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The Office of the Councillor of Culture Official Dispatch April 2022


General Information

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New Councillor of Culture, new eco-report!

For those new to our region and wondering what this is, Refugia Eco-Reports are a requirement put on the Councillor of Culture by RRS 6(c)(i) to update the region on our progress on reaching the environmental goals outlined in the RRS, these being:

12. The Region defines the goals for both its Members and the Region collectively in the following ways:

a. Reach an average Environmental Beauty score of 1,100 on or before December 31, 2021, and maintained thereafter.

b. Reach an average Eco-Friendliness score of 3,200 on or before December 31, 2021, and maintained thereafter.

Here's the report covering February 2022-April 2022.




There are two main pieces of data for our eco-report: eco-friendliness, and environmental beauty.


We had a dip in our overall eco-friendliness in March, dropping to a low of 1794.04 on the 4th, and maintaining around that level for most of the month. This is probably due to a surge in new members, however we have since recovered over April and dropping slightly towards the end of the month. At the end of April we were sitting at 2034.83, which is very close to our position just before the big drop in February.

Environmental Beauty


Environmental Beauty

Environmental beauty is much along the same lines as Eco-Friendliness, with a drop to a low of 783.87 on 4th March, before recovering again. As of 30th April we are now sitting at 835.22, which is only a little lower than the levels recorded just before the previous eco report in February.

We're doing well to recover quickly from drops in our eco stats despite our growth as a region which is fantastic news. It's really heartening to see nations of all ages contributing to Refugia's goals. We do look like we're heading into another dip, so let's all work together to improve our current stats throughout May!

Shout outs

Refugia is a region that attracts many environmentally friendly folks. While there are many of you deserving of praise, here are just a couple of people I'd like to give a shout out to in this report.

Allokyus has raised their eco-friendliness by 315.61 points from 2512.37 to 2827.98 since the previous Eco-Report in February 2022.

Degenerac has raised their eco-friendliness by an impressive 836.4 points since joining us earlier this year - from 486 to 1322.4.

Dyllonia has raised their environmental beauty from 1773.84 to 2027.72, an improvement of an impressive 253.88 points since the last Eco-Report.

Carinesal has raised their environmental beauty by 166.7 points, from 564.48 to 731.18.

Raising stats takes time, but every small percentage increase in eco-friendliness and environmental beauty helps us to become a more environmentally friendly region overall. To those interested, Linkhereís a resource to help make answering issues easier. It uses effects from previous answers to the issues to give you an idea of whether certain answers will raise or lower your stats.

Have you been working on improving your Environmental Beauty or Eco-Friendliness stats lately? Tell Tiralta all about it for a chance to be featured in the next Eco-Report!

Green Week

Green Week Throwback Dispatch

This month will see the return of the eco challenge in which we try to collectively and individually raise our eco-friendliness stat, with prizes for the winners! We've had a 27.3% rise in population since the last annual Green Week in December 2021, so this will be a great way for nations new and old to work together to reach our goals.

Keep an eye on the RMB for more information about that later on!


Before we get into the new advice, hereís a reminder from the last Eco-Report.

Lethodus wrote:

Spring is coming up though and there are even more ways to make a positive impact on the environment during the season change. As the temperature starts to warm back up, consider walking more if youíre able as an alternative to driving (and maybe even pick up litter if you come across it.) You might also plant some flowers or other plants to improve the biodiversity in your area or help out pollinators like bees. And while doing your spring cleaning, consider recycling what you can and donating items youíre looking to get rid of to a resale store.

And on to the new advice!

One way we can try to reduce our impact on the environment is by reducing our food waste.

If you have some foods that are close to expiring or leftovers which don't quite make a full meal, why not get creative in the kitchen to help avoid food waste? If you're stuck for ideas, Linkthis recipe site can help you discover new ways to use what you've got.

