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Rob Brouwers

Rob Brouwers, bs. (born in Goudestrand in 1977) is the Senior Advisor to the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade in Knootoss. He advises the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade on regional trade policy, business climate and stakeholder engagement.

After high school, he studied Industrial Engineering & Management in Lichtenburg. While still studying for his baccalaureate, he started a business to develop, and eventually produce and export vacuum pumps, for which another student held a patent. Always more interested in the business side than in the technical side, he became an active part of several networks for young entrepreneurs in the early 2000s. From this vantage point he was able to network with industrial leaders in Lichtenburg, Vuilendam and the central Hartstad area.

He eventually cashed out and made the switch to a position at the Knootian Business Bureau, later jumping ship to one of the major public-private insurance institutions that provide government-backed securities to Knootian firms exporting goods and services beyond the Western Atlantic. He was invited to apply for a position at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade after then foreign-minister Jonkervelde managed to draw the trade portfolio from the Ministry of Economic Affairs. Excited to be part of building a new Directorate from the ground up, he took the job.

When Jonkervelde won the election and became Prime Minister, she brought several senior Foreign Affairs officials with her to General Affairs. This allowed Rob Brouwers to rise to the position of Senior Advisor, dealing with the 'business' side of the department. He is generally considered by his co-workers to be an 'ideas man': big on painting a rosy picture of the possibilities unlocked by networking and emerging technologies, but less concerned with the details of implementation.

He is married to Linda Brouwers-in 't Veldt, a lifestyle blogger and former model. The couple have adopted an orphaned boy from South Epheron, the now six-year old Olwethu. They live in one of the more prestigious arcologies near Haag.

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