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Enowiden Embassy Policy (Interregional Diplomacy Act 2022)


Realm of Enowiden
Official Embassy Policy

All regions wishing to seek diplomatic relations with Enowiden must meet the following requirements below, at the time of embassy request. Embassies are to be accepted on a case-by-case basis and the requirements stated hereinafter are not exhaustive.

As provided for by the Interregional Diplomacy Act 2022 (E-2):

Article III, Section III – Requirements for embassy
All foreign entities seeking formal diplomatic relations with Enowiden shall, at the time of such a request—
a. not be hostile towards Enowiden and her dependencies;
b. not seek to influence the politics of Enowiden;
c. not conspire, partake, or undertake in war against other foreign entities;
d. possess an enforced constitution or any form of enforced legislation that sets out
the basic political structure of said entity;
e. possess a World Assembly Delegate; and
f. have a permanent population of more than 15 nations, excluding puppets,
where the requirements stated be declared by the foreign entity be done in good faith.

In any case that you believe that your region qualifies the requirements hereinbefore, please contact the Minister for Foreign Affairs on our LinkDiscord Server.

Note: Intent to form significant or meaningful relations is required. Establish initial contact with the Enowiden Directorate before proceeding with a request.