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Atlantian Oceania Visitors Guide!

  • The Atlantian Oceania Regional Map is presented and maintained by the Atlantian Oceania Cartography Institute (AOCI), based on AO Isle with expert offices in Farfadillis

  • The History of Atlantian Oceania (HAO) (Prounounced Hey-oh!) is preserved on AO Isle and digitally accessible through the valid address at
    -- Any new arriving nations are welcome to follow the instructions in our factbook above to generate a map claim. Alternatively, you may send a TG to Vilita and Turori requesting access to the Discord of Atlantian Oceania (DAO) (Prounounced Day-O!)

  • Atlantian Oceania as a long history of contributing to NS Sports success in Nationstates Mini Games such as April Fools Events and Z-Day.
    -- Atlantian Oceania placed 1st Overall in Nationstates with Most Survivors + No Infected during Z-Day 2018
    -- Representing the NS Sports Community and in partnership with Valentine Z and Eura, Atlantian Oceania finished 3rd as the official running mate to Valentine Z in the 2020 World Assembly Secretary General Election
    -- In the most recent event, Global Trade Fair, Atlantian Oceania finished 4th Overall in Nationstates for both Total Goods Stashed during the event and Goods Stashed per Nation

  • Atlantian Oceania is one of the longest continuosly active Sports Regions on Nationstates and is the all-time winningest region in Nationstates Sports history.
    -- Atlantian Oceania will serve as a co-host for the upcoming 91st Nationstates World Cup on the NS Sports Forum
    -- The AOCAF is the longest running regional sports competition on NS having just completed its 66th edition
    -- The Aolympics Celebrate sport throughout Atlantian Oceania and recently completed the AOlympic Games: Winter Festival
    -- Atlantian Oceania's Regional Motorsports series, AOCAR, hosts alternating Stock Car and Open Wheel Grand Prix series. AOCAR Stock Car Series is ongoing and still accepting signups.
    -- Atlantian Oceania offers the largest selection of regional events outside of Football & Auto Racing on Nationstates. A Full list of active events and their champions can be found in the AO History Factbooks

Atlantian Oceania (AO) was founded in 2004 as an active off-site RP region and has since established itself as one of the great sporting regions in history. The most successful region in the NS World Cup, we also compete in other sporting events throughout the NS Sports Forum and in our own Regional Championships on the AO Regional and Nationstates Forums.

»»Regional Forum: «« To Register; visit: . [[Please sign up using your nation name]]

Nationstates World Cup: ► All Time Winning Region

Atlantian Oceania: The Home of Sports on Nationstates!