Provinces.

Democratic Arctic Party (DAP)
A Party originating from the Arctic Federative, It was the only party of the Arctic Republic, but after Joining the Federation, it has severely declined in popularity. the party only has hold the Forsesh Province as of now.

Centrist Bymian Party (CBP)
This party is significantly younger than other parties, only forming after the Bymian Division into two in 2008. Its leader, Jain Oilp; seeks to convince the government to reunite the two provinces into one. It unfortunately has largely failed to rule any significant ground and only has possession of a couple of counties in North Bymia.

Green Liberals (GL)
A party mostly focused on urban areas, it holds most of Berusturg's cities for itself. The are mostly supported by the Younger Generation who seek for more Eco-aware policies.

Parties In AFNA
These parties have been present before the islands' incorporation into Berusturg. Most were created after the formation of the Islandic Council in 1960 after the Flot Revolution and the overthrowing of the Monarchy. They are as follows:

Islandic Socialist Party (ISP)
A fairly new and big party that emerged in 2000. It controls Nova Bymia and some counties of Piland. It is rumored that due to SPB's limitations in accessing the Islandic Council, the ISP gets huge amounts of funding from them; making them a party with incredible amounts of potential.

Corporate Economic Party (CEP)
This party mostly focuses on the economy of AFNA, hence the name. It only controls some small local councils and has never had a huge presence.

Burcastian Party of NA (BPN)
This party is largely ethnically driven and focuses on the needs of the people of Burcastian decent. It only controls the Islands of Burcast.