You can also Linkregrow many vegetables from scraps, and for some you don't even need outdoor space or soil - just a cup of water on a windowsill.


Lastly, some positive environmental news from the real world!

In LinkZurich, Switzerland, natural gas supply networks are being turned off and residents encouraged to install alternatives.

Meanwhile, in LinkTokyo, Japan, a major rail network is now powered by 100% renewable energy.

In LinkAustin, Texas, USA, scientists have created an enzyme that breaks down plastic quicker - this could potentially reduce the time it takes for plastic to break down from centuries to mere days or even hours!

And finally, Linkoff the coast of Tahiti, oceanographers have discovered one of the largest coral reefs ever found, in pristine condition.

With the good news in mind however, I think it's important to echo the words of our previous Eco-Report:

Lethodus wrote:

There has been a lot of progress, but I think its still very important to stay mindful [that we're far from where we want to be environmentally]. It's not solely on just anyone to save the environment, but every little bit helps and ultimately adds up.

Weíve only got one Earth so let's do our best to take care of it!

That's all for now! I hope you enjoyed this Eco-Report. ^.^


Read dispatch

Our most recent Eco-Report Written By Tiralta in May 2022.

The Councillor of Culture, currently Tiralta, is in charge of orchestrating cultural events and developing the identity of the Refugi culture. They are responsible for keeping people feeling happy and safe, coordinating events, and hosting games. The Councillor of Culture is always available to answer questions or to put a resident/Member State in contact with another Councillor who can better assist them with their issue. Finally, as of
Statute Referendum #3
: Guidelines for Environmental Participation and Implication, the Councillor of Culture is in charge of tracking regional environmental stats, and providing regular Eco-Reports informing the region of its progress.

Of the three original Council positions, Culture has had the fewest sitting Councillors. The first Councillor of Culture was seated for only one term, and the position was left mostly amorphous upon their move to Foreign Affairs. It was after Councillor Sylh Alanorís election to the seat in September of 2019 that the Culture office began creating dispatches and driving member activity. The regionís first recruitment telegram, headed at the time by the Cultural Office, began circulating in September of 2019, and the region began growing exponentially.

The Councillor of Culture, being nominally in charge of events and developing identity, has a wide and vague swath of responsibilities. How do they accomplish these things? The list below will grow as new types of events are added.

  • Refugi Game Nights: While members on the Regional Message Board and in the regional Discord server can suggest games at any time, the Councillor of Culture will schedule regular official times for games, so that the most people can show up. Games so far have included Tetris,, and Uno! Do you have a suggestion for a game? Send it to the Councillor of Culture and get it added to the list!

  • Creative Competitions: As evidenced by Administrator Refuge Isleís Winter Flag Competition, Refugi are eager to show off their creative talent. The Councillor of Culture may call for contests that reward Refugi by featuring their creations on the official region page.

  • Trivia and Riddle Competitions: From time to time, there will either a riddle or a obscure random trivia fact for the members of Refugia to participate and earn bragging rights.

  • Interregional Events: The Councillor may get in touch with culture staff in our embassy regions to collaboratively work on events. These will be the perfect opportunity for Refugi to get to know and become friends with our neighbours in other regions!

  • The Refugi Olympics: Do you like crushing other nations in friendly competitions and winning prizes? Congratulations, this one is for you! Sign up for the Refugi Olympics and show off your nation's sporting prowess (or luck) in this randomly generated, high stakes event.

  • Refugi Kindness Week: This is an opportunity for Refugi to interact with others in our community (and beyond!) both gameside and on Discord to spread a little joy and brighten someone's day through various events.

  • Give It A Go: Have you ever wanted to try your hand at something on NationStates such as RP, or writing issues or World Assembly proposals? Give It A Go is the perfect opportunity for you to try this out within the familiarity of Refugia before you take your writing skills to the forums! Other Refugi with experience in any of these things are encouraged to give helpful feedback so you can develop and get that badge you've always dreamed of.

